Cooking your own meals give you control as to how much you can cook, what kind of ingredients you will put in a dish and most of all, you can season it according to your taste. I do the cooking most of the time in our household and it is so inspiring that the people you’re feeding your cooked meals too will love it and exclaim, yummy.

I usually cook food in huge batches so it will last for a few days and not worrying about what to cook the next day. While freshly cooked foods are delicious, cooking in big batches save me energy and time in the kitchen. I am a huge noodle eater here and for that, I made myself this Filipino version of noodles with all the goodness of veggies and seasoning in it.

Bottom picture is a chicken and mushroom curry especially cooked for my husband. I don’t follow chicken curry recipes. I just cook with whatever’s available in our fridges. I have tried this dish a week ago and he said he liked it so I cooked him another batch of it this week. This time, I put some cubed white potatoes in it so it will stay longer in his stomach. It tastes really great and you know, white potatoes are usually tasteless. But with curry and other stuff mixed with it, boy, I tell you… you would want to ask for more once you tasted my chicken/mushroom curry.

 photo foodies_zps3jnrqivw.jpg

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