I recently received this awesome products from Inside Smarts for free in exchange of my honest opinion about these delicates laundry bags, premium quality products. I have used it a few times already and how glad I am I got to have these. It is good that it came with 2 large and 2 medium sizes for my delicates. 2 that is a good size for a dress that I don’t want to get damaged when washing, 2 medium sizes are good for scarves and hats so they don’t get tangled with other clothes during the cycle, also they are good for my lingerie and bras/undies and anything that I want to be safely washed.

I trust that the quality of these laundry bags that I ordered from Amazon is of premium quality, they should last forever and keep my clothing safe and very well protected. The company guarantees a 365-day “smart wash” so I should rely on that. Thank you so much InsideSmarts.com for an amazing product like these laundry bags. I am one happy user here.

 photo insidesmarts_zps0315baa1.jpg

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