There are many natural remedies that have been used for years to contribute to one’s overall wellness. Vitamins, supplements, and essential oils have been used by millions to alleviate stress, help with sleep conditions, decrease depression, and increase one’s energy. While the most potent aspect of a hemp plant are the seeds and the oil, there are ways to use the botanical to increase your overall wellness. If you are not a fan of digesting a seed that has a nutty taste, or applying oil to your body on a regular basis, you can now digest hemp in other ways such as with CBD Crystals. This article will highlight some of the main reasons that hemp is being used all over the world to increase one’s overall wellness.

  1. More Omega-3 than fish oil. If you suffer from high cholesterol and are unable to get your numbers down by eating oatmeal, taking fish oil capsules, and working out, you should give hemp a try. With more Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, the supplement can provide more fatty acid than a high dose of fish oil. As it is available in several forms, it is not recommended for frying with as it contains so much fatty acids.
  2. Low saturated fat. With a high concentration of good fats and very little bad fats, hemp offers the lowest saturated fat in its oil out of all plants. Hemp oil has been proven to help balance out hormones and assist with growing healthy hair, skin, and fingernails. While not recommended to use as a cooking oil, many choose to use it in the bathtub, on their temples, or diffused into the air.
  3. High in protein. If you lack protein and are looking for a creative way to get the recommended daily intake, hemp is a great option for you. Hemp seeds are higher in protein than many meats, cheeses, eggs, and milk. In addition, they are full of minerals and antioxidants which the body needs and craves to perform at its best.
  4. Helps manage major health ailments. Tuberculosis, psoriasis, and colon cancer are all painful diseases that have been known to show positive results when added to the diets of infected patients. There are many studies occurring at the moment that will add further proof that hemp botanicals is a positive and natural way to live a better life.

In addition to helping to manage chronic health problems, hemp can help control seizures and psychotic disorders. It can calm one’s mind and help them deal with the struggles they are experiencing.

Whether you are dealing with chronic health problems, anxiety, depression, or need to lower your cholesterol, hemp botanicals is a great way to achieve the results you are looking for. With so many positive results, you could be living a healthier life right away by adding hemp to your daily routine.


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