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Physicians Formula Eyeliner Trio for Just 19 Cents at CVS

The best deal I probably scored this week during my recent trip to CVS is this Physicians Formula eyeliner trio. Normally sold for $11.99 but right now it is on sale, 40% off. The red coupon machine printed me a $7 any Physician’s Formula product which makes this pack for only 19 cents.

This is my first time to buy this brand. Physicians Formula costs more than the usual brands I use because the company uses organic ingredients in their products, that’s why. Anyway, I am excited to try them on. I hope they don’t break after a few uses.

If you haven’t gone to CVS and scanned your card, you still got until Saturday 2/15 to grab yourself a Physicians Formula cosmetic for a cheap price.

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My Last Clearance Haul

I bought these 15 bottles of Victoria’s Secret lotions and mists two weeks ago at the mall for only $1.99 each regularly priced for $12. The store sells them for 5/$30 in normal days. These new fragrances marked down below $2 during their last or final days of semi-annual sale. I am glad I got to purchase 15 bottles for my balik-bayan box. I paid a total of over $32 for all these.

I did not care much as to what scent I should get because I am not using them, anyway, all the scents are good so I just grabbed the bottles from the shelf and checked out. I hope whoever can receive one from me will appreciate the lotion or mist as it is expensive in the Philippines, costs at least 700 pesos a bottle and to think they’ll get it free from me… hmmm nothing is better than that. Of course, I only pick the people whom I give it to. As I had enough of ungrateful people in the past. I gave some chocolates and a small bottle of lotion to a friend and instead of thanking me, she said “MAO RANI?” Heck, she is lucky I included her in the budget.

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The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Deals I Got

I am a bit disappointed to know that the flannel PJ set I have been wanting to buy at Victoria’s Secret is still expensive for me to think that they are having a semi-annual sale right now yet the cost of the set is the same price before Christmas.

I have waited for the sale to come but guess, I did not buy it. Instead, I opted to these cute little things photographed below for so little money I paid to buy them. Thanks to a generous friend who e-gifted me with $25 in VS. They are worth a total of $41.41 including tax and shipping but only paid $6.41 final price.

The body scrub alone, the price is $10, Jet set portable make up kit on sale for $17.99 originally $35 and the glossy tint lip sheen for $3.99. I used the $25 egift and a $10 coupon that the store sent me weeks ago, that is how I came up with the $6.41 for all three items.

It was my first time to purchase a make up kit for I am not into make ups, this beautiful kit will go to my balik-bayan box so my sister can use it whenever she has activities in school that requires her to apply make up on the face. The tint lip sheen I am going to use for sure, it is recommended by a friend and I rely on her testimony that it can somehow enhance my lip appearance once applied,  we’ll see.

I love it when I score great deals on beautiful things. You see, there are ways to shop and not pay a whole price for it. You just have to find out how or be smart to take advantage of the sale and coupons. That’s one of the many things I learned living here in the States. Why pay full price if you can get them for such little money, right?

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Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body’s Mini Haul

I am one happy shopper for I scored some really great deals on my favorite shopping store, Victoria’s Secret. First photo below was just last week and read the caption to know how much I saved in my items. Second photo is today’s haul.

I shop using coupons because I am poor, I don’t have a job. I rely on a small earning of my blogs. However, I have a bit of knowledge on couponing so that helps me a lot buying some really good stuff at a fraction of a price. Why pay full price if we can get the items we want on sale and with a combination of coupons, right?

Store sales and coupons equals GOOD DEALS!

Last weeks haul, I paid $7.49 for 5 items worth $44. Could have paid less and got 7 items in my bag if cashier listened to me. I used 3 secret reward cards worth $10 each and a $10 coupon.

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You see, it pays when you wait and patient. When sales are on going, I can’t help but take advantage of it but I make sure I also have a coupon to use in order to really make a good deal.

Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works mini haul, I paid $3.41 for items worth $23.41 and a $10 coupon from BBW. For the VS, lotions on sale today for only $5 and I used my one remaining secret reward card worth $10. For the bath and body works, men’s body lotion or body wash on sale today only for $5, I had a gift card worth $10 and a FREE item coupon with purchase of $10.

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Victoria’s Secret 3 Free Travel Size Fragrance and Secret Reward Card

Wooohooo, I think I scored a deal on Victoria’s Secret just now. Although I paid  over $6 for the shipping but the freebies I am going to get once they arrive pay for it plus one secret reward card worth $10, $25, $50, $100 and $500 with $10 purchase.

Also, when you shop online, don’t forget to go through Ebates so you’ll get 2.0% back by shopping online. If you haven’t registered, do it now, just click on the link before checking out from Victoria’s Secret website.

To avail these 3 travel size fragrance, enter code : 3FREE, another good deal to score right now is their current promotion for panties 7/$26 use offer code : PARTYON. I paid a little over $35 total including shipping and tax but who knows if I am lucky this year, I’ll get the $50 secret reward? I got it last year so hoping for another one won’t be bad!

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I am a Big Revlon User

Lipstick is one of the two beauty things I can’t live without. I can only use two brands Maybelline and Revlon, they don’t sound great brands to you but for me they are great brands and affordable too. I love them both and I can buy them at CVS in great deals.

Revlon currently open for voting as to what iconic shade they should bring to the Super Lustrous Lipstick collection in 2014. I didn’t comment/vote because both colors are delicious and would love to see them available. I just thought I am going to love using them on my lips.

So, if you were to vote, what color should you choose? I honestly cannot say which one because both shades are my kind of shade.

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… photo not mine, snagged from Revlon’s Facebook page…

CVS Deals on Nivea and Pantene Shampoo

When I started couponing six months ago I got hooked to it to the point of going to two CVS locations in our area EVERYDAY! When I got tired of it, I stopped for a while since I hoarded quite a lot of items in our cabinet, some of which were sent to my family in the Philippines. Lucky them!

I still got plenty of shampoos left and more coming, haha. Nowadays, I choose to only shop at CVS at least once a week to not waste the coupons that keep coming every Sunday. Today’s trip, I saved $18.96 for two bottles of Nivea body lotion and two bottles of Pantene shampoo.

CVS deal for Nivea this week, spend $10 on Nivea products and get $3 extra bucks reward, pantene is on sale 2/$7. I bought two each product and paid $10.26 for four bottles after using 2/$2 Nivea manufacturer’s coupon, buy one get one free Pantene coupon and a $2 off when you spend $10 on hand and body lotion store coupon which only cost me $1.75 each bottle final price.

Although other couponers can do better with what I scored today, still I think I got a deal of the products I use.

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Use Healthy and Natural Beauty Products for Healthier You Inside and Out

People especially women love to look good and feel good inside out. Eating healthy or proper diet and exercise are the key factors to living a healthy lifestyle. Women want to be appreciated of how they look and what they do. For some whose job is interacting with different people every day, they want to ensure that their overall physical appearance and well-being are maintained every day. 

Wearing make-ups enhance the look of a woman and boost her looks. But not all women are aware that using healthy and natural cosmetics & beauty products are beneficial to them. Beauty products include; lotions, deodorants, shampoos, moisturizers, mascaras, lipsticks, foundations and a whole lot more. When they are accustomed to doing things the way they always have, they may not see why they would want switching to a natural healthy and beauty products.

 Here are the reasons why they should switch and adopt a new natural lifestyle with awesome healthy and natural beauty products that can greatly help them look and feel great.

First, products made from conventionally produced ingredients can have a negative environmental impact. The manufacturing of chemical-heavy health and beauty products puts those chemicals which they might not know present in the current products they are using.

Second, avoid skin irritation caused by harsh chemicals, artificial colors and fillers in skin care products and makeup can cause redness, irritation and breakouts. In conventionally produced products, chemicals are commonly found. The only way to avoid these irritations is to use natural makeup, skin care products and body products work with your skin instead of going against it.

Third, others have a strong allergy when it comes to smelling strong artificial fragrances. They are specifically designed to cover up the smell of other chemicals used in traditional beauty products which can cause headaches in many people. Unlike using natural beauty products, they smell like their natural ingredients scented with natural essential ingredients, not a cocktail of chemicals.

 Fourth, the presence of Parabens. They are used conventionally produced health and beauty products as a preservative to extend the shelf life of products. Parabens, however, are synthetic and mimic your body’s natural hormones that can alter functions of your body’s endocrine system. Whereas, natural beauty products use natural preservatives such as acai berry extract, maracuja oil goji berry extract, olive esters, pepperment oil and many others found in Tarte high-performance naturals line of products.

 Did you know that the average woman applies up to 200 chemicals to her skin every day through cosmetics, lotions and hair-care products? By using natural health and beauty products, they can greatly eliminate many of these harmful chemicals and replace them with natural ingredients that are not only protect them from harm, but can even be beneficial to their body.

Great Deal on Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual Sale

I scored a great deal on mists and lotions at Victoria’s Secret store today and I am happy. They are having their semi-annual sale on select items online and in-store. So for me to avoid paying the shipping, I opted to shop in their physical store with my girls.

Right now, they offer mix and match beauty products for 5 for $19.99 or 3 for $14.99 along with other awesome deals on bras, panties, make-ups and others. Below are items I purchased using the $10 gift card they sent me in the mail for my birthday. I only paid $10.81 including tax for all five bottles of Victoria’s Secret mists and lotions which literally cost me only $2.16 each. Not bad though, regular price for each item is $14.

You see, I am a practical shopper. I just don’t jump on things right away while I know they will be on sale in the long run, sale items which can also be stacked with a gift card or store coupons. If you haven’t shopped their semi-annual sale yet, then you should go try visit them in-store or online and see what you can score before the sale is over.

Surely you wonder why I bought same items and how am I going to use them all? That is not a problem, my family in the Philippines would be glad to have them.

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Human Hair Wigs

If you are looking for the perfect accessory for your face, there is nothing better than genuine human hair wigs. Although other types of wigs may provide similar looks, there is nothing quite like a human hair wig when it comes to the feel and the psychology of wearing a wig.

You can get some of the best human hair wigs on the market at Advent Hair ( Advent Hair has a long and storied history of providing the best products to the marketplace at prices that are always competitive. No matter the color or the consistency of the wig that you are looking for, you can always find it within the large inventory of Advent Hair products.

You also have a choice of human hair wigsthat come with highlights, different hair lengths based on your preference as well as density and texture for your individual look. There is no need to sacrifice your looks for any reason. Come to the experts at Advent Hair and get the perfect wig for your facial structure and the impression that you are giving to the world. From such a highly respected company, you are sure to come away with a top quality product no matter what look you choose.