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A Car is a Necessity

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Growing up in a third world country, never in my wildest dreams that I could learn how to drive much more own a car. Thanks to my husband who provided me with transportation. Back then, those who have cars were rich, at least that was what our impressions of people who owned cars.

But then, when I got here in America ten years ago, I discovered that cars are a necessity for everyone in order to get to and from their destinations, in order for them to function and go to work daily, running errands and the many uses of cars. It is also here in America where I get to see so many makes/models, types and body styles of cars just like what we can see on This website is a good site to be when it comes to searching for new model cars, looking for trade-in, buying used cars, do-it-yourself repair, repair and service and many other useful information one should want to know anything about cars.

Speaking about cars, I’d like to share mine which my husband bought for me two years ago. It’s a 2006 Lexus RX330. We bought it used and only had 60,000 mileage on it. So smooth to drive and we are totally loving it, suitable for long distance drive. This car pretty much serves its purpose for we have driven it to and from DFW metroplex and small town in East Texas feeling comfortable in those trips.

What’s yours peeps?


Photo below is a beautiful and cute 2017 Buick Encore lifted from website, this isn’t mine and we don’t own one. You can read its review on there site, just click the link above for it.



Best Buy Automotive Equipment

One of the pros driving an older car is that you don’t have to pay car payments monthly anymore since been paid off a long time ago but one of the many cons is that, you lost a bit of confidence whether your car will suddenly break down while driving on a busy interstate, car parts are harder to find or worse makers stopped producing certain parts that need to be replaced, and you are likely to send your car to the shop more often than newer models.

With that said, we can only pray that our cars would drive good everyday so we don’t go without a car for just a day, also maintaining a car is a must and have it fixed whenever we see a sign of malfunctioning of any sort in order to prevent further damage. I am glad I found this awesome website called Best Buy Automotive equipment. They have all kinds of equipment, services and anything you can think of you might need for your car. Best Buy Auto has some 2 post auto lifts here. Such an awesome website to discover!

Features of the GMC Acadia

The GMC Acadia is a crossover vehicle, which is basically a vehicle that looks like a sport utility vehicle (SUV), but drives like a car. The crossover body is built on a car body rather than a light-duty truck platform, as SUVs are. Crossovers provide a spacious interior and flexible cargo capacity like an SUV, but are unable to tow and boast other off-road capabilities that an SUV has. The Acadia comes in four styles, or trim levels:  SLE-1, SLE-2, SLT-1, and SLT-2. There are many appealing features of the GMC Acadia in Kansas City.


 Although this vehicle is not generally expected to tow much weight, there is the option of adding a hitch for a few hundred dollars. The body also has power door mirrors, a spoiler, four doors, and a dual exhaust. The two higher styles also boast heated door mirrors and turn signal indicator mirrors. The three highest trim levels have a power liftgate.

Convenience and Entertainment

All styles of the Acadia have a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, emergency communication system, remote keyless entry, power front windows, speed control, beverage holders, rear HVAC, and air conditioning. They also have a radio, MP3 decoder, and CD player, with the controls being mounted on the steering wheel. There are either six or ten speakers, depending on the style.


All trim levels of the Acadia boast superior safety features. These include traction control, immobilizer, electronic stability, ABS brakes, dual front and side impact airbags, panic alarm, overhead airbag, and brake assist. Security systems are available in the SLT-1 and SLT-2 trim levels.


All four models are a six-speed automatic transmission, with a V-6 engine. The fuel tank can hold 22 gallons, with the average gas mileage being sixteen to seventeen miles per gallon. On highways, the gas mileage may jump to 23-24 miles per gallon. All styles come with front-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive is an option for all styles.


Seven or eight people can be seated in a GMC Acadia in Kansas City, depending on the trim level. All styles have a front center armrest with storage, front bucket seats, and a split-bench seat on the third row. There are options for leather upholstery, as well as other upgrades depending on the trim model.

Insurance Reviews

Before buying a car insurance, make sure to read car insurance reviews first so you won’t fall for a company that is a big rip off to your pocket. Yes, surely there are several car insurance companies out there but only very few of them that will truly care to their clients. When you need them the most, better be sure which company will give you assistance and have an affordable rates. The perfect place to go is