I see quite a few people here in the Philippines wearing or using Coach handbags especially in Davao. I was curious, where did they buy their handbags or do they have family/relatives abroad and gave them the handbags?

Out of my curiosity, I asked the sales lady in one of the popular shops in Abreeza mall called “Maze” and asked how much is the price for their Coach handbags and MKs. She said, the coach is 14,000 pesos and is genuine. I was a bit shocked since that is a lot of money to be paying for a handbag to think the size of the handbag I was pointing at was a small size.

In the US, I bought my large size body bag for $125 at an outlet store and I thought it was already expensive but no, it costs more here in the Philippines.

Those ladies I saw using the Coach ones were probably class A handbags because it would almost be too impossible to buy an authentic one while the most priority commodity to buy here is RICE and viands. Just my thoughts…

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