Dried fish, dried anchovy or dried squid are salty yet it’s every Filipino’s craving and favorite wherever they may be in the world. When you are far from your home country and have been away for so long, you can’t help but long to eat this dried stuff for the poor.

Dried fish is treated like “gold” because it is not always available in certain parts of the country, in the USA, for example. Not everyone can buy this at the Asian store or they live out in the country area.

I consider myself lucky because I can get to visit my home country every two years and each time I come back here in the US, I make sure I bring a kilo or two of my favorite variety of dried fish. Although, we don’t live far from the Asian store, I don’t buy their stuff. They are products from the Philippines, yes, but they are too salty plus they are too expensive. For an anchovy in small pack that is not even 1/4 of a kilo it’s $9. Imagine that.

So here, have a taste of my fried anchovy and dried danggit. I’ve had it for several months trying to forget it’s in the refrigerator so it can last until next year.

 photo buwad_zpskhrha7ii.jpg

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