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Tips for Prom Tuxes to Stand Out from the Crowd

Aside from making you look like a penguin, the traditional tux can also make you look like every other guy at the prom. Black jacket, white shirt, black bowtie. It takes all the fun out of the memorable night and doesn’t allow you to express your personal style.

By simply making a few different choices, you can create a look that’s all your own and stand out from the crowd on prom night. Here are a few tips for how you can do it:

Add a Pop of Color

Black and white are the traditional colors, but they aren’t your only options. Contemporary tuxes include an array of color options, including the cummerbund, bowtie, and pocket square. Choose bold colors like bright red or even neon green or pink to really stand out. You could even have fun with mixing colors (a red bowtie and a purple cummerbund) or trying patterns (polka dot bowtie, anyone?).

Go Bold with Color

If accessorizing with color isn’t enough for you, go ahead and be bold and choose a tux in a totally different color.Powder blue tuxes were once all the rage. You can bring it back or try a different color. Think about how you’ll look showing up in a red tux! If that’s too much for you, even a subdued color like white will stand out.


You don’t have to make a big splash to show off a little personality. Accessories like cuff links, pocket square, and boutonnieres all give you the chance to showcase your personal style. Play around with your options and have fun with it!

You don’t have to look like every other guy at the prom in your black-and-white uniform tux. Experiment with these options to create your own personal look and stand out from the crowd on your big night.


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Free Pair Of Eye Wear For First Time Buyers

I got a free pair of sunglasses from Firmoo last week. I am supposed to share it to you guys but I am sorry for the delay, I now have the time to show off to you this new blue frame sunglasses.

There are so many things you would love wearing Firmoo’s sunglasses. Based in my own personal experience, I love its durability, perfect fit and most of all made of quality materials. I already dropped my sunglasses once but it did not break nor get scratched. Yes, that is how good the glasses are. I am proud I am wearing their sunglasses, aside from I got them for free but also good quality.

You should get your free glasses too. Click on the link and it should get you to their website and choose your first pair of glasses, just pay shipping though.


Your Discount Trailer Hitches Online Store

We have had this medium size trailer for a few years now. Back then when my husband was looking for hitches and a store to help him install the hitches, we could hardly find any nearby. If only we have known this online discount trailer hitches we could have asked their help and they probably have their physical store near us and buy our hitch from their store. I should always remember this website so next time my husband need anything hitches related, I can just recommend him this great website.

I Finally Got You

I’ve been waiting for forever to buy this purple watch on ebay. For weeks buying it has been put off simply because there are more important things to spend my money on rather than this but when I had ample funds in Paypal I decided to just go ahead, treat myself with this simple watch and a gorgeous yellow dollhouse coat. Both are free shipping so I literally just paid for the cost of the items.



Is There A Distinction Between A Person’s Hair And Synthetic Wigs?

Synthetic wigs come in pre styled designs. The curl pattern is set into the fiber and definitely will remain there as long as it is cared for properly. They are generally light weight and require very little care. They are available in a machine made or hand tied design. The hand tied synthetic wig provides a very natural appearance like the hair keeps growing in the scalp. There are several excellent choices in synthetic rihanna wig.

Real hair wigs will be different in quality.  There are different types of hair that can be used to make the rihanna wig. The most expensive will be the European virgin hair. This type of hair is in its natural state and has not been colored or processed. Lots of the excellent real human hair products that are easier to look after and have the cuticle removed from your hair. This helps to stop tangling from the hair. You always ask questions regarding the quality and care of the wig that you are considering purchasing.

Diamond Accent Heart Pendant and Drop Earrings Set in Sterling Silver


I am shocked at how fast this simple diamond accent heart pendant and drop earrings set in Sterling Silver arrived. I ordered it the other day and yesterday afternoon it came in. What a beauty this set is for $49.99 including shipping and tax, what else could I ask for if wearing jewelry that is not flashy yet doesn’t fade?

If you think you are going to love this beautiful set and it rocks, head on to and buy the set for only $39.99 while quantities last. If you don’t hurry, the price will come back up to $129. Great deal? I think so!

Don’t Buy Stud Earrings Online

This is not the first time I’ve been fooled by websites of how great their stud earrings look on the picture on their online store. I ordered a silver earrings studs last week and it arrived yesterday afternoon only to be shocked at how tiny the studs are. They are the perfect size for newborn girls but for adults like me, they are just very disappointing and upsetting.

My bad, I was the one who chose it. In the picture they made it look at least three times the actual size of the studs. My Jadyn thought that these earrings I’m wearing right now were hers because they are just so tiny. My experience teaches me to go to the store where I can feel and see the earrings personally instead of buying them online.

A Lovely Pair of Earrings Can Make or Break an Outfit

Friends who have known me for quite some time know I am addicted to purses. All I can talk about are purses, dresses, and shoes. I am a woman who loves all these stuff and you can’t blame me if I am so into them. I dress depending on my mood or the event I am going to, and I make sure to pair my dress with a cute handbag and matching accessories.

My everyday look would consist of a pair of cropped pants, a tee, flat sandals, and some fashion accessories. Of course, these include a watch, a bracelet, necklace, and some fashion accessories, too. I have a few pairs of these, most of which are dangling and some pearl studs. I choose to wear my pearls every day since these are easy to put on and take off at night.

I wear the pairs that are a bit flashy when I party with my friends or go out on a date with my husband. I don’t mind wearing earrings whether these have genuine stones in them or these are just fancy fashion earrings. I buy and wear these as long as I like the style, the color, the design, and these are affordable and within my budget.

Speaking of earrings, I know a few websites where I can browse for beautiful and unique pairs. I usually browse to kill time, and if there is something I know I should buy right away, I do not hesitate to purchase it. This is especially true when it comes to Swarovski earrings, which are uniquely designed by women whose passion is making rare and fashionable accessory sets.

I am on a new website right now looking at this beautiful pair of dangling ocean green Swarovski earrings designed by a woman from Israel. I just think her creation is lovely. Who knows, I just might buy this pair once I save enough money for it. Since I am attending a party soon, a new pair of earrings could certainly accentuate my outfit and complete my look.

What about you, fellow fashionistas? Which style of earrings do you prefer? Would you go for gold or choose silver? What do you prefer when it comes to clothing? Are you also into purses like me? I know we all have our own preferences when it comes to stuff like these, and it is all up to a woman to choose what she loves most.


3 Genuine Freshwater Pearls For $10


I bought these trio genuine freshwater pearls at Nomorerack sometime a month ago and now wearing one pair when I go out to the post office or at the grocery store. I wore it one time to the dentist office and I got a nice compliment on it. They are pretty in actual to be honest but they are kind of tiny. For just ten bucks for three pairs of earrings I couldn’t be more happier.