I just made two calls to my family in the Philippines. One last night to my father lasted for one hour and one this morning to my mother. It would have been cheaper if I was able to talk both of them last night but my mother wasn’t home when I called so had to make another call when I woke up.
I called them to let them know I just sent them some money for the whole month of October. I was not gonna do it because I spent a freaking $420 to the USCIS for my sister’s immigration application and I already told my mother, I am not sending them money for two months. I have to save some more for the upcoming immigration bills, you know?
But I sent anyway and they are happy especially my mother for she now has money to use to pay the bills and other stuff. If it wasn’t because of my sister rushing me to give her budget to buy herself a girl scout uniform, I would have not done that. Anyway, I feel good after hearing they are doing okay and helping them in a way I can.

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