I am all out of words tonight.I feel bored and yet not a single word or interesting entry that I can think of posting on this blog.Bueno,I can compare myself before and after pregnancy.I used to weigh just 86 lbs. before baby and now after 4 months of having Jadyn in our lives,my weight dramatically went up to 106 pounds.My belly is still here but I am optimisitc that it’s gonna shrink in 4 months time.
..this was me when I was still a virgin.Looking dili makabasag pinggan…
…me after I think 4 weeks after having a baby..trying to look cute nalang kay nagkalapad ako fes..este face diay..tambok ayo ko no?

2 Comments on Me When I Was Still A Virgin

  1. aysos!!! ngdrama ang babae. for me u still look the same and not fat… no worry u still pretty mama kahit bangag na ahahah..