Old Navy Active Clothing to Inspire Us

There is nothing fulfilling than being able to perform my goals each week, to workout 2-3x and do my walking exercise 2x per week. To do this, I should think that there is no excuse for me because I don’t go to work and there is nothing else to do during the week. On weekends, I try as much as possible to walk a mile.

In order to be inspired, I bought some active clothing while they are on sale. Getting the right outfit for my intended exercise makes me believe that I am actually exercising and will be more motivated to sweat. So far, I am doing good with it and sticking to my goal which I am loving so much.

I have bought a couple of sports bra over the course of months and probably will be buying more if I find one, a few pairs of active bottoms and also active tank tops. Here’s the latest buy I made at Old Navy. They were on sale but still I paid a little over $75 for everything in the picture.

I decided to buy active outfits for my girls too so they feel they need to be active too and would enjoy more the outdoors by riding their bikes or just playing in the playground. My firstborn is loving her outfits and worn the purple pair right away as soon as I told her I bought her something.

…I shall go back to Old Navy store in a couple days to buy the matching bottoms of my pink and blue tanks/bras. Hopefully the prices would come down by then so I can buy two or more pairs.

 photo active_zpsvvx2nmwd.jpg

The Benefits and Details of a Mystery Shopping Job

A few months ago, a friend asked me if I wanted to earn money taking on mystery shopping jobs. I had no idea at the time why anyone would pay me to shop anywhere, but I was definitely interested in hearing what she had to say.

“It’s fun,” she said. “Businesses contract with the mystery shopper company to send people into stores and restaurants to report on their experiences there. This helps business owners know where their companies need to improve, as well as where they outshine the competition.”

I decided to try this unusual way to make money and here is what I learned:

It’s Important to Pay Attention

In order to do well on a mystery shopping job, you must take mental notes of everything you see and hear. Pay attention to the names of the employees you encounter. What was their general appearance? Were they neat, courteous, and helpful?

Then be aware of the store itself. Is it clean? Are the products easy to find and well labelled? If you’re sent to a restaurant, how was the food? Did you like the customer service?

It doesn’t take long to get may take long to get good at this job; most of us pay attention to these things anyway.

You Are Reimbursed for Your Purchase

Details of the purchasing experience are important to the business owner. How long did you wait in line? Was the cashier friendly? Was your purchase rung up accurately?

Keep the receipt of your purchase and submit it to your mystery shopper company for reimbursement. Be aware that certain expenses, such as travel costs and tips, may not be eligible for reimbursement. Ask about your company’s policy.

Complete Your Report Quickly and Thoroughly

The mystery shopper company that hired you will give you a report form to fill out. The more details you provide, the happier the business client will be. He or she will use the information to understand his or her business from a customer’s point of view.

If you work with a reputable company, such as Above Benchmark in Brisbane, you’ll never be asked to pay a fee to work for them or to be given mystery shopping jobs.


Mystery shopping is a unique and interesting way to earn money. If you live in the Brisbane area, contact Above Benchmark about applying for assignments. You can learn more about this highly recommended company at abovebenchmark.com.au .

Spring Dresses 2015

Wearing a dress is what I am most comfortable with during this kind of season. I just can’t think of a perfect outfit than a nice, floral printed dress. I have two girls so I am more than proud to say that they are my living doll, who I can dress up whatever I like.

Below is of me and the girls with our beautiful dresses. This was taken at Baptist church nearby during egg hunting on Saturday. It was a bit cooler that day so I decided to put on cute little cardigans to my girls that coordinated with their dresses.

Mind you, I bought their dresses last year when stores had their end of season sale while mine, I have had it for maybe three years now but rarely wear it. One of the many things I like about dresses is that, I don’t have to spend so much time trying to figure out what sort of bottoms and tops to give to my girls in order to match because I am not good at that. With a one piece of cloth, they can easily put it on and I don’t worry about a mismatched outfit.

Photo captured by my husband about my girl crying. I was teasing her and acted I walked away because she wanted me to kneel down and be wrapped with my arms…

 photo Easterampgarden20006_zpshdvujht7.jpg

Banana Muffins with Chia Seeds and Almond Nuts

Baking might not be very healthy because of sugar, flour and other unhealthy ingredients in it but you can make it healthier by adding some good stuff in whatever you wish to make for your kids or family. For example, this banana muffins pictured below. I used the usual banana bread recipe I can find online but I added two tablespoons of chia seeds and slivered almond nuts to it, not only it taste good but with those two added ingredients makes it beneficial to our body.

Another thing, I recently found that stir-fry asparagus not only is very delicious but also simple  to cook. With a few sprinkles of seasonings, viola! You can have crunchy and tender tasty cut up asparagus paired with my nutty muffins. I just loved the combo! I make sure that we have vegetables to eat everyday and or fruits.

You can always choose to eat healthy and at the same time prepare simple dishes for your family. By doing this, it puts your mind at ease because what your family is getting is nutritious!

 photo nuts_zpsexz7w9ky.jpg


For all your musical instruments, speakers, parts and accessories including tuners, you can find it all in one music online store I know. Please click on the link and it should direct you to the korgs’ tuners page. You know Korgs is a well-known company who has always been a company that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology. Founded in the early 1960s, Korg began its journey to prominence as a designer of rhythm machines. Over time, they grew to expand their offerings, all while maintaining the utmost quality in all of their products.

Someone So Generous

Nothing compares like receiving a lot of Filipino goodies from someone who thought about you. Thanks to her for sending me lots of goodies straight from the Philippines. I owe her a lot, that’s for sure! Some of items that are in the picture are long gone.

I felt the luckiest upon opening a box in the mail seeing all these yummylicious Filipino’s favorite sweet/salty treats. You know, I am not that bad of a person because there are people give me something when they are able to have a vacation in the Philippines.

Being able to eat these kind of foods in a country far away from home is heaven! Ask every Filipino/Filipina you meet and they will agree with me.

 photo goodies_zpseagugqzu.jpg

3 Tips for Buying a Tuxedo Shirt

Despite their name, tuxedo shirts don’t have to be worn with a tuxedo. They can also be paired with all kinds of formal and semi-formal outfits, making them a great investment for both the workplace and the country club.

But what if you’ve never purchased tuxedo shirts before? What if you need a buyer’s guide to the style? Here are just three tips for getting your money’s worth in tuxedo shirts.

1. Shop By Gender

A womens tuxedo shirt is different than a man’s tuxedo shirt. They have variations in the arms, chest and neck area. Whether you’re shopping for male or female formal wear, make sure you’re shopping in the right department.

2. Note the Collars

Spread collars fold over the sides of a tie. Wing collars allow the tie to be seen around the entire neck. If you’re buying a tuxedo shirt for work, they may have specific rules about which kind of collar is allowed.

3. Think About Color

While most tuxedo shirts are white, they can also come in every color of the rainbow. If you want to make a splash at your next big event, consider investing in a pink, yellow or light blue tuxedo shirt.

These are just three things to keep in mind while purchasing tuxedo shirts. Whether you’re buying them for work, recreation or a combination of the two, it’s important that you buy something made of the highest quality and construction. A poorly-made tuxedo shirt is practically an oxymoron!

Victoria’s Secret $3 Money Maker

Victoria’s Secret is giving away a secret reward again, with $10 purchase in-store or online, you’ll get at least one worth $10, $50, $100 or $500. My second order arrived today and got two secret reward cards. I paid $16.99 for two PINK travel-size hand cream including shipping.

With two secret reward cards came with it, there is at least sure $20 worth in there if I don’t get lucky getting those higher rewards. I am good with it for it will make it $3  money maker once redeemed. I know, I must spend some money first before I make money but that’s alright, who knows I will get a $50 reward again. It will be sweet!

 photo vsmm_zpsd84mzyjn.jpg

Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Lightweight Contoured Sleep Mask Kit

I received this free kit from Dream Essentials sweet dreams lightweight contoured sleep mask in exchange of my honest opinion about the product. The kit contains the contoured sleep mask, earplugs and travel pouch.

I am truly glad that I now have this kit for the sole purpose for my travel in 5 months time. I am looking for something lightweight that I could bring with me to the airplane and use during the 22 hours flight so I can get that much needed sleep while in the air. This mask is perfect! It is so light and so comfortable that it won’t give me any pain the longer I use it as it is contoured with adjustable straps in the back.

One of the features I like very much is that it allows for uninterupted rapid eye movement (rem) mask contours away from eye and lashes. The earplugs is a bonus as well as the pouch, I can keep it in good shape and clean once I am done using it in a pouch!

Are you looking for an excellent sleep mask? Head on to Dream Essentials site and purchase this product for yourself. It is worth the price, if I should say!

 photo mask_zpszsviehiv.jpg

Balik-Bayan Box Contents

Those who receive goodies in the Philippines don’t have any idea how it is to send a box to them. Aside from the pricey cost we have to spend to fill up one jumbo box, putting all the stuff in there, seal it and trying to figure out how I can fit all in a box in order to save the shipping is HARD WORK!

I plan of sending two jumbo balik-bayan boxes before this month ends to the Philippines as I have collected enough for two boxes. One box has already been sealed containing the mess pictured below. These are VS mists for sale, chocolates, a few canned good, shoes, clothing for my brothers, sister, my mother, a few Victoria’s gift set for people I choose to give presents to.

I hope that they realize I still think about them albeit they are stubborn and cause me headache sometimes. The second box will be full of housewares, shampoos/conditioners, bar soaps, deodorants, laundry/cleaning stuff and many others. Thanks to couponing, it helped me gather necessary things that my family could use and will provide them a few months supply without buying anything.

It will be a freaking $240 cost to ship two boxes for sure! With that said, that’s already a lot of money for me to be paying for.

 photo bboxcontents_zpsu639d9bb.jpg

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