“Mutya” The Filipina Barbie Collection

I feel proud being a Filipina and to see this Collectible “Mutya” Doll created by half-Filipino designer. This doll is so gorgeous that it makes me want to buy one for myself. It represents how a traditional and pure Filipina beauty with her beautiful tropic tan. You know brown or tan skin complexion screams for “Filipina and I won’t deny it, I have a brown skin which I see in this doll too.

If only I had a job, I would surely get this doll for me, only a $100, haha. Too much for a full-time mom and housewife to be buying. But I do believe, it can make a great collection and souvenir for I know, this won’t last forever.

photo credit from Barbie Collection site. It’s not mine, I don’t own it.
 photo mutya_zpsfjcy3xmr.png
She wears a long gown under a sheer overdress printed with a tribal motif and a sun icon from the Philippine flag. Further embellished with an embroidered floral design of the Philippines’ national flower, the sampaguita, the overdress is a lovely tribute. Accessories include golden-tone earrings, necklace, bracelet and a golden lace fabric fan.

Body Type: ModelMuse™
Skin Tone: Tropic Tan
Facial Sculpt: Kira
Fashion Sewn On?: No
Eyelashes: Painted

Included with doll:
Shoes, Earrings, Necklace with Pendant and medallion, bracelet, Fan, doll stand

What to Know Before Buying Your First Electric Bass

The bass is an essential element in virtually every genre of popular music. Arguably, no other instrument is so universally employed. Whether you’re interested in playing rock, pop, R & B, country, jazz, or numerous other styles, they all call for a bass.

If you’re interested in eventually becoming a working musician, this makes choosing the bass as your primary instrument a very smart idea. While every town in the country is full of aspiring guitarists and singers, for instance, bassists are somewhat less common. Every band needs one, though, so a competent bass player will always be in high demand.

Types of Wood

The body and the neck of virtually every bass is made from wood. Often, different varieties are used for these two primary components. Wood choices are based both on aesthetics and functional characteristics. Different types of wood provide subtle, but detectable variations in sound quality. Some popular varieties of wood include maple, ash, rosewood, alder, and — appropriately enough — basswood.

Number of Strings

The vast majority of bass guitars feature four strings. You can’t go wrong with this classic arrangement — four strings is enough to play any song or type of music. Five and six string basses are also commonly available, though. They have the advantage of offering a wider range of tones (higher and lower notes.) While there’s nothing wrong with a person of any skill level playing one of these instruments, most experts recommend starting with a four string bass. This is simply because it will be a little easier to manage as you are starting out.

A quality used bass is a great choice for beginners. Stores such as Bass Central offer many used basses in various styles and at a wide range of different price points.

Heavenly Food in Our Kitchen

Whenever I see food flooding on my Facebook page posted by friends, I can’t help but drool. When I do have my delicious homecooked food, rest assured I share it to them too. Here are of the recent Filipino goodness I prepared. They are tasty, some of the mare healthy, a few are greasy but sinfully good!

First and second photos below is an oven roasted pork belly with lots of onions and garlic inside with lemongrass. Brushed with soy sauce and olive oil, roasted in 350 degrees for 1.5 hours. Ideal time would be 2 hours, next time I’d do that. It is so tasty and really good once done, it made the whole house smelled divine too!

Third photo is a grilled Indian mackerel which I did a week ago and it’s all gone now. It is guilt-free recipe for there is no grease in it except its own oil and some salt to taste. Fourth, is a famous Filipino vegetable stir-fry called “pinakbet”. Vegetables that are in it; okra, bitter gourd, Chinese eggplant, squash and long yard beans with shrimp fry and lefover roasted pork belly.

I take pride of my cooking for it fills our hungry stomach, keep us full for hours, they are delicious and healthy! Well, except for the rice… but I am trying to substitute rice now with oatmeal.
 photo muzyfood_zps936184d5.jpg

Choosing the Right Hair Extension Method for You

 Too often, people assume that amazing hair is something you are born with. This is simply not the case. Great hair is possible for just about anyone with today’s options. In fact, many people are turning to hair extensions to provide them with the style they desire. Since there are several different methods for extensions, it is important to pick one that suits your needs. The following guide will help you select the right ones.

 Glue In

 A lot of people get glue in extensions because they are longer lasting. This type of extension is added to the hair with a keratin bond. Most people love the look of them, but they dislike the maintenance that is required. You also have to be careful when you condition your hair or use hair tools. These products and tools can weaken the bond connecting the hair and the extension. If you are low maintenance with your hair and simply want to add length or volume, you will probably love having these in your hair.

 Clip In

 Popular alternatives to long lasting extensions are ones that clip into your hair. These are very versatile, and there are several different styles to choose from. They are also available in real and synthetic hair. You can add these into your hair daily or on occasion to add length, texture, volume, and style. If you choose this option, it is important to take care of your hairpieces. Make sure to wash them and let them dry flat. Also, comb through them regularly to get rid of any tangles. This will ensure that they last longer and look better when you wear them.


 Women who have thick, coarse hair often prefer sewn-in extensions. A weave is applied to tightly braided pieces of your own natural hair. Most people have to tighten the braided sections of their hair regularly so the hair looks good. The tightening process can take a little time, but it does enable the hair to look beautiful as a result.


 You can also tape extensions into your hair using Sellotape. This might be a good option if you want volume added to your hair. A long row of extensions is taped in between a section of your hair. Most people love the results, and the upkeep is minimal as long as you do not brush too hard.

 Before you choose an extension, make sure to evaluate your hair and your needs. This will allow you to make a more informed decision about your hair for the best results.

Inside Smarts Wash Bags for Your Delicates

I recently received this awesome products from Inside Smarts for free in exchange of my honest opinion about these delicates laundry bags, premium quality products. I have used it a few times already and how glad I am I got to have these. It is good that it came with 2 large and 2 medium sizes for my delicates. 2 that is a good size for a dress that I don’t want to get damaged when washing, 2 medium sizes are good for scarves and hats so they don’t get tangled with other clothes during the cycle, also they are good for my lingerie and bras/undies and anything that I want to be safely washed.

I trust that the quality of these laundry bags that I ordered from Amazon is of premium quality, they should last forever and keep my clothing safe and very well protected. The company guarantees a 365-day “smart wash” so I should rely on that. Thank you so much InsideSmarts.com for an amazing product like these laundry bags. I am one happy user here.

 photo insidesmarts_zps0315baa1.jpg

Durable and Lightweight Naturalico Jump Rope

I find that exercising three or four times a week gives me energy and confidence. I do it for my own good not because other people want me to look good. Besides, I have gained pounds over the holiday that I need to lose. I do bench exercises, abs, legs and jumping rope as my finishing exercise.

I don’t aim of having that perfectly tight waist nor to get so skinny but to energize my body throughout the week is what my goal is. It also feels good sweating after eating heavily during the day. One of my faves to do is the jumping rope. However, with the ordinary jumping rope I used, I don’t feel like I am doing enough to sweat a lot.

I am glad that Bella Naturals sent me a Jump Rope for a Healthy Heart – Best Fast Speed Cable with 4 High-Grade Metal Universal Ball Bearings for Cross Fitness Training, Boxing, Exercise and Workouts for free in exchange of my unbiased opinion about the product.

Well, I have been using it and so far so good. I am satisfied of how light, durable and easy this cable jump rope to use. It enables me to do my routine more fun because I can use it outside the back porch and not worrying for it to get damaged due to rough concrete surfaces. This product is designed to increase RPMs, Master Double Unders , it came with Naturalico Carry Case which is a bonus so I can easily pack it up and bring it with me when I go travel someday.

One of the instructions say that I need to cut the cable in order to achieve the desired length of the cable, but I don’t need to do that as I don’t want to harm the cable with its original length. What I do is just twist and tie it around my wrist twice holding the handles and adjust the length as I jumping or skip roping it. All in all, it is generally a high-quality, highly recommended product for people who want to lose pounds or simply having fun jump roping.

 photo naturalico_zpsafa06d04.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale and Free Undies

When I entered Victoria’s Secret last week, I wasn’t sure what to buy. I only had a free panty coupon on hand and didn’t think of buying anything other than claiming my freebie. But then, they had this 75% off Lost in Fantasy mists for $3.50, originally $14. I grabbed 9 bottles and 2 pairs of very sexy cheeky panty worth $16.50 and a special Valentine red lace panty .

It could have been an easy $65 out of pocket for me if I didn’t see I had (2) $10 Pink award cards being a VIP member that they sent me last December. I used 2 during check out that left me $12 plus including tax total for 11 items.  What a deal I got and I am delighted of the deep discount I was able to avail at my favorite store.

Some people don’t bother finding ways on how to save for products they love because maybe they got abundant supply of money, but I am a practical person. I would use every coupon possible just so I can save some money to use for other things. Who doesn’t love to save, anyway? Unless you are Paris Hilton who is a spoiled brat and literally just throwing away her money.

 photo bluemist_zpsbbf7bc75.jpg

Valentia Organic Rosehip Oil is a Winter Must-Have

It’s been over two weeks since I started using this awesome product from Valentia. This is the second product they sent me free of cost for testing purposes. Same as the first one, I am pleased with the product.

This time they sent me this organic rosehip oil. Contains 100% natural anti-aging oil that revitalizes and hydrates the skin reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles. Yes, it is an oil and has a light smell, but it doesn’t bother me.

I should say it is a perfect winter must-have especially here in Texas where it gets really dry and bitter cold at times. My skin gets dry and itchy but with constant hydration with this miracle oil, I am happier than ever that I got to find this certain product that I could use for a long time. Just a few drops of it, it can cover my entire face and neck.

Yes, it is an oil but it absorbs quickly and you don’t even feel it’s there after 3 seconds of being applied. The one thing that makes me comfortable using this product is that, it is organic and I know what I’m using truly helps.


 photo roseheep_zps162850cb.jpg

 photo roseheepjpg2_zps00412b98.jpg
… three seconds after rosehip oil has been applied onto my face and neck. I look hydrated and smooth!
 photo roseheepjpg1_zps15f8c18a.jpg


Kroger Free Toothbrushes and Half Priced Coffee at CVS

I stopped couponing months ago but when I see deals that don’t require coupons due to its deep discount, I’d grab it and stock up on it. Kroger deal on Colgate toothbrush plus is on going and good until February 2, it’s currently $10/10 and get a $2 catalina coupon every 2 toothbrushes purchased after check out, it’s like getting them for free.

Another great deal at CVS, sale unfortunately had ended yesterday for $4.99 for 30.45 oz. Folgers coffee and 30.60 oz Maxwell House Wake Up. Full price for each is $10.99 for Folgers and $12.49 for Maxwell House. I don’t drink coffee, my husband does so I stocked up on coffee that is at least half a year’s supply for him. I did not use any coupons for those deals because, as you can see the savings huge it’s free and 55% off.

I love seeing deals like these. Saves us money plus we get to buy enough supply that lasts longer. How about you? Do you chase deals around your area or you just buy one item that you need?

 photo coffeedeal_zps8b8ecd00.jpg

Filipinos Love to “Bringhouse Food” from the Party

“Bringhouse” is a common word we use in the Philippines for food that we bring from the party to our home. I guess it’s  a Filipino habit because I don’t see whites do that here unless a person is related or very close to the host. Filipinos anywhere in the world when gathered together, rest assured there will be plenty of food laid on the table to eat. Of course, a party wouldn’t be complete without food to munch in. Once done and there’ll be plenty of food left, the host will then ask the visitors to bring some when they leave.

We attended my firstborn’s friend’s 7th birthday last Sunday. His parents served plenty of dishes and desserts for their not so many visitors which resulted to still have so much leftover after that first round of eating. I actually brought some home, enough for days meals and not need to cook for a dish. I like it when we get to attend a Filipino party for I always bring some delicious foods at home.

As you can see in the picture below, so many sweets for desserts I was able to take with me. I love them, they are all just so freaking yummy. For some reason, I only got to bring a few dishes. Maybe I craved for desserts so much that I didn’t bother taking more food other than kare-kare, fresh lumpia, leftover lechon kawali and egg rolls , a piece of fried chicken and sweet shrimp.

first column are custard cakes, cheesecake, braso de mercedes, cheesecake, pitsi pitsi underneath cheesecake, fried chicken and shrimp
second column: kare kare, fresh lumpia, lechon kawali and egg rolls and lastly, chocolate birthday cake!
 photo bh_zpsdd776e9d.jpg

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