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Budget Birthday Cake

When there is a birthday in our household, we try to keep it simple. Meaning, no party and no expensive gifts whoever it is celebrating his or her birthday. Our Princess M just turned 5 a few days ago and we celebrated it just by singing her a happy birthday song and the traditional “blowing of candle” ritual.

All she wanted for her birthday was a toy on the cake, so that pretty much fulfilled by doing the following below. I also bought her a veiltail male fish for only $5. She had an awesome birthday she believed. Those simple things we did for her made her day a happy one.

Anyway, her cake looked yummy and pretty but would you believe me if I tell you I only spent under $7 for it? The cake itself I bought on sale for $4, regularly $6.99 at Albertson’s. The toys are a set was on clearance at Kroger long time ago for under a dollar. The candle is from my first born’s 5th birthday. I did not expect for the cake to look that pretty, even the toys coordinated with the topping of the cake.

You see how frugal I am. Not that we don’t have money to throw our children a good and big birthday party but I don’t want to go all the trouble preparing and cleaning up after the party. I also want to instill in their mind that a simple birthday celebration is enough so they’ll appreciate the simple things in life.

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Delicious Banana-Avocado Bread

Here’s my new idea on how to make a banana bread even better. It is my first to try this and it turned out really delicious. My girls love it. In fact, my firstborn kept saying when she ate it the first time “hmmmm hmmmm really yummy… hmmmm I like it!”

I call it Rocky Banana-Avocado bread because of the slivered almonds I mixed it with. Incorporating avocado to your traditional banana bread recipe makes it healthier, more filling in the stomach and most of all, tastier and softer in texture that you just want to eat the whole thing once done.

I would recommend, you will try the avocado and you will not regret it. That’s a promise! Talking about it… makes me wanna eat it right away, the fact that I still got some left over of the bread in the fridge and you know, leftovers taste even better!

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Cakes for Dessert — and Plenty of It

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I took these photos of my girl and the different kind of cakes that were displayed at the buffet table at Cochran’s in Air Force Village, San Antonio, Texas. Sunday lunch in AFV is always amazing. Plenty of good food just laid on the buffet table, nice people, good service and great company. What could be a better lunch than that?

We had a scrumptious lunch with Jean last Sunday, the last lunch we shared together and who knows when can we visit her down there again. Well, if only San Antonio wouldn’t be too much of a drive, we could visit her as often as we can but we also have a life here at home.

Anyway, as you can see in the photos, there are several small slices of cakes and there are also whole ones waiting to be eaten by the diners. Jadyn ate a slice of cheesecake and the other kind I don’t know what flavor that was. She was so tempted to try the cheesecake topped with cherry and take note, she only left a bit of that cake after eating the first slice shown on the bottom right photo. I could no longer pick a slice of cake for me because I had 4 rounds of food, I was so full and there was no room for more food in my tummy at that time!

Three Beautiful Cakes

Three beautiful cakes during Jadyn’s third birthday in the Philippines. I didn’t expect this at all. I bought one from Goldilocks and my Auntie bought her one too the one which is pink in color and her NInang Cindy got her another one a day after her birthday so it totalled to 3 all in all. Well, you might think these are too much but hey nothing is too much in the Philippines. There are just too many mouths there ready to eat it all anytime. I would be so worried if we got all three in the USA and it will only me and my baby are going to eat all of it.

……… first cake from Goldilocks courtesy by mommy and daddy…


…… second is from her Auntie Maria who works in Julie’s..

…and third one from Goldilocks also given to her by Ninang Cindy…