This is me and my first born by the buffet table of the Filipino restaurant we visited last Sunday. It was our first time to have tried dining at their restaurant and I should say, it was fine. Plenty of foods that I love and have been craving to eat. Thanks to my friend neighbor for bringing us there.

There aren’t so many choices in their dessert table though but rest assured, once you tasted the pitsi-pitsi and their sticky sweet rice, you will love it. Their biko is my favorite of all, it had a sweet creamy taste that I was so tempted to ask the waitress how they cook or make it but I doubt they would tell me that.

It is always good to try a new place to eat so that we can compare the prices and how tasty the food they are serving. Although we paid over $12 for a buffet at Fiesta Manila, I think it was worth the money. I hope when they gather more customers in the future, they will add more dishes to their table, if they do, I would surely come back with my husband.

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