I received this Seneo cool mist humidifier and essential oil diffuser for free in exchange of my unbiased review about the product. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is beautiful straight out of package. It has a cool tear drop design and is way bigger in size than other essential oil diffusers I purchased. It can hold 2.3 ml of water and runs for up to six hours when choosing the highest setting to disperse mist.

 photo P1012735_zpsr4rccstc.jpg

I choose to use the medium setting and it still running the moment I am typing this entry. I started it 9 hours ago at night. It also serves as our night light in our dark living room as it has an LED light setting. It came with a user’s manual and I recommend reading the manual first before doing anything else to avoid damaging the product.

If you skip reading the manual, you might mistaken the dispersing tube is where you put the water in, that’s WRONG! This humidifier has three parts, the base which the mechanical parts are located, the tank where you fill the water and is the body of this thing and third part is the spout that you should put last.

Has a nice black switch on/off button in the back, big round knob with indications as to how much mist you want to disperse into the air and a little button for the LED light.

It is very easy to use once you familiarize yourself with how to get started. It also has an instruction on how to clean it after several uses but for me, I don’t think I need to do the cleaning often as I only use distilled water in it not what the company is recommended which is the use of a tap water. You know, tap water is chlorinated and contains other chemicals in it which will then dispersed into the air, to your floor and your furniture which can be bad and leaves fine white residue.

There is a small tray in the back of the base that you can pull out where you drop essential oils of your choice. In regular diffusers which are 100 ml smaller size ones, 3 drops of oil will be enough but this thing since it’s big in capacity, I put at least ten or more drops of oils into the tray.

I love that it is so quiet and disperses the oil lightly into the air so to not hurt our nostrils even if I use plenty of oils in it. It truly serves its purpose and yes, it’s an additional attention-catcher humidifier now sitting in our living room.

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Picture below shows the two parts taken apart. The object on the left is the bottom part of the body of the humidifier or the tank wherein you turn the knob open to fill it with water. The object to the right is the base where you sit the tank on.

 photo P1012738_zpsfpfpthik.jpg
The entire humidifier fully assembled.

 photo P1012740_zpsxqaxtwc3.jpg
Taken when nothing is lit up but the humidifier in the dark..
 photo P1012800_zpse9nlfum4.jpg

 photo 064e60f8-9094-4c8a-b976-94fdeeef01f9_zps3kgdzigw.jpg

 photo P1012801_zpsb7zjemu7.jpg

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