Those who receive goodies in the Philippines don’t have any idea how it is to send a box to them. Aside from the pricey cost we have to spend to fill up one jumbo box, putting all the stuff in there, seal it and trying to figure out how I can fit all in a box in order to save the shipping is HARD WORK!

I plan of sending two jumbo balik-bayan boxes before this month ends to the Philippines as I have collected enough for two boxes. One box has already been sealed containing the mess pictured below. These are VS mists for sale, chocolates, a few canned good, shoes, clothing for my brothers, sister, my mother, a few Victoria’s gift set for people I choose to give presents to.

I hope that they realize I still think about them albeit they are stubborn and cause me headache sometimes. The second box will be full of housewares, shampoos/conditioners, bar soaps, deodorants, laundry/cleaning stuff and many others. Thanks to couponing, it helped me gather necessary things that my family could use and will provide them a few months supply without buying anything.

It will be a freaking $240 cost to ship two boxes for sure! With that said, that’s already a lot of money for me to be paying for.

 photo bboxcontents_zpsu639d9bb.jpg

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