I craved for Chinese foods but no matter how I wanted to go to the restaurant, I just couldn’t do it. My favorite Chinese buffet is on loop 820, going there I had to take the freeway although I’m not afraid to drive in a high traffic area but I don’t wanna take the risk of me driving not having a DL.

What I did one day is to order it by phone and had them delivered it to me. Why I didn’t  think 0f  this idea before? I waited this long before I satisfied my craving for some greasy Chinese foods. I had to go through all the Chinese buffet restaurants nearby online and Quick Wok in Altamesa boulevard offers free home delivery. I have never been to their restaurant nor tried their foods before but I took advantage of free delivery.  Their food by the way wasn’t bad… I can tell there’s no MSG in it which is good.

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