Your website is the face of your business on the internet. Earlier, websites were meant to show a mere presence on the virtual world but now they play a pivotal role in determining the conversion rates.

While a poorly designed website can render your conversion rate down, a skillfully designed one can do wonders to it.  Incorporate these things in your word press website design to elevate your conversion rates.

Easy Navigation

Conversion rate among other things depends on the kind of experience a person has when he is visiting your website. The experience is taken as a reference by the search engines to evaluate the quality of your website. It is essential to be in good books of search engines like Google as it is the search engines who will eventually decide the traffic on your website.

The navigation of your website should be easy and seamless. A visitor should be able to reach to any part of the website within 3 clicks.

Internal linking

Internal linking of the website determines both a user friendly experience and crawling by the search engines. All the pages must be effectively interlinked so that it is easy for the user to reach every page and also easy for search engines to index them.


Nothing irritates a visitor more than some options of your website which are not working properly. Imagine that a visitor wants to subscribe a particular service that you offer only to find that the particular button is not working. You lose a customer forever to your competitor who would not commit the same mistake.

It is essential to make sure that when you are providing advanced features like virtual shopping cart and other tools, they work properly. Otherwise you end up irritating your visitor who would eventually leave the page.


The speed of page loading depends a lot on the design of your website and the content on it. For instance flash content can lower the page speed of your website considerably making it tough for the visitor to access your websites easily. Do not expect people to wait as your page loads; they will rather leave to a better website which values for their time. Flash content should also be avoided as it distracts your visitor both visually and psychologically. Consider the moment when your visitor is about to make a conversion and gets distracted by the flash content on your website.

Color scheme

The choice of colors on your website determines the mood of the visitor and therefore affects the conversion rate. While an appropriate color scheme to the product that you offer can elevate the mood of your visitor prompting him to make a buy, a poor selection can turn them off. For instance yellow color is considered to denote cheerfulness and is appropriate for a create positive mindset.

Selection of color also determines the readability of text on your website. Always use contrasting colors for background and for the text. Also take note that the color scheme should not be difficult on the eye. The more your visitor feels at ease, the greater are the chances of him making a conversion.

Be it a small business website design or for a big business, website design can play a lead role in increasing your conversion rate. Check your website for the above features and if you find any discrepancy, waste no time in getting it corrected.

Author bio: The writer is a website designer with a reputed website designing company. He loves to write on topics related to web designing and SEO friendly website designs.

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