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Because I have PUR Attitude

Blessed are the women who have PUR attitude just like me! I couldn’t be more thankful when I received this set of skin care products in the mail one day sent to me by my good long time friend David Pollock – a true beauty expert. I have been using his line of products for two weeks now and the very day I started using it, I loved it right there and then.

You know I will be turning 30 years old in June and I somehow have this impression that a woman turns 30 she will then develop or show signs of fine wrinkles especially in the eye area, that is exactly my worries although I am not so vocal about it but deep in my mind, I am wondering how am I going to keep my face younger looking, a skin that doesn’t show my age. PUR attitude┬áis the answer. Just minutes after putting on the products starting with fountain of youth serum, followed by 3-piece skin essentials kit except for a facial rice wash as I usually put them on right after shower, I could feel my skin is tightening, leaves me fresh and clean feeling. Unlike other facial moisturizers, they often give me a greasy feeling.

Using PUR attitude line of products give me confidence that I got the right skin care for my age and the fact that each of the product is made with pure 100% ingredients and fragrance free, ah I feel I could stay young-looking for a few more years.

If you want to know more about these awesome products I am talking about, you may want to watch the embedded video below brought to you by the founder himself or you may explore the website by clicking on any of those links above.

Thank you so much for reading my blog today and I highly recommend PUR attitude to everybody.


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End of Retail’s Wrong Advertisement

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This doesn’t happen too often and when it does, I sure notice it. It is very clear that they made a mistake on their advertisement displaying the original price of $6 and sale price of a dollar higher. You see advertisements like these could be misleading if you don’t pay attention as to how much the original price is. It almost got me. I thought Beauty Treats 24 Color Eyeshadow for $7 is a great deal but then when I looked at the original price, it turned me off. I thought nahhhh I just have to pass this one or wait until the item gets back to its original price so I can save a dollar less. Just so funny!

One of My Best Hauls

Hi guys,
Who among you here have done couponing? I am one of those who frequents at CVS everyday as I learned couponing a month ago. Below is one of my best hauls at CVS which I share to you guys so you will know that there truly is savings in couponing. Please read below scenario so you can have an idea how I did this.

Haul at CVS 11/1/2012
2 Axe gift sets

on sale price $9.99 each, originally $19.99

Coupons used:

2 $2 Manufacturer’s coupons
2 $10 and $1 ECB
1 $4 off $20 Beauty club coupon

Subtotal: 98 cents
Total after tax: 1.01
OOP: $1.01 the lowest I made

I Am Proud Being Naturally Tan


My younger brother who is in the Philippines commented on the photos I posted on Facebook recently about me being tan in color in spite of living here in America for more than six years, my skin never become lighter. I commented back that I am proud being naturally tan because some American women would spend so much money on airbrush tanning machines just to achieve the skin color I have. I will always be proud the way I was born for I am unique, I am me and most of all I was created by God.

Choosing Your Natural Beauty Product

Choosing your own line of natural beauty products can be difficult because of so many brands out there promising glowing supple skin while in fact they contain unnecessary ingredients that can cause blisters, redness and itchiness to the sensitive skin. There is this new products called seaweed beauty that you can assure it contains ingredients to help fight dry, flaky and scaling skin naturally with Seaweed Bath Co. with their line of dye free paraben free and SLS free products. Shop now and experience the natural soothing powers of seaweed experience!

Organic Makeup

Make up enhances one’s beauty. It hides the flaws on the face and other parts of the body and I believe almost all women are wearing make up everyday to go to work, to parties or there others that can’t go out of the house without putting her light make up on. But, the question is, do they know what they are using or putting on their face are safe and won’t cause damage or allergy to the skin in the long run? I wonder how many of them are using organic make up?

As for me, I don’t wear make up at all. Firstly, because I don’t know how to apply it plus it takes time to finish doing it and secondly I am not comfortable having it in my face. All I could wear is the facial moisturizer, lipstick and an eyebrow, that’s it.

What Mama Wants

A while back I chatted with my mother and we talked about what my presents are gonna be for each of them. She then asked what is hers. I told her just a couple of lotions and other feminine items. She specifically asked me of beauty products that could help lessen her freckles as well as an eye wrinkle cream. I didn’t know how to answer her at that point but the more I think about what she said, the more I wanted to get what she asked for. The eye wrinkle cream especially for I know she wants to look good too when she is out to attend school meetings and other important events.
However, I have to read for eye wrinkle cream reviews and see if it’s a good idea to go ahead and buy her some. I don’t want to be blamed in the future about giving her something that could potentially make her wrinkle worse. Of course, I am her daughter and I am more than willing to give the best I can just to please her.

Drying Of Skin

During my first year here in the United States my skin went very dry. I was battling with many different kinds of moisturizers for my body because it got so dry that it itches all over especially in the knuckles. After I got used to the weather here, my skin seemed to adapt the change in climate. Each season passed was no longer a burden to me since I found a product to apply on to my skin for total moisturization.

As for my face, I use face moisturizers that is intended or made for facial only. It’s my only secret to have smooth face skin especially during the long Winter days when skin gets irritated and dry. For some, drying of skin is a constant battle for them inspite of the fact that they have been here longer than me.

Skin Problem

I was browsing photos of my cousin on Facebook and saw how she became into a young beautiful woman. She has the brain beauty and looks but the only thing I see a flaw in her is her face. She is having acne problems and that is very visible even just on the pictures. I wonder if she ever used best acne face wash she can find in the Philippines to lessen the breakouts? She asked me one time if I can buy here a certain acne cream which named the brand and I found it is not available or sold in the US market. I didn’t want to disappoint her but I really couldn’t find the BB cream she was talking about.

Acne Go Away

It’s not me that has a problem with acne. Two of the closest people in my heart have this. And now I am looking for an acne treatment that I could buy for them. I hope they will appreciate the simple gesture I do to them because I wholeheartedly doing it just for them. I know there are plenty of acne products flooding the internet today but very few of them truly works. Of course before buying some, I need to do my assignment, searching and reading reviews for best acne treatments that is. If only they don’t matter to me, I would not care helping them get rid of their acne.