I have been given a chance to review a few apps on itunes by Kids Academy, they are free but the opinion I share here is based on my own observance as I watch my kids play and use the apps. So here we go.

I have two girls, one is six years old and one just turned three. The little one already knows her alphabet, shapes and colors and is now starting to learn how to write the alphabet. This app not only teaches her the Alphabet phonics but will also hopefully familiarize some word spellings, sounds and do simple crossword.

I really believe these two other apps preschool and kindergarten learning kids for girls and boys, interactive BINGO song are a great help for her, not only they are colorful but also interactive, engaging and fun. As soon as I am done downloading the BINGO song app, she stopped what she was doing and paid attention to the song, sung along with it and most of all listen to the sound of animals as she tap them.

I am please that I have them on my ipod touch for they serve as great supplement towards my kid’s learning. Hopefully, she will learn alot from them before she goes to pre-kindergarten in two year. Thanks Kids Academy!

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