Month: April 2009

Too Much Hair

I am left wondering why for some reason our dog is shedding so much hair again. For the last months, she was doing good to keep her hair in her body. We had this hair problem for over a year because we used to shower the chihuahua every other day which is not good for her.
Eventually we found out that it’s the cause for hair loss and so we stopped it and just shower her once every two weeks which is ok because she is an inside dog and that she doesn’t have the foul smell like any typical dog does. But lately, when I sweep the floor, as if I’m a whole bunch of dog fur/hair that it shocks me why it happen?

getting sick

Nobody wants to be sick. I for one hate it when I don’t feel good. I am a mother of a toddler and for that it’s just so freaking difficult if I feel sick and have a baby to attend to. No one can help me around here so please Lord forbid.

I starting to feel scratchy in my throat and hope it won’t get worse or I’ll be hmmmppp upset. It was our baby who got sick at first then my husband… so obviously the next one who will catch their virus is me!!!! Geeezzz please I don’t wanna be sick but I doubt though if I have strong immunity to kick that virus out from my system.

The Punch

I cannot stop making myself a strawberry punch now. I would say I can have 2 or 3 cups of punch everyday and guess what, I think I am really really addicted to it now. Thanks to Rosalie for teaching me how to do the easy punch for myself without spending so much money on it.

It is just so easy and simple. Grab a sprite and a strawberry flavored ice cream and you are ready to enjoy zipping your own creation. Strawberry punch is a good replacement for sodas during a party, aside from it’s inexpensive cost it would also tickle your visitors’ tongue to ask for more.

Wishing It Will Get Better

How I wish that the economy will soon be better so making money through blogging will also become lively. I missed those times when I wake up in the morning all I would do is be on the computer and grab some opps.

When the economy died, blogging also died with it. It’s gone and it hurts. I could hardly make fifty bucks in two weeks now whereas before, for just a day, I could make more than that. BIG SIGH is all I can do for now.. somehow wishing that hopefully, blogging will be back in due time.

I’m So Jealous, She Drives

It was a nice and windy day here in Fort Worth today but even so it did not stop me from bringing my baby to the park so she can play and possibly meet or play with other kids. There were few children when we first got there and later on two teenagers or younger than 14 girls arrived and play see-saw.

The girl wearing a red tube top is soooo big that she looks like a shamu and I thought, oh man I wonder if this girl is aware of her size? Then I continued to observe her and her friend playing until they got tired and went to the car.

I saw her approaching to the car holding the keys and I said, she can’t be driving she is too young.. but to my surprise! She went into the driver’s seat and start the car and boooom disappear! I thought, how in the world this little girl probably 14 years old be driving while me, a lot older than her and doesn’t drive?

I am so jealous of her really! Though I’m not taking it in a negative way instead, I view the incident as my challenge. I need to drive! I really need to drive pretty soon!

get back on the track

I have no problem dealing with my weight anymore. I just lost weight naturally and for that I am so happy. After a year of having a child, my body had returned to its normal weight (well not really, I used to be 86 lbs. and now just ten lbs. heavier). I am ok with that. However though, I still do some exercise especially in my belly for fun.

Even though I am back to being skinny, I want get back on the track running/jogging or walking with my family. Aside from burning calories doing it, we can also spend time together as a family after my husband get off from work. It’s nice and I like the idea of us exercising and having fun altogether.

At this moment, I am just waiting for my husband to arrive so we can go to the track nearby and get sweaty. It feels good afterwards you know?

An Enjoyable Ride At The Grocery Store

How’a everyone doing in this very nice Tuesday morning?
For us here, we are good. Baby is doing her morning routing which is watching her favorite educational cartoon shows on KERA while me sneaking into my computer doing my thing too

Well, anyways, just a quick update here. Attached is of my baby in a car push cart. I am glad grocery stores like Tom thumb provide a cart like this to their customers so to make our kids’ shopping experience an enjoyable one.

Before we just put our baby on the cart and as she grows bit by bit, we found that she no longer enjoys riding the cart so we thought of putting her into something that she loves doing, such as in the picture.

A Friend’s Visit

Genelyn and her husband Ron from Washington state came over to visit us tonight. I told her to wait for me in the Philippines so we can meet each other once again but she couldn’t. She was too excited to join her husband in America and so she flew just before I could make it there.

They had an important business to do down South and since they are in Texas, they were so nice to drive up here and see me also to give me her cross stitch project she ought to give me long time ago. I appreciate the time you spent driving Genelyn and Ron just to see us here in North Texas. I am glad to have you here in our place earlier even just for a short while.

Scrapes– So Painful

These are shots of my Jadyn’s knee when she just got these scrapes from stumbling down the cemented pathway in the front yard. She loves walking a lot now and that she is too naive to care about getting wounded or scrapes when she fall down.

I put the blame into myself because I didn’t put on her jammies before putting her outside so that is what happened to her. Shame on me, I’m a mother and for that I am not protective enough of my one and only Deden.

The Filipina In Her

Aren’t we filipinas love chewing on the bone in every fish and meat we eat? For me, my answer to that is a big YES. Nothing is more delicious to foods with bones in it. Wala lami man gud if bukog way apil.
Same with my baby. Although I don’t give her fish with bones because that is way too dangerous hehe. But when we eat pork/ beef grilled steak, she would grab the bones from our hands and mind you guys she could chip on it for minutes. Never will she let go of the bone kundi makalabira maayo! Hamoy hamoyan ba maayo!
Deden caught in the act in the first picture sharing dada’s steak bone…

… ahharmmm solid kayo ebedinsya pinay jud siya kay gi hamoy hamoyan maayo ang bukog…