Yayy,other blogging site’s payment schedule tomorrow.I am going to expect to be paid for my hardwork for the last 2 weeks with a total amount of 90 bucks.It’s not much compared to the biggest blogging site, triple P but sure good enough to add up my savings in paypal.I’m happy with it,better than not having an income at all.

Imagine I am just a full time mom and earning a bit at the same time while staying at home.There is no boss around that commands me what to do,I don’t have to work with other people and mingle with different personalities.Though it is quite a bit tiring but it is ok,I am comfy working in our own home plus I can look after my baby personally.Thanks God for the Blessing everyday!

1 Comment on Payment Day Tomorrow

  1. oi good for u mka $90 na u ako intawon $7 something lng newbe pa kc me. sa adsense nga lng un antay pa me mg 1 month try for PPP according to my friend jackie