I take pride in every handbag I buy for me because it is a fruit of my own labor. When it comes to things like these, I don’t ask money from my husband just so I can buy my “want”. And since my birthday is drawing near, buying a designer handbag would be a great excuse. This is my first ever Michael Kors handbag and don’t laugh at me. This is just the beginning. Gotta save up some moolah and hunt for bargains next time.

I couldn’t resist the appealing deal Macy’s had last weekend. When I went to the mall last Friday, I did not even think of buying an expensive handbag although I had a plan of buying the much cheaper ones. I was in a handbag department and browsed a while, I saw this great sign for MKs of 25% off plus take an additional 20% off sign. The style shown below was originally priced for $178, after the two discounts, it came down to $106 but I paid $115 total including tax.

While a few of you think it is a little bit too much for a handbag, but it’s Michael Kors you know? They don’t normally come down to that price. They normally are pricey (well for me who has no money!). Photo on the left is the MK bag I brought home with me last weekend.

 photo trmks6osh45enka055gutkz9cu1bo9bt_zps894513cb.jpg

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