One thing that most people are crazy about is creating collections. I am sure each one of us at some point or the other have flaunted and boasted about a particular collection that we had. It could have been anything like – stamps, books, clothes, cards, clothes and so much more. The above mentioned were the most common things that people intended to collect. Well, every one has their own individual choice of collection. As I’ve heard there are people who collect chocolate wrappers, antique elements, accessories, even hand cuffs – however to my utter surprise that I got to know recently was about a person who likes to collect daubers. The person is Gilbert Ellis residing in Michigan City who likes to collect daubers. Till now, he has a collection of 2100 daubers.

As all of us are aware that in the ancient days, bingo play took place in a much simpler form. People liked playing these games with stuff like corn, beans and other likely stuff to mark out the numbers on their cards. In today’s date, bingo tickets are printed on thin paper that is disposable too. And, when people got more acquainted using the disposable bingo tickets, the bingo daubers were no longer in use. For these days, numbers on bingo tickets are selected in accordance with random number generators. Bingo daubers were used to mark off numbers on cards. The daubers used initially were the basic ones filled in with ink. However, on today the scenario has changed absolutely – the daubers used today are quite fancy in nature plugged in with numerous themes.

This avid bingo player Ellis has quite a big collection of daubers. Even his wife Jeannie is known for playing bingo games. In a recent interview, Ellis has even told that for various occasions like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and many more, he ensures to use a bingo dauber that matches with the occasion. Sounds really nice that people tend to have such collections even now. That shows the demand for daubers is still there. Along side knowing such fun facts, ensure to check out some really good gaming stuff at newlookbingo. It’s a perfect site to indulge in for some really good bingo sprees.

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