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Little Girls Are Precious

Most of my friends around here and in other countries have little girls. Last Christmas, I gave to a few chosen girls my handmade bows. I hope they like them. Bows take time to make them. I don’t mind how much time I get to spend making beautiful bows for little girls but with the baby around, it is harder for me to do it nowadays. There are two or three little girls whose birthday are coming soon and I don’t have anything to give them yet. Perhaps I can just order personalized gifts for little girls online.

I love the idea of sending personalized gifts to little girls or some people close to my heart because it sends a different meaning to them rather than just picking up stuff in the store without anything that could remind them of you.

Very Brown

This is my baby girl in the picture here. As you can see she’s got brown hair now which I like so much. I got very dark hair and my baby has a brown hair for a change and for sure I am gonna love it more and more. I don’t wanna cut it so it won’t get dark. Her brown hair will make her standout among the rest of the kids in the Philippines.

Happy and Sad Faces

It is interesting how our little girl can change her facial expressions from extreme emotions to a super jolly and happy one. I took these photos of her in two different situations. The first one below is of her sulking in the closet when I stopped her from eating too much shrimp paste. The second one is of her showing her happy face with her new clown doll given to her by Jean.
These photos are just few of my favorites because there is so much to tell in these shots here. They are so cute, do you agree?


I am glad baby girl loves the pigtail style for her hair. It’s annoying to see her hair falls down to her eyes and mouth when I’m feeding her. The little girl doesn’t seem bothered with her hair but I am. It was Marcella who started doing pigtails to her and that’s what I do now to keep Jadyn’s hair from eyesight.

I like it that way for it looks neat and comfortable.

Feeding The Birds

Pictures below are of my baby girl feeding the birds. It was her first experience to really get close to the birds and feed them. I was happy and excited seeing Jadyn having so much fun doing what she did. It was quite an experience for her, I bet. Several times before she would try to catch or touch a bird in our backyard but never successfully did that. Birds are too fast and fly away from her.

Mini Me

If you ever wonder how I looked like when I was two years old, just take a look at this photo —–>
I am certain that Jadyn is my mini me in many ways except that she has got lighter skin than me. I definitely see myself in her especially when she cross her eyebrows and sulk.


I have no clue as to what to give to my baby these days. She is becoming more and more difficult to feed. Sometimes she would only eat once a day plus milk and that put a burden in my head because I am not used of her eating once a day. Filipinas eat three times a day and so does Jadyn. I try giving her food from time to time but all she could eat is just a tiny bit of it and the rest will be fed to the dog. As usual she’d put the food in her mouth and spit out to the floor.

I worry that she might get sick or something. Oh Jadyn! The only thing you can do to make your mommy happy is be healthy and eat good. She cannot eat good food but she can foods that are unhealthy like chips, yogurt, cereal etc…. very American and very light kind that I don’t think can sustain her needed nutrients for her growth.

Jadyn’s First Trip To The Dentist

Jadyn’s first trip to the dentist took place today at one in the afternoon. It didn’t take us long at that place though because the dentist didn’t do anything in her teeth except just to look at them and see how bad is the discoloration of teeth she has. He was saying that it is nothing major. It cannot go worse either except that we need to be persistent in brushing her teeth.

She is set to see the dentist again in six months time to take a better look at her teeth. I hope in 6 months time she’ll let the dentist see through her teeth so the discoloration will be taken care of before it’s gonna go bad. The reason we brought our baby to the office is that we have a hard time brushing her teeth every night. She wouldn’t allow us to do so but I am stubborn and wouldn’t let my baby rule over me even if she insist I would still brush her teeth.

Jadyn In The Basket

Whenever we are at Lowe’s or Home Depot, Jadyn always finds ways to entertain herself while being there. One of which is getting into empty big baskets in the lower shelf.

She was having a hard time getting inside but despite of that she made it inside and got her head bumped on to the shelf for many times. I think this baby is just being silly, good thing though none of the staff had ever seen her do that, or else I’ll be in trouble.

My Little Meow Meow

This is my little girl in her Little Kitten attire in halloween day. She went for trick or treating without me being there with her because at that time we were so busy moving our stuff to our house. I felt bad about I couldn’t be there with her. Thanks to Rose, my friend for she brought my baby to her house and did the thing I was supposed to do. Cute is my Jadyn, isn’t she?