Do you guys remember the popular Super Mario games when you were young? I do. I used to watch our neighbors playing mario combat. Although I did not get to play the game but I learned to like it a lot. This kind of game somehow stuck in my mind until I grew up. In order to get to the finish line, you have to go through many obstacles first, win coins, gain strength and you have to be tough in order to achieve victory.

I can pretty much compare Super Mario games that can be found on to a real life. Life has many obstacles in order for a person to grow, to learn and be strong. For it is with obstacles we know we are strong enough to face them and eventually get to the finish line with a big smile on the face and proudly say, “Yes, I made it!”. Same thing as in the game. Growing up in a poor family was not easy. Although life was difficult but we grew up to be responsible and appreciative of every little thing we had. I am not ashamed of my past life because it molded me to be the person I am today of what I have and where I am now. I have a comfortable life now living in the land of opportunities with two beautiful kids and a great husband.

If a child finishes the first level, he will then be proceeding to level number which obstacles get a a little harder and soon as the levels go higher, the tougher the obstacles will get as well. Of course Super Mario would not be able to accomplish his tasks without his buddy, super angelo. By the way, this cartoon character was featured on Super Mario games in a wide-screen platform game filled with hazards, obstacles and enemies.

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