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The Basics of Electronic Cigarettes

 If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, you know how difficult it can be. Nicotine is an addicting substance that can extremely difficult to stop using. Cigarettes, however, contain harmful additives that cause extensive damage to your body. In addition, the smoke can be bothersome to you and others around you and can make furniture and clothing smell for years. Electronic cigarettes, such as those found on, make it possible for you to consume nicotine without smoke and pungent odors.

What Is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is a battery-powered device that vaporizes liquid nicotine into a mist that can be inhaled by the user. The battery heats up the nicotine, as well as other flavors, such as tobacco, vanilla, cherry, or menthol. The nicotine can be inhaled without the chemicals present in tobacco, such as tar and carbon dioxide. E-cigarettes can be in any shape or size; however, many people prefer the hand to mouth action of a cigarette.

Parts of an E-Cigarette

There are three main parts of an e-cigarette. The first is a rechargeable lithium battery. The battery is connected to the vaporization chamber and an atomizer. The atomizer is what actually creates the vapor. A cartridge containing the nicotine liquid is attached to the vaporization chamber. The tip of this cartridge is the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette. There is no lighting necessary; the user can either switch the device on, or it can sometimes be activated by inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Benefits of E-Cigarettes

An obvious benefit of e-cigarettes is that the user is not inhaling harmful chemicals common in cigarettes and tobacco. Unfortunately, there are some chemicals used in e-cigarettes, so they are not considered 100% safe. Another benefit of e-cigarettes, such as those on, is that you won’t expose those around you to secondhand smoke. The risks associated with secondhand smoke are more well-known now more than ever, so this alternative can help protect your loved ones, especially children. People can also be unknowingly exposed to secondhand smoke, so e-cigarettes are a good alternative especially if you live in a highly populated apartment building or city. Your belongings can also be spared the strong odor of cigarette smoke.

App Fan? Here Are 3 You Should Think Twice Before Using

There’s no secret that together with the technology developments and the stronger and wider popularity of phone apps for both iPhone and Android, people can benefit from almost anything they want by just a few clicks. From calling a cab at three in the morning to ordering pizza and finding the nearest gas station on your drive route, app developers thought about a lot of useful apps that can make our lives simpler and easier. There are, of course, a lot of apps meant to only entertain us, and that too is a good thing, considering we’ve become quite addicted to this particular technology and if you’re already there, why not have a few laughs along the way? But some app developers’ imagination went a little bit too far (although there is certainly a market niche for whatever they can offer) and created some apps that may be not so useful, if not downright strange.

  1. 1.      For the electronic cigarette users – The Electric Smoke

The electronic cigarette market gains new customers every day and of course, given the fast pace we live up to, technology didn’t fall behind when it came to develop useful phone apps for these new clients. If you want to check out reviews for your blu cigs, if you want to be connected with the community, if you’re looking for the nearby store to buy e-liquid or if you’re just interested in the latest news on the Internet regarding this product, there are a lot of helpful apps out there, some even more sophisticated and dedicated to modders and experimenters who create their own flavored e-liquids and vaping devices. But the Electric Smoke app, available for iPhone, will make you look a bit silly, as the only thing it does is to use sonic transmission technology that makes a digital cigarette appear on the phone’s screen and somehow mimics the act of smoking. Granted, you won’t inhale anything, but pretending to suck on your phone isn’t something you’d like to be seen doing in public.

 photo httpbyotipolcom_zps9554cb01.jpg

  1. 2.      For new parents – The Ugly Baby Meter

Parents – fresh or experienced are a very powerful customer niche which needs new and improved products and services all the time. There are a lot of phone apps dedicated to mothers and if now you can perform a pregnancy test just by putting your finger on your phone’s screen, allowing you to skip the drama and the shame of going to the pharmacy and hiding in the bathroom, some other apps sound good in theory, but in practice may do quite a damage. The Ugly Meter needs your new-born photo and then calculates on a scale form 1 to 10 how ugly the kid is. And then… what? You find out you have a 4 point baby. It’s not like you can return it to the store and it is definitely not likely that new parents will have no emotional reaction to this news. This app is probably meant for those parents provided with a strong and a little twisted sense of humor.

  1. 3.      For the forever alone guys – Honey, It’s Me!

You don’t have a girlfriend and if you ever use this app, chances are you’ll never have one. Koreans went head over heels with this one, as they created a digital girlfriend called Mina. She can send the app user over 100 messages, acting like a true female partner. She asks if you slept well and there’s a safe bet she doesn’t yell when (if ever) she asks if you took the trash out. Well, gentlemen, as much fun as it would be to wake up in the morning with a 20 – something Asian model’s voice telling you should get ready for work, this app may not compensate for the fact that you don’t have a significant other. Virtual and digital girlfriends aren’t new inventions but still, before getting used to play house with your phone app, there’s that girl at the office you meant for so long to ask out for a coffee. Maybe it’s time to act on that ide

Beautiful Sunhat for Under $5

Look what I bought for me. These two beautiful sunhats were on sale on one of the online shops I frequent. For under $5 each, I could protect me from the sun by these attractive stripes hats. They are lightweight, breathable and are made of straw. Looking forward to using them one of these days. They could match any outfit and complete the look so perfect for summer.

Sunhats are normally sold for $30 if you browse other online shops or in the mall, I just got lucky when I snagged two last week at such a great price. They are normally sold for $5.99 so a dollar of each doesn’t hurt.

 photo sun_zpsdff439c1.png photo sun2_zps9264561b.png

Looking for Pressure Springs?

When you go to Reid Supply’s online store and search for the word “springs”, rest assured you will find 1137 products by using the keyword. So what you should do is narrow down your search results by selecting a product category listed or you may want to be specific typing in pressure springs so the items displayed on the page after hitting enter are the springs that you need.

Fun Summery Colors Activa Watches

So, I found that I am not only crazy with dresses and purses but also with watches. I see them as a candy that could complete my outfit when I go out. I don’t need an expensive piece of watch, as long as it has a fun color that could go with any outfit, rest assured I’d like it.

My recent watch purchase is an Activa watch by Invicta on Groupon. List price worth $99 and bought one color pink-purple. I hope it is pretty when it arrives. I only paid $16.99 for it plus two dollars shipping. Unfortunately though I didn’t get to buy that very color I so wanted to buy, the lime green or the colors pictured below. I would have been doubly happy, lol.

 photo 4qqnevfjd6gvz1tkw7seuhfxhn2uqzfy_zps9f93560f.jpg

Why Wigs Have Become the Next Fashion Trend

What do Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Adele, and Lady Gaga have in common? Is it their powerful personalities? Is it their passion for the music industry? If you answered yes to both questions, you are right. However, their similarities don’t just end here. They also have a flair for fashion and can rock just about any outfit! These ladies are also all devotees of wearing wigs as a fashion statement.

 With celebrities proudly talking about wearing wigs, what does this mean for the “average” woman? In short, like most fashion trends first rocked by celebs, it’s safe to say wigs are now the next trendy item to pair with our handbags and shoes. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity with a big bank account to sport a high-quality wig which will transform your look instantly! You can order wigs online from stores like Chiquel without worrying about spending a fortune or having to physically go to a store.

 Gone are the days when wearing wigs were considered stereotypes for drag artists. Thanks to celebrities talking about and wearing different hairpieces, you can now change your hairstyle instantaneously without resorting to chopping off or permanently having your hair curled or straightened.

 With a wig, you can sport a cute blonde bob one day or be a redhead the next. Of course, this goes without saying that you’ll need to fit the wig first and see if the cut and colour suits your features and personality. For a more subtle look, you can choose to go with a hair colour that is just about the same shade as that of your natural locks. Either way, wigs these days are so natural-looking; nobody will even know you’re wearing one unless you let them in on your little secret.

 Beware though, before you know it, you could be addicted to wearing wigs! Why shouldn’t you be? No more bad hair days, no more frizzy, fly-away hair, no more regrowth, and the chance to wear your favourite hair style within a few minutes!

Now, do you fancy yourself getting one? Go ahead, no one’s stopping you. A woman’s got the right to bare a gorgeous hair style every day of the week, , be it her own hair or not!

LE Key to My Heart Cute Couple Key Chain Love Key Ring

I bought this cute couple key chain love key key ring on Amazon last night. Although I don’t need this key chain right now but I thought it was a pretty good deal and very cute so I bought it for only 81 cents PLUS free shipping. The item is coming from China so it will take three weeks to get here. But that is okay. Maybe when it comes I will find a way to use this love key chain rings.

Head on to amazon right now and avail this unusual day. Anyway it only costs you 81 cents. Hurry while it is still in stock.

 photo 51yFYriddjL_zpsd90c5f6c.jpg

People are Packing Up

People in my Facebook list are starting to shout how happy and grateful they are especially those in colder states for they are now starting to see signs of Spring finally coming out. You know, Spring flowers always come out beautiful and very colorful and when a person sees that from Northern States, they are cheerful.

Since it is starting to warm up in other parts of the United States, people are probably planning for their next camping trip. Other may have packed up already and ready to go. If you know anyone heading out for a camping, please tell them these Big Agnes Sleeping Bags is a must-have for everyone who loves the outdoors for they offer a whole new concept in camping comfort and warmth. The Big Agnes sleep system combines the traditional sleeping bag with a sleeping pad and lightens your load in the process!

Human Hair Wigs

If you are looking for the perfect accessory for your face, there is nothing better than genuine human hair wigs. Although other types of wigs may provide similar looks, there is nothing quite like a human hair wig when it comes to the feel and the psychology of wearing a wig.

You can get some of the best human hair wigs on the market at Advent Hair ( Advent Hair has a long and storied history of providing the best products to the marketplace at prices that are always competitive. No matter the color or the consistency of the wig that you are looking for, you can always find it within the large inventory of Advent Hair products.

You also have a choice of human hair wigsthat come with highlights, different hair lengths based on your preference as well as density and texture for your individual look. There is no need to sacrifice your looks for any reason. Come to the experts at Advent Hair and get the perfect wig for your facial structure and the impression that you are giving to the world. From such a highly respected company, you are sure to come away with a top quality product no matter what look you choose.

Boss Pedals for Sale

You know you score a great deal when you search for prices and you found that very item in its lowest prices you can ever find on the internet. There are boss pedals for sale currently going online, if you must you check out the link here and it will get you to numerous boss pedals from 17 up to 38% off original prices. On the same page, you can also read reviews in each item from previous customers who bought it.