So we have decided to move out to the country and here’s what my life is going to be in the next months and years. A life that will constantly missing going to the mall for freebies or shopping for crafts. Everything is so far away from where we are. Walmart is ten miles away, compare that to just 10 minutes in the city, we are talking about continues stopping due to traffic lights. Lowes and Home Depot are 45 minutes away including that small Asian store which we have visited for the first time last weekend.

I guess there is an advantage and disadvantage having to live far from the stores. It keeps me from spending so much money and would only go out the house if something really important I need to get. The disadvantage would be, it will require me an hour worth of driving and spend so much gas to get to the store in order to finish a project. Although there is Amazon that offers a 2-day shipping, but there’s a hella difference when you see and get to touch the exact product you want to buy so you don’t make a mistake purchasing it and save yourself from hassle of returning it.

Anyway, I am whining too much. I should be unpacking some more boxes now instead I glue my hiney on to the computer and use up a lot of our 50 gb internet data. Sucks!


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