I think we are not those usual families who love to eat out. We only do that on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and other Holidays. During normal days, we cook our own food in our kitchen. That saves us a lot of money, I tell you.

We don’t have huge home and car bills yet we choose to save our money by buying groceries and make our own meals. That way, we ensure what we put in our mouth are healthy ingredients and we know what’s in there. My girls love veggies and meat so feeding them is not a problem. You can give them anything, rest assured they will clean their plate up before putting in the sink.

One of the meats we cook at home is a steak. My husband grilled it. He loves grilling so is tasked to do that. I help him do frying the veggies, steaming and or roasting them in the oven. One example of what we cook at home is pictured below.

Two plates, equally have the same food in each to be fair for them. What one gets, everybody has it. My two girls are equally cucumber monsters. They’d chow it down like they’re eating candy.

 photo steak_zpsymlykvjm.jpg

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