This guest post from Daryl Glass
Lunch hour is sacred for me. It’s time to unwind from a harried morning and purge myself in preparation for the activities, challenges and whatever problems the afternoon brings. Usually, I go it alone. I’ll grab a bite from a drive-through joint (unless I brought something from home) and head for a quiet corner of the park.
Reading is a favorite activity of mine during the fleeting quiet time. Occasionally, I’ll not even crack a book open and just people watch instead. They watch me and I watch them; I sometimes wonder if their minds are as blank as mine during the process. I guess it’s a form of meditation for me.
On those occasions when I want to be around people during lunch, I go to the Japanese restaurant and get something to munch on. I’m surrounded by strangers – no co-worker shop talk for me. I’ll sit and idly eat while catching up on the latest news coming over their directSTARtv station.
No matter what I choose to do, it always seems to work. I slowly get back to the job, get my mind in gear and pick up the rhythm again. My soul and spirit cleansed from a peaceful hour, I am able to pick up the tasks with a renewed vigor and sprint to the finish of the day.

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