My title sounds kind of weird right? Who would love to dine out only to leave the restaurant still feeling hungry? Nobody! No one would do that, right? The purpose of going out is to fill your hungry stomach and leave happy, right? Read on below so you’ll know…

So we went out for a dinner at a seafood house and bar in Camp Bowie tonight, it was our first time trying out that place take note! I loved the place, it is quite fancy and the whole family loved it there too for sure. The foods were delicious but after eating the entire order, I felt like I needed more!

The husband asked me what I thought about the dinner, I replied, the lobster tail was yummy but I wished I had more. He said, he felt the same thing too for his food. You bet the price was pricey and the servings OMG! Pagka cuteeeeeeeeee naman lang jud. The dirty rice, the vegetable medley and the lobster tail is like in a play house, perting pagka gamaya sa servings mabuang ko bayot!

It was nice though that we tried that place, now we know how it is to dine in at their restaurant. We left at the place still feeling hungry to be honest. All in all, it was such a nice dining experience tonight, the staff were so warm, friendly and attentive to our needs but one thing I only wish is that they had bigger servings even just the side dishes… hmm… makes me want to think twice whether to go back there or not in the future. I still have a voucher worth $20 good until 2017 for the same restaurant but I doubt if my husband would ever want to go back there again, lol.

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