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Fruittie Nail Art

Who would have thought that I could find such cute nail art without spending so much money on it. I found these on clearance at Walgreens for just 99 cents each pack, original price was $2. I love finding stuff for low price that I don’t expect to see when in store.

These fruittie nail art is perfect for summer. Summer is the first time that came to my mind upon laying eyes on these packets. I am so tempted to open one of these but heck, I need to save it for the Philippines to make that little soul happy and excited, someday!

I have this recent obsession by nail arts and yes I am in the hunt for it. I am influenced by this teenager back in my hometown who loves designing nails in her own way and she encourages me to buy nail art here so that I could bring it to her next time I get to visit my family in the Philippines.

If any of you knows where to buy for reasonable price beautiful nail arts, please tell me. You may leave your comments below to ensure I get your message.

 photo nailart_zpsdae45037.jpg

My First Purse Purchase for this Year

I am excited for a package to arrive, inside it, is my first Coach purse tote purchase of this year, haha. For the record, I haven’t been buying purses simply I lost interest with them for a while. A friend showed me this particular item last week and I thought, why not buy it? Mother’s Day is coming so it serves as a gift for myself and also, the price was right for such a cute and feminine tote like this.

I did not hesitate checking it out because it is my kind of purse, I love the zip top closure among other types of purses. I feel safer using zip top you know? I can very well use this in the Philippines someday. I prefer using zip top purses while I am out of the country because you’ll never know when you can become a victim of pick pocketing, there are so many of them in the Philippines and using just magnetic closure purses are so inviting for those criminals.

I love the look of this tote so much, it has soft feminine prints with adjustable straps that could be made into a crossbody bag or shoulder bag. I hope the size is right when it arrives. For now I am so anxious to get it here and adore it, haha!

 photo coach_zps8fc34538.png

My 8X10 Canvas Print by Easy Canvas Prints

I now have something to give to my husband on Christmas. I don’t plan of buying him new clothes or whatsoever for I am afraid he wouldn’t wear them. Instead, I would like to give him this awesome 8×10 canvas print I ordered from Easy Canvas Prints. For so long, I have been wanting to get a canvas print to hang on our hallway wall because I thought canvas prints were pretty and now I finally got one but I won’t be able to see it hanged after Christmas. Yes, that is my plan. My husband would appreciate things that are personalized especially if it is about his family or children and I think I got the perfect gift for him.

I love how the company gives life to my picture. Its print is so clear and did not change the quality of the image. I am sorry though if the photo below isn’t as good if it was taken by a digital camera (I am sorry about the glare, by the way.). Anyway, I am very pleased of the quality and how they packed the item to secure and keep it from being damaged during the shipment.

 photo canvass_zpsd92895ec.jpg
 photo canvassjpg2_zpsf031bd3e.jpg

 photo canvassjpg3_zpsdf8bd988.jpg
… It is 8×10 in size as you can see and I love that they wrap it with a clear plastic before the final packaging. Water can damage such a sensitive item like this. They also taped it onto the carton to keep it in place and won’t make a lot of movements when in the vehicle. I would say, they did a great job packaging my item.
 photo canvassjpg1_zpsfe7303ba.jpg
… I am amazed at how they make the picture fit into the edges of the canvas. You might wonder why the image is not extended onto the wrap? It is because I choose just the border color instead of a mirror or image wrap. Green is my husband’s favorite color and it fits right to their background.

I highly recommend Easy Prints Canvas company to you all because they have done such a great job with my order. If you must, you should follow them on Facebook Page for promotions, giveaways, news, latest products and other information. They are also on Twitter, please check them out.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review but I did receive a free 8×10 canvas print. All opinions are 100% percent mine.

Turn Your Instagram Photos into Beautiful Accessories through Instajunction

Are you thinking of giving gifts to the people close to your heart this Christmas? I have a great recommendation to you which you should try out, you will be very pleased of their products. This can be done by turning your Instagram photos into beautiful accessories through Instajunction. Save 25% off by using promo code : LOY25C9P at the check out on anything you like. This code is good until December midnight 31st , 2013.

I recently received great stuff from them that put a smile on my and family’s face. Find below photos what I got in the mail from Instajunction. I honestly couldn’t be happier of my order.

I got at least 2 keyring sets with back to back photo each, magnets, a big sticker and discount magnet for my next purchase as well as discount for my friends.

 photo instajpg4_zpsf9d7fe99.jpg

Here are good reasons why you should order and give gifts from Instajunction.

1. There are so many products to choose from that could turn your pictures into an awesome and valuable gifts. Products like coasters, polaroid style cards, mini books, posters, magnets, greeting cards, framed prints, wall calendar, vinyls, luxury aluminum plates, keyrings, charm bracelets, cufflinks and wrapping paper. These come from high quality printing materials.

2. Easy to get started. You can select photos to upload directly from your Instagram account or direct from your own computer.

3. Perfect for gifts! Cute little accessories that they can bring anywhere they go such as the cufflinks, mini charm bracelets or the keyrings.

4. Fast turnaround. All orders printed and dispatched via First Class Post within 2-3 working days.

5. Great Customer Service. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Truly highly recommended for you guys that if you prefer customized/personalized gifts to people who matter to you. Old memories can keep alive through these products. Not convinced enough? You should check out their Facebook Pagefor more awesome blog reviews, news and or latest information about the company itself. Or follow them on Twitter. I have followed them and you should too!

 photo insta_zps4f759fef.jpg
…….photos above and below are my 2 set keyrings showing two sides of them with different photos on each keyring. Now I can bring my family with me wherever I go along with our other keys. If a friend want to see a photo of my girls, I can easily hand the keyring to her so she can see how beautiful my girls are.
 photo instajpg1_zpsb7250bfd.jpg

 photo instajpg2_zps69ef702e.jpg
…… photo magnets is my second favorite, magnets on the refrigerator door are great help to keeping the bills, important notes or drawings of my girls from falling. Not only I could see them every time I go to the kitchen but they also serve their purpose. Photo magnets are a cute way to send someone from afar photos of your family for remembrance.
 photo instajpg3_zps321cda01.jpg

Fine British Leather Bags

Prepare to take on the world with style with British leather bags that you will find with companies like Ghurka. Travel aficionados usually look for the best quality in travel gear, and you will find it with an online seller with a commitment to quality, style and class in travel.

 photo charlie-leather-handbag-chestnut-final_zps6e1fae58.jpg

If you are a seasoned traveler, you understand the value of having a bag that you can trust in any situation. The perfect British leather bag will last for several years and will see you through and travel contingencies you might face. A high-quality leather bag will be your saving grace at places such as the airport, multiple train changes, the outback, wilderness and from one hotel to the next. Treat yourself to something practical and stylish with a British leather bag, tailored to your needs with the right number of–as well as placement of–compartments and pouches.

Stow your essentials and valuables, such as your camera and passport, in your bag and go about your travels without worry. Knowing you are carrying a durable bag that is appealing to the eye will make your travels more fun and easygoing.

Even if you only plan to use your new bag on a local level, you will feel confident that your daily goods are safe and secure. Check out the Vintage Army Collection, the Express bag, the Walker Collection, the Garrison Gusset briefcase, the Partido Collection and much more. There is something to suit everyone’s style and taste in these finely-crafted leather bags.

Hello Kitty Fashion Earrings and Watch

I don’t like having a cat as a pet but I definitely, without a doubt love Hello Kitty cartoon character. Not only me who is into kitty but my first born as well. I can see how her eyes light up when she sees a Hello Kitty anywhere. Hello Kitty is the cutest thing ever and so to prove my obsession with it, I purchased these fashion earrings and a blue watch on Amazon last week.

The cute HK earrings were sold for 99 cents a pair so I bought three, one for me, my first born and my little sister. I wonder if the company which is from China is going to make a profit for this since it’s only less than a dollar and it ships free. Amazing deal, isn’t it?

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t matter how much your stuff cost as long as you know how to carry your clothing and you look good on them…

 photo 51-XSz-aixL_zps7a6c8399.jpg
…… I will for sure wear this HK pair everyday to school once they arrive! I am excited and it feels forever waiting for the items to be here.
 photo 693c4921-8392-4a7c-a044-dac53e500c7b_zps78afc909.jpg

MicroTouch SwitchBlade Head-to-Toe Groomer

I received this awesome head-to-toe groomer for my man from MicroTouch SwitchBlade for a review. I will not receive any compensation for this one but got a free product from the company in exchange of my honest opinion about the product.

I honestly feel honored to be chosen to review this kit. Why? Because it is such a useful grooming tool any man can have and the fact that it is made by a company that is the leading men’s personal micro-groomer and is known for the world’s first all-in-one, head-to-toe groomer that lets you remove hair anywhere using one tool. With that being said, it makes it easy and convenient to use especially if your man is always in a hurry or is traveling a lot. By using just one tool, he can do a lot with it and he doesn’t need to grasp or digging for other tools in your already cluttered drawer just so he can finish trimming his unwanted hair.

 photo 1376040_10152314101524517_1267448450_n1_zps7bd142c6.jpg
Here is a package photographed above that I got for free. It is designed to easily “switch” from micro-groomer to a full-size trimmer with a cock of the head cover. The unit itself affords the ultimate man-scraping experience.

It uses a German steel blades and 4 comb entirely in your hands. It is as efficient as its predecessor, MicroTouch MAX – useful for ears, nose, neck, eyebrows and sideburns – while the new full-size trimmer allows “between barbershop” hair trims in addition to full body grooming. That is like getting all 3 products in one tool and pay for less.

 photo 1420123_10152314101359517_949278271_n_zps8ceb9678.jpg

… for only $19.99, you get your man the most practical yet useful Christmas gift he can ever receive. Spread the word on Twitter @MicroTouch!

I am a Big Revlon User

Lipstick is one of the two beauty things I can’t live without. I can only use two brands Maybelline and Revlon, they don’t sound great brands to you but for me they are great brands and affordable too. I love them both and I can buy them at CVS in great deals.

Revlon currently open for voting as to what iconic shade they should bring to the Super Lustrous Lipstick collection in 2014. I didn’t comment/vote because both colors are delicious and would love to see them available. I just thought I am going to love using them on my lips.

So, if you were to vote, what color should you choose? I honestly cannot say which one because both shades are my kind of shade.

 photo 547321_10151874985542748_1367175889_n_zps053791e0.png
… photo not mine, snagged from Revlon’s Facebook page…

Dream Wedding Dresses at Dress First

I have been waiting for October to come because it is such a special month for both me and my husband for we are going to celebrate our 9th year wedding anniversary comes October 16. Yes, it has been that long yet it feels like we just got married not so long ago. It is probably because we have such a good marriage that makes me feel blessed to have been married with the man of my dreams.

When we speak about wedding, the first thing that comes in our mind is a beautiful Wedding Dress. Our wedding is the grandest, the most unforgettable and special moment of our lives so it is just right to pick the right motif and the perfect wedding dress brides could ever wear because it is their big day and a wedding can only happen once in our lifetime. Well, it is in a woman’s conservative point of view.

If we are to get wed again in our tenth anniversary, I would surely, with all my heart renew our vow that we made almost 9 years ago. And I would be more than willing to go through all the stress in my wedding preparation just to make it beautiful. I am eyeing on wedding dresses, shoes, bouquets and wedding accessories at DressFirst right now and oh boy, there are just tons of gorgeous dresses to choose from.

However, after just going through each page, I found the stuff that I really would like to try on someday. Following photos below are lifted from’s website that I believe are perfect. As for the wedding dress, I love the sexy detail of this Mermaid Sweetheart Chapel Train Organza Satin Wedding Dress With Embroidery Beadwork. This dress can be bought either in white, ivory, champagne and pink. I also love that a bride can have an option as to what color the embroidery is going to be according to her taste. Embroidery color choices are white, ivory, champagne, pink, gold and silver.

 photo cd8e937b4765babc61b891d9ed4a389b_zps1829b868.jpg

My second favorite from their site is this Mermaid V-neck Chapel Train Satin Lace Wedding Dress With Beadwork. If a bride is a bit conservative then this dress would be perfect for her since it is not too revealing with 3/4 lacey sleeves yet it has the elegance and current look of the gown.

 photo ab9b94e2b3abd01c6820fe919b1a371c_zps7348b2c2.jpg
Of course, one has a wedding gown, she should then choose the veil that would greatly match her dress.
 photo d10880788469f0fa58a2c50be5fea656_zps8e6e6b7b.jpg
9 years ago, I chose ash blue as my motif and if I had to choose again, I would go fuchsia or hot pink this time as my motif and I think the two bridesmaid dresses below are the prettiest.
 photo e0bed1a8f03750dac7c41e894f739bf6_zpsc69bc779.jpg
 photo 8d046676686ad94a8b1e475b5e93bf7b_zps2c184474.jpg
… and below is my choice of bouquet.
 photo 33c23af8134788e3084c4c24982f125f_zps30869b5b.jpg
and of course not forgetting the killer shoes that look trendy and sexy.
 photo 95d48aef8fd36633b19522857a3137b5_zps0962c2bb.jpg

99 Cents Fashion Earrings at Body Central

I am proud of myself for not spending so much at the mall today. Well, I am not really a spender when it comes to malling, my weakness is online shopping so it is not a worry for me when going to the mall. Anyway, I went there today after almost a month of not doing fun, strolling/shopping in the mall, that is.

I have been thinking of buying me those big and bulky fashion necklaces for they look pretty nice in a dress. I envy those newscasters on t.v wearing different bling bling everyday that match with their dress. I only had two things in mind before I left the house today, buy me fashion earrings and claim my full size Victoria’s Secret mist and I was able to do just that ¬†and I feel I accomplished what I wanted to do.

So here’s my haul today pictured below. I did not expect to score a deal on fashion earrings and necklaces, ¬†really. I went to Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal and Forever 21 looking for bargains but they didn’t have any so I went to the last store I know, Body Central and voila! They currently have a promo, buy 2 accessories get 1 free.

I spent quite some time in their store and went through all those fascinating accessories available and found a couple of necklaces, bracelets and earrings for $1.99. I thought, they were so cheap that I bought 6 items. Who would have thought that those stuff I thought were already marked down went even cheaper, imagine I only paid 99 cents each pair of earrings. What a great deal that is. Unfortunately though, there wasn’t many option of colors for the necklaces. So 6 items total I paid $6.46 including tax! And that is my brag for today!

 photo soris_zpsa0d2f323.jpg