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Choosing the Right Hair Extension Method for You

 Too often, people assume that amazing hair is something you are born with. This is simply not the case. Great hair is possible for just about anyone with today’s options. In fact, many people are turning to hair extensions to provide them with the style they desire. Since there are several different methods for extensions, it is important to pick one that suits your needs. The following guide will help you select the right ones.

 Glue In

 A lot of people get glue in extensions because they are longer lasting. This type of extension is added to the hair with a keratin bond. Most people love the look of them, but they dislike the maintenance that is required. You also have to be careful when you condition your hair or use hair tools. These products and tools can weaken the bond connecting the hair and the extension. If you are low maintenance with your hair and simply want to add length or volume, you will probably love having these in your hair.

 Clip In

 Popular alternatives to long lasting extensions are ones that clip into your hair. These are very versatile, and there are several different styles to choose from. They are also available in real and synthetic hair. You can add these into your hair daily or on occasion to add length, texture, volume, and style. If you choose this option, it is important to take care of your hairpieces. Make sure to wash them and let them dry flat. Also, comb through them regularly to get rid of any tangles. This will ensure that they last longer and look better when you wear them.


 Women who have thick, coarse hair often prefer sewn-in extensions. A weave is applied to tightly braided pieces of your own natural hair. Most people have to tighten the braided sections of their hair regularly so the hair looks good. The tightening process can take a little time, but it does enable the hair to look beautiful as a result.


 You can also tape extensions into your hair using Sellotape. This might be a good option if you want volume added to your hair. A long row of extensions is taped in between a section of your hair. Most people love the results, and the upkeep is minimal as long as you do not brush too hard.

 Before you choose an extension, make sure to evaluate your hair and your needs. This will allow you to make a more informed decision about your hair for the best results.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale and Free Undies

When I entered Victoria’s Secret last week, I wasn’t sure what to buy. I only had a free panty coupon on hand and didn’t think of buying anything other than claiming my freebie. But then, they had this 75% off Lost in Fantasy mists for $3.50, originally $14. I grabbed 9 bottles and 2 pairs of very sexy cheeky panty worth $16.50 and a special Valentine red lace panty .

It could have been an easy $65 out of pocket for me if I didn’t see I had (2) $10 Pink award cards being a VIP member that they sent me last December. I used 2 during check out that left me $12 plus including tax total for 11 items.  What a deal I got and I am delighted of the deep discount I was able to avail at my favorite store.

Some people don’t bother finding ways on how to save for products they love because maybe they got abundant supply of money, but I am a practical person. I would use every coupon possible just so I can save some money to use for other things. Who doesn’t love to save, anyway? Unless you are Paris Hilton who is a spoiled brat and literally just throwing away her money.

 photo bluemist_zpsbbf7bc75.jpg

Valentia Organic Rosehip Oil is a Winter Must-Have

It’s been over two weeks since I started using this awesome product from Valentia. This is the second product they sent me free of cost for testing purposes. Same as the first one, I am pleased with the product.

This time they sent me this organic rosehip oil. Contains 100% natural anti-aging oil that revitalizes and hydrates the skin reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles. Yes, it is an oil and has a light smell, but it doesn’t bother me.

I should say it is a perfect winter must-have especially here in Texas where it gets really dry and bitter cold at times. My skin gets dry and itchy but with constant hydration with this miracle oil, I am happier than ever that I got to find this certain product that I could use for a long time. Just a few drops of it, it can cover my entire face and neck.

Yes, it is an oil but it absorbs quickly and you don’t even feel it’s there after 3 seconds of being applied. The one thing that makes me comfortable using this product is that, it is organic and I know what I’m using truly helps.


 photo roseheep_zps162850cb.jpg

 photo roseheepjpg2_zps00412b98.jpg
… three seconds after rosehip oil has been applied onto my face and neck. I look hydrated and smooth!
 photo roseheepjpg1_zps15f8c18a.jpg


Victoria’s Secret 9 Items for Less than $12

Here’s my latest haul from Victoria’s Secret. Seven bottles of VS mists and two clearance bras, all for $11.14 including shipping and tax of course. How did I come with the amount? Read on.

I was lucky to receive (1) $50 secret reward card last December so I bought a $40 gift card in order to avail the semi-annual clearance sale since the secret reward card had expired December 19, the semi-annual sale did not start until Jan. 1. Also, I had (2) $10 Pink reward card for any Pink purchase which I used towards the two bras. Total amount for 9 items is $66 that is not including tax and shipping. The two Pink cards by the way were sent from them for me because they have upgraded my status from regular member to being a VIP.

You see, there are many ways to save on things here, all you got to do is find them on the internet. As for me, I join FB group that is composed of mostly Filipinas that love to share links of deals either online or in-store. I check the group from time to time because we never know deals could pop out any moment.

It pays to be on the internet most of the day because of the deals on clothing, fragrances, housewares and many more. I can’t count how many I have taken advantage of in the past, thanks to this awesome group I belong for it tells me when deals are happening.

 photo vsmists_zps310b5d08.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Gift Set for $10 which I Paid Only 83 Cents Each

I love my Victoria’s Secret haul yesterday. I went to their store with 7 secret reward cards on hand and an electronic code they sent to me in my email. I lost one card, I don’t know where it is so I only bought 7 gift sets total. It cost $10 each normal price and used $10 secret reward card each transaction which only cost me 83 cents each.

I guess I went there on time before everyone else buy the gift sets. It is really cheap for the price of 83 cents, that’s literally just tax I paid for. As you can see in the photo below, each gift set containing three 60 ml bottles of fragrance mists and three 60 ml moisturizing hand and body cream. I so love love what I bought.

You might wonder what am I gonna all this? No problem. They don’t spoil, they last forever. I can very well use the moisturizing hand and body cream since it gets very cold and dry due to winter. One gift set will be given to my Jadyn’s teacher and I’ll keep the rest or send some to the Philippines. I feel like I won a little Christmas prize hehe. Thank God I was able to buy this stuff. Last year was a waste of time and money, I only bought that pink glitter mist which is $8. A lot of $2 gone wasted or I spent more on bras rather than saving some $$.

 photo 83cents_zpsd2e23275.jpg

Free Bath and Body Works Lotion, a $12.50 Value

It is possible to score free body care at Bath and Body Works with little or no money to spend. There are many ways in order to avail promos like this online or at their store. Once you become a frequent shopper at their store, rest assured they’ll give you heaps of coupons to make you coming back to their store.

One best deal I just scored from BBW is this FREE white citrus body lotion. Through the use of a coupon “free body care any full size item” with any purchase. My idea was purchased only the smallest antibac hand sanitizer which is $1.74 with no tax. With that amount, it got me a pocket antibac and a full size lotion, amazing isn’t it?

I still got heaps of coupons left but it requires me to spend a minimum amount of money before I can have my free item, I guess I just have to pass the deal as I have no budget for that in the meantime. Besides, I already have plenty of bottles of lotions and fragrances collected throughout my couponing months. They should be enough supply until next winter season and for balik-bayan box.

 photo bbw_zpsf050a2d9.jpg

AGELESS Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Thera Vita

I am 31 years old, a full-time housewife and a mom of two girls. Being a mom can get very busy at times especially when school days start. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that I have to let myself go. In order to be a functional wife and mother, I have to take care of myself first, get plenty of rest and use beauty products that are professional formulas  to keep a subtle, smoother and beautiful skin.

Yes, I am in my early 30’s and I am taking vitamin supplements as well as using anti-aging serum and moisturizers to keep my facial skin hydrated and prevented from dry and harmful rays of the sun. I have tried several serum from different companies but the recent products I received from Thera Vita is exceptional. It impresses me once I opened the package because of how it looks. It is placed in a very professional and fancy packaging. I am happy to say that they use a pump to take the content out of the bottle instead of a dropper, that makes it very easy to use.

As of the content, it smells really good, made of a clear Hyaluronic acid serum plus aloe and lavender oil. Absorbs fast and leaves you a fresh and clean feeling once applied which I like for in a serum. What it does is that, it melts away the years with this phenomenal Hyaluronic Acid Serum designed specifically to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while making the skin appear younger, smoother and fresher. See and feel an immediate difference the moment this unique Face Moisturizer touches the skin.

Important information: Use for the treatment of dry and scaly skin, tissue repair and recovery, skin hydration and collagen synthesis. Furthermore it can also benefit the healing of acne scars as well as facial and neck wrinkles. It is good for sun spots, scarring and improving skin tone.

If you want to look younger and worry about those thin fine lines that are appearing on your face, why not give this product a try? For $29.95, you are doing yourself a favor. Find it on AMAZON at a price you can afford plus free shipping for PRIME members.

 photo ageless_zps8528fd47.jpg

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Free Covergirl Lippies

Shopping tip: when you go out shopping and you have coupons at home, don’t forget to bring them for you will never know what you can find in stores you’re going to. For instance, I went to Albertson’s one day and found these Covergirl lipsticks on clearance for $1.99 each and a CG outlast nail polish for 99 cents. Gladly enough, I had my $4 off any CG product manufacturer coupon so I used it to buy two lippies and the nail polish. So, the $4 mq covers the lippies cost, I only had to pay 97 cents for the polish!

When you shop with an open mind, most likely you’ll bump into deals you don’t expect. That’s wise shopping for me. Can I afford to pay full price of Covergirl lippies and nail polishes? Sure, but I refuse to do it since I know heaps of ways to save on those items. Why pay more for items when you know you can get them for less, right?

 photo cg_zpscac0ed6a.jpg

FOXBRIM for Clearer Smoother Face

It has been weeks since I started using FOXBRIM best vitamin C serum for face Hyaluronic Acid and I can say, I have never felt so smooth in my face before. It is a powerful anti-aging serum with advance formula that helps to diminish wrinkles, fine lines, age posts and skin discoloration with ease.

It is a clear liquid serum that you can apply under make up that is made of premium quality natural and organic ingredients. With that said, you can trust that what you get is free of harmful chemicals since it is made from natural and organic components that we all need. I am very much satisfied of the product for it truly works.

I apply it once or twice a day after shower and whenever I touch my face’s skin, it feels like touching a baby’s skin. Yeah, I am really that smooth now! If you want to try this awesome product, you may purchase it now,
available in Amazon for $15.99 PRIME.

Foxbrim provides you the most Advanced and Complete Vitamin C serum on the market. Are you ready to Glide your Hands over Smooth Supple Skin?

What it does to your skin;

• Achieve That Youthful Glow!
• Reduce and Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
• Soothes and Hydrates Under-nourished skin.
Highly recommended for women who want to feel good and look good on their face! Trust me I am one of their happy and satisfied users.

 photo foxbrim_zps273fb129.jpg

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

PURE BODY NATURALS is Potent 20% Vitamin C Serum

The fact that it is organic, that puts my mind at ease that what I am using onto my face helps diminish fine lines on my eye area. I put my 100% trust to the maker of this product. After putting this on, I honestly feel clean for it dries faster than any other serum I have ever tried. It also leaves a clean and smooth feeling on to my face all day yet leaving my skin moisturized.

PURE BODY NATURALS is potent 20% Vitamin C serum. Suspended in a Concentrated base of Pure Vegan Hyaluronic Acid uses the very BEST NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients to give you MAXIMUM Anti-Oxidant Protection to help ELIMINATE Free Radicals on your Skin That Causes Premature Aging.

A must-have for women 25 years or older. I just turned 31 seven days ago and I got many compliments of my photos during my birthday from friends on Facebook. They probably saw that glow in my face for I have been using a serum everyday for quite a while now. Taking care of my skin is one of the things I swear I should do since I am already in the 30’s now and I believe, using Pure Body Naturals serum can greatly help me in maintaining that youthful look all year long.

If you want to know more about this awesome product I am currently using, please check it out on Amazon. Would definitely spread the word about how I am satisfied with this product to my friends. For just $19.90 PRIME you’re doing yourself a favor by using this organic serum.

Product details lifted from its Amazon listing can be read below.

 photo serum_zpsd93806b7.jpg

SUPER SOFT SILKY SMOOTH SKIN : Our Serum moisturizers your skin and is QUAD power packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Pure Vegan Hyaluronic Acid. PURE BODY NATURALS Topical Vitamin C Serum for face and neck leaving your skin vibrant and super smooth. PROVEN using NATURAL POTENT formula Combination of 20% Vit C Serum (with added A & E Vitamin) which Stimulates Collagen on your Skin. It REDUCES your Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Freckles and Skin Discolorations – using only NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS.
MADE and CRAFTED in the USA using ONLY THE FRESHEST BOTANICALS AVAILABLE in a FDA Approved and GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility. Our Topical Vitamin C Face Serum is Paraben Free & Only uses the very Best and Highest Quality Organic, Natural Ingredients and is Cruelty-Free. This will leave your face and neck feeling beautiful and restored again.
Our Vitamin C helps to stimulate your skins rate of exfoliation for a brighter, smoother complexion. Deals with the Antioxidant properties that will reduce skin damage caused by the sun, pollution and cigarette smoke. Our Slow Release Technology (SRT) delivers a deeper penetration of active ingredients to the skin cells. Proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen which makes your skin appear years younger and more vibrant beautiful skin.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.