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Divatress Hair Wigs

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wigs play an important role in fashion industry. They add life to flat and boring hair. They also enhance the look of celebrities who want to have different hairstyles in each show they perform or tv appearances. When choosing a wig that fits you, you should know what type you want, either you want to buy weaves, lace front, full wigs, half wigs, braids and ponytails.

It is also important which hair length you like, short, very short, medium and long lengths. Take note, Divatress has everything you are looking for. Tons of wigs to choose from. When you browse on their site you must feel like a diva, look like a diva once you find that very wig that best suits you.

Brands like Bobbi Boss, FreeTress Equal, Isis Collection, Janette Collection, New Born Free, Mowtown Tress and a whole lot more to browse and get you started with your search. You can also search those who are rated 5 stars and less by customers if that makes it easy for you.

As for my own preference, if I were to buy a wig, I would like to buy me a real human hair and pass the shoulder length with big curls on the tips, some hints of brown in it just like the one attached below my post. It just looks fabulous and fashionable and it shows my character when it comes to fashion.

 photo divatress_zps9uy5lqi2.png

Beautiful silver braided band pearl adjustable open rings

Look what I have here. Beautiful silver braided band pearl adjustable open rings set of two that I got for free by Habeats! I find the style unique and these rings suit my skinny fingers. I find it difficult to shop for rings online because of the sizing. No matter how I try to buy the ring size which I think fits me but for some reason, when the rings arrive, they are too loose for me.

This is set is awesome as they are open and can be adjusted to fit my rings. They look antique in style too! Curious where I got them free? Get yours here . I love them and can wear them out going to parties, dinner with fam or simply doing errands.

This set is great for gifts to your sister, loved ones or to a special friend, for only $22.99, the person you give it to will absolutely adore it.

 photo habeats_zps7zclottn.jpg

Feels Like We Are in a Different House

I just received this free two panels of stripe curtains from Homier in exchange of my honest and unbiased review, Striped Linen Blend Window Curtain in nautical stripes! I love these window treatments, they are thick at the same time not totally blocking the natural light coming in from the window.

Our tv room is facing South, so you can only imagine how much sun we’re getting from noon time until sun set during summer. Texas summer heat is excruciating so a good pair of window treatment is what we needed. Although summer is over, we are still getting a lot of sunlight in this room that we have a hard time watching tv because of the glare reflected on to our tv monitor.

These curtains help a lot. I love the stripes, they are beautiful and makes me imagine I am by the seaside. My two girls even told me last night that we feel like we are in a different house! Amazing what a new curtain can do.

As for the product, it has a nice and clean stitching. Great quality fabric and long enough to create an illusion that we have big windows. Do I like them? Not just like, but LOVE THEM!

You can get yours on Amazon for $40 each panel. I tell you, it’s worth the money for it truly is gorgeous and high quality. Simply click on the product link above. Thank you!

 photo P1014364_zps0c7c7708.jpg

 photo P1014365_zpsl0l6pdqw.jpg

 photo P1014361_zps4kngehch.jpg

Groupon Goods for Less

This is a sponsored post written by me. All opinions are 100% mine.

Groupon Goods are just as good as any other goods sold in popular and big retail stores. Quality wise is great as well for I have shopped a couple times on Groupon in the past. Groupon has some goods that you don’t find in your favorite store locally so your option is to get online and go to Groupon website, start by clicking specifically on “Goods” tab on the upper center of the page. From there, you can search for almost anything you have in mind including jewelry and watches, electronics, home and garden, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, baby, kids and toys, entertainment, tobacco and alcohol, grocery, sports and outdoors, health and beauty and a whole lot more.

Not only that, when you subscribe or become a member to Groupon, you will get a 25% first-time use coupon on your first purchase. After receiving your promo code, you can then try looking for deals on Local, Goods, Getaways, Clearance, Massage and Coupons!

You see, Groupon is the only website I highly recommend in order for you to save money on things that are necessary to you. I tell you, when you need to stretch your budget, using coupons is not only good but it helps you tremendously with buying more items for less. Why spend full price on things while you can buy them for a lot less, right?

That Aromatic Smell of Coffee that Wakes You Up in the Bedroom

I am not much of a coffee drinker, I drink green tea every morning but there are times in my life when my system is craving for coffee. Coffee smells heavenly and I know what a good coffee is when I drink a cup of it, it will satisfy me throughout the day. I also know what I am drinking is high quality or not.

I am so used to buying instant store brand coffee and the ones that are from the Philippines mixed with sugar and cream. I can tell the big difference in taste, in smell and the quality with the current brand I am drinking occasionally, the Nescafe Reserve Premium Instant Coffee is by far the tastiest, most pure and has this divine smell that travels in the bedroom and forces you to get up and make yourself a cup of coffee.

A packet of this product gives you a satisfaction unlike any other brands. I use creamer in my coffee especially this one because it’s so pure that it taste bitter in my taste buds. However, for some coffee addicts, this one really best for them, drink it straight and does not need to add another cup for it really is satisfying.

This product is available on Amazon for $24 for 2 packs, each pack has 40 packets in it. Truly worth your money because what you’re buying isn’t just an ordinary commercial coffee, but the high quality instant premium ground coffee that sure you’ll love.

 photo P1013846_zpsxqffpfa2.jpg

 photo P1013844_zpsp6pyrcal.jpg

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Drinking Tumblers for Convenience

If you have children, you would know that feeding them or giving drinks would be messy and you have to constantly supervise them when they do, otherwise, spills here and there and worse on the carpet. The carpet is the hardest area to clean so that’s when drinking tumblers play their part. You will be assured that when using drinking tumblers, the liquid will be safe inside and is sealed so it does not drip when they knock down the tumbler.

Drinking tumblers are not also suitable for children but for adults or people of all ages too. They are good for drinking hot beverages in the car, in the office or cold drinks when being outdoors. If you ever need one or a couple to hand out as gifts to people you care about, how about you try checking out the link above and explore the different styles, colors, sizes and other selection available for customization. Please check them out now and enjoy your visit.

Joylink Work Out Waist Pack

I have been wanting to buy me a waist pack for my cellphone and other valuables to use while I am out walking in the neighborhood or on the trail with friends but I couldn’t seem to find it in the local stores nearby. I am glad I finally got one for me for free from Joylink through Amazon in exchange of my honest opinion.

I love the product, the waist pack alone feels soft and smooth with beautiful neon color. While it is primarily bought for my cellphone but an added extra space inside for a couple of cards and keys are a bonus. There is a special lining that separates the cellphone and the keys to keep the phone from being scratched, which I like.

Another thing, it has adjustable waist band that could fit to my size. I am small and adjusting it to the desired size of my waist easy. Also, if you look at the picture below, you would notice there is a black with letter C shape on it, you might wonder what it’s for? Well, this is where your headphone wire is gonna go through connecting to your phone’s port. Amazing how can a small item can be convenient to use. I really love this product, I tell you! I am excited to put it to use soon!

 photo joylink_zpskbt3obuo.jpg

Go Fogless Shower Mirror with Cassani

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

One of the many reasons why I love blogging is that I get to review some products or items from companies and write my own personal experience using their products in exchange of free items from them. So, here goes my review of the new Cassani fogless mirror.

It has been a few days since I hanged the mirror in my shower and I am actually amazed of how clear the mirror stays throughout my entire shower period every day. I don’t shave my face or anything but having this fogless mirror in my shower is awesome. It enables me to do my shower “rituals” without getting a single fog on it.

Hanging it on the wall was easy, it came with two stainless steel wall mounts with adhesive strips on the back. As long as the wall you are going to hang it to is clean, dry and free of soap scums, it shouldn’t take you a minute to hang it.

Cassani Fogless mirror uses an “anti-fog Nanotechnology” which is infused onto the reflective surface of the mirror that makes it unique from other shower mirrors out there. If any fog develops, the company recommends to give it a quick rinse and that’s it. All your work is done. Visit Cassani Company for more information about the product and special news and promotions. Thank you!

Right now, Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror available at Amazon for $14.99 free shipping with PRIME.

 photo fogless_zps50b7aca0.jpg

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wall Decals an Inexpensive Way to Decorate a Room

Talking about having a beautiful room for your upcoming newborn son or Princess? Or have you moved in to your new house and thinking about decorating a room or two without breaking your budget? Deciding which color the room should be put into consideration first then everything will follow. Putting wall decals is such an amazing way to decorate a room and it is inexpensive. It can transform a boring bedroom into a whole new look with some attractive designs you can find on the link above. Please browse for the designs you like and plan ahead after painting and placing the furniture. Wall decals are perfect in any room of any color or gender.

 photo 538e6b4f-b030-4da8-aff3-cb24394d04a9_zps76cf82fd.jpg

On site, they offer some roll up banners and outdoor banner stands to go with your roll up banners with great image designs, high quality and guaranteed you will be satisfied of their job.

Attractive roll up banners can get your customer’s attention. Here is the thing, customers can get a good impression in your business by the way you advertise your products or messages to them. They would think what you offer is good simply because you did not hesitate to spend some money on your banners. Also these roll up banners that offer, aside from being attractive, they are also a convenient way to showcase your products to your target audience. They are portable, flexible structures and carry attractive graphics that could really catch people’s attention.

Check out one of the popular types, the retractable banner stand. Easy to use, they work like a window blind- simply slide up the graphic over a pole and secure it. They are also called roll up banners. These banners pretty much used outside the store, newly opened business establishments, in small cafeterias in the airport, malls almost everywhere.