It is our belief as Filipinos that having noodles of any kind on the table on birthdays is important for long life. I know it is pretty much a myth but I grew up believing the idea that it can be true, besides, there’s no harm with that. So, I turned 31 two days ago, we went out to a Sushi restaurant nearby but I didn’t order anything with noodles in it for a celebration and today, I cooked a Filipino-style spaghetti for again… for long life! Hahaha.

I prefer the taste of our own simply because I find the American version bland, I am sorry to be upfront. Filipino style spaghetti differs from what they serve here for it uses Pinoy spaghetti sauce that is a bit sweet and spicy, with hot dogs and shredded cheese on top. For my spaghetti, I added a cup of minced carrots at the end of my cooking to give it a “crunchy” taste. I got the idea from a brother in the Philippines who went to a culinary school, by the way.

At first my first born refused to eat my spaghetti. She thought it was yucky but then when she got really hungry, she accepted it and ate some. Unlike the little sister, I can say she is a spaghetti person. I see the appetite when I fed her twice today. Thank goodness she is not so ignorant when it comes to spaghetti.

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