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100 Colors Super Markers We Love

Nothing makes me and my kids happy than receiving this product for free in the mail, it’s because there are so many of them plus it has two tips that we can use depending on the project we’re working on. Both of my girls love to draw and write a lot, this set just adds colors and life to their drawings. I always keep this set on the center table so when they are bored or feel like drawing, this comes in handy.

Writes pretty well and oh just amazing no-repeat colors. Quality wise, it is very good, continued release of ink and is beautiful in colors. From the name itself, “super markers” is what this set all about and just very impressed with it. Creates colorful and attractive art, encourages children to make an even appealing art for school or for home use.

Samples of our artwork below, the fruit drawing is mine and I don’t consider myself a “drawer”. I am a terrible drawer, I tell you. But, using this set of colors made me somehow come up with an acceptable art that I can keep for a while.

The “not knowing eyes” is drawn by my 4 years old, you see the artist in her at such a young age. She likes emojis and different expressive eyes.

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 photo markers1_zpseey7fv33.jpg photo markers4_zpsdxjvu9zd.jpg


 photo markers3_zpscqaihuvk.jpg

 photo markers2_zpsofdjxhky.jpg

Fruittie Nail Art

Who would have thought that I could find such cute nail art without spending so much money on it. I found these on clearance at Walgreens for just 99 cents each pack, original price was $2. I love finding stuff for low price that I don’t expect to see when in store.

These fruittie nail art is perfect for summer. Summer is the first time that came to my mind upon laying eyes on these packets. I am so tempted to open one of these but heck, I need to save it for the Philippines to make that little soul happy and excited, someday!

I have this recent obsession by nail arts and yes I am in the hunt for it. I am influenced by this teenager back in my hometown who loves designing nails in her own way and she encourages me to buy nail art here so that I could bring it to her next time I get to visit my family in the Philippines.

If any of you knows where to buy for reasonable price beautiful nail arts, please tell me. You may leave your comments below to ensure I get your message.

 photo nailart_zpsdae45037.jpg

My 8X10 Canvas Print by Easy Canvas Prints

I now have something to give to my husband on Christmas. I don’t plan of buying him new clothes or whatsoever for I am afraid he wouldn’t wear them. Instead, I would like to give him this awesome 8×10 canvas print I ordered from Easy Canvas Prints. For so long, I have been wanting to get a canvas print to hang on our hallway wall because I thought canvas prints were pretty and now I finally got one but I won’t be able to see it hanged after Christmas. Yes, that is my plan. My husband would appreciate things that are personalized especially if it is about his family or children and I think I got the perfect gift for him.

I love how the company gives life to my picture. Its print is so clear and did not change the quality of the image. I am sorry though if the photo below isn’t as good if it was taken by a digital camera (I am sorry about the glare, by the way.). Anyway, I am very pleased of the quality and how they packed the item to secure and keep it from being damaged during the shipment.

 photo canvass_zpsd92895ec.jpg
 photo canvassjpg2_zpsf031bd3e.jpg

 photo canvassjpg3_zpsdf8bd988.jpg
… It is 8×10 in size as you can see and I love that they wrap it with a clear plastic before the final packaging. Water can damage such a sensitive item like this. They also taped it onto the carton to keep it in place and won’t make a lot of movements when in the vehicle. I would say, they did a great job packaging my item.
 photo canvassjpg1_zpsfe7303ba.jpg
… I am amazed at how they make the picture fit into the edges of the canvas. You might wonder why the image is not extended onto the wrap? It is because I choose just the border color instead of a mirror or image wrap. Green is my husband’s favorite color and it fits right to their background.

I highly recommend Easy Prints Canvas company to you all because they have done such a great job with my order. If you must, you should follow them on Facebook Page for promotions, giveaways, news, latest products and other information. They are also on Twitter, please check them out.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review but I did receive a free 8×10 canvas print. All opinions are 100% percent mine.

Piercing Online Shop

Piercings add beauty to a person who is a girl but some boys have their tongue, ears and belly button pierced too. Some say it’s an art and that they express themselves through it. Duh whatever because for me piercings are only for girls. I love seeing sexy women with beautiful abs with belly button pierced. If you have one in your belly button and is looking for high quality piercing yet cheap and stylish, you may visit piercing online shop for several options. They also sell acrylic beach ball belly button ring for $1.98 a pair. Also browse for rings and barbells.

Banana Dog

I saw this cool piece of art when we had a walk at downtown Benicia last Sunday. This was displayed outside the Arts Center in one of the buildings in that place. It caught me and Jadyn’s eyes that we even stopped for couple of minutes just to make a thorough look at this work of art. Whoever made this did an excellent job. Beautiful banana dog, isn’t it?