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He’s Been Busy For A Long Time

My husband is a workout advocate. When I arrived here in the U.S 6 years ago, we went to the gym together and workout. He maintained his good athletic shape by going to the gym regularly, ran in the high school oval nearby and carefully watch his diet. Those were the years when we didn’t have kids and not so much things to do in the house.

That is not the case anymore. Our family have grown, we added two members in our family and we moved in to a house that requires a lot of work so his time for himself is gone. He has been so busy repairing things around here, taking care of his family’s needs, maintaining the condition of all four cars etc. Along with his hectic schedule is the change of his shift as well that made him even busier.

He gets on the weighing scale from time to time and he honestly tell me how he gained weight. I even remember I joked with him about taking muscle pharm shed matrix. He had no idea what that is until I told him about musclepharm shred matrix side effects. That is when he got the idea that it is actually a brand for diet pills.

Next Day Flyers Amazing Quality Printing Service

When it comes to hiring somebody to do a great service for us, we always think of quality first rather than quantity. Because we want to be successful in what we do like promoting our business to our targeted consumers, we only want the best quality of printing services to give us a beautiful, attractive and colorful brochures or flyers to hand out. The quality of prints make a good impression to our potential customers, they would think that the products or services we are advertising for are of good quality and that they satisfy their customers big time.

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Coach Handbags Sale Online

It is the second day of Coach’s sale online. I used to be so excited and thrilled if given the invitation from them in my mail but in my case right now, aside from being low on budget, I am just pretty busy to even peek or browse their handbags. I did a quick look yesterday though but that was it.

I saw there wasn’t much going on except those handbags that customers think are pretty good deal were sold out. Maybe next time I will buy one that if I can sell these two brand new Coach handbags I have that I purchased last month.

I don’t know why I am having a hard time selling them, I thought they would sell as soon as I posted them on Craigslist. I might try posting them in my other blog with good traffic, who knows one of the bloggers would be interested in buying one.

The Nicest House

I have been inside the house of our neighbor across the street for two times. When I went there for the first time I was wowed at how nicely arranged the furniture are and what amazed me the most is that, the old lady has got a lot of nice things like porcelain vases and figurines. Her house is like a house of a woman who has money I can tell. Everything look expensive and in proper places. Perhaps having an interior decorator daughter helps a lot. One of the cute pieces I cannot forget are her Tibetan Singing Bowls collection placed right near her dining area in a display cabinet.

I was going to ask her if those are Tibetan Singing bowls to confirm what I believe were Tibetan singing bowls but I was too shy to ask the question. I didn’t want to be accused of being curious about her stuff.

Google Slap

A lot of people are searching for ways in order to have an extra income aside from being paid with their current job. Many turn to the internet as there are companies offering online jobs to those who need. Of course most of which are scammers that promise someone an instant one night millionaire by simply buying their kit etc. But there are few of those that are legitimate as well. Try registering yourself at Google Slap and see how much you can make out of this. Please visit the link to get a better understanding of what this is all about. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them, experts are standing by on how to make profit or earn with Google. Hope you will find it interesting and good luck!


Making money in 15 minutes, find out how? You people who are in need of cash you might want to know how this is going to work with you. Be careful though for there are advertisements that sounded good but they aren’t real. Don’t be fooled by those that just want to take your money away from you!

Boston Search Engine Optimization

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Hurry Grab These!

I found these thong with buckle flats on body central on sale for 9.99. Yes, that is very cheap for a stylish flats like these. Hurry grab them now while supplies last. Just go to and click on shoes. Available in gold matte and black! Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Please Vote For My Kid — Lipstick

Jadyn’s photo has been selected for the current week up for voting on Please help me let her win by voting for her through this link CLICK HERE AND SEARCH– LIPSTICK. Simply hit the I LOVE IT button below her photo. I hope this is not too much to ask people!!! She is the one with very red lipstick on her lips please please please VOTE MY JADYN!!

Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale

Geeezzz here’s another temptation that I know of. I just received a Victoria’s Secret semi annual sale catalog today but I didn’t even take a second opening it for I know already what’s in there. Fashion, clothing, nice discounted dresses, brassieres and summer clothes are up on sale up to 50% off.The other day a Body Central catalog arrived in the mail. Hmppp as if these companies are trying to temp me with their big big sale event. I know myself, if I want it I would buy one and yet if I am not interested no matter how discounted the item is, I wouldn’t waste a penny for it.

If any of you guys who came across this blog and are interested in shopping for sexy stuff, head to Victoria’s Secret website right away and shop ’till you drop!