Dollar General Lack of Training and Inexperienced Employees

A new Dollar General store has opened its doors to customers near our area, located on the address below, is disappointing.

Dollar General # 1379 2 mi
5721 Crowley Road, Fort Worth, TX

We have been receiving store coupons from them in the mail and I tried going there yesterday for the first time. Yes, it was my first time and I already had an unpleasant experience at their store.

I bought 7 bags of candy for Halloween that cost $5 each. Their current store sale is buy 2 get 1 free and another promo is buy 3 get 1 free. The coupon I had on hand is $5 off $25 purchase. Now, with two bags are free, I should only be paying $25 for seven bags. Subtract that with the $5 coupon, remaining is $20.

This is their actual store ad, the buy 3 get 1 free ad isn’t printed but it is advertised in the aisle.

 photo dgadd_zpsffc75274.png

The cashier yesterday was obviously confused of the “store sale” and the use of “store coupon”. The system automatically deducted each item certain amount. And he was supposed to scan the coupon before letting me pay. Before leaving the store yesterday, I knew my coupon wasn’t used and just had to come back the following day, which is today.

A kid greeted me today and told him that I had a $5 coupon which wasn’t used in my purchase, he looked at the receipt and argued that it took some amount because the receipt says, “total savings $10″ but it wasn’t because of the coupon, it was because of the two bags I got for free for buying those bags that entitles me for 2 bags of candy. I said, that if the coupon was used, it should be printed in the receipt as “coupon savings” and it wasn’t printed. He then insisted that I bought the wrong candy, I said, if it is wrong, the system wouldn’t take it and credit the $10 savings.

I told the kid that I have shopped several times in older Dollar General stores in the past and always when coupons are used during checkout, it would be printed clearly.

He then introduced himself as the “assistant manager” on duty. I cannot remember his name though but he obviously IS CONFUSED OF THE STORE SALE AND THE USE OF COUPON for he did not credit me of my coupon.  He said that he has been working with DG of over a year, that is not even enough time for him to brag about that, he is the assistant manager but that doesn’t mean he is right and thus know everything. I have been couponing for three years and I know exactly how it works.

What I did was, returned all the bags of candy so I will get my money back and demanded I want my coupon back, the assistant manager said that he can’t give it back to me because they tear coupons after scanning them. It is just disappointing that they actually put those employees as front lines but they don’t know how coupons work.

That new Dollar General store in Crowley cannot have my business again because of the LACK OF TRAINING AND INEXPERIENCED of their employees. If the manager don’t know that, they are driving potential customers away and I wouldn’t be surprised if their store isn’t making money as much as they hoped for.

A Crazy Collection of Bingo Daubers

One thing that most people are crazy about is creating collections. I am sure each one of us at some point or the other have flaunted and boasted about a particular collection that we had. It could have been anything like – stamps, books, clothes, cards, clothes and so much more. The above mentioned were the most common things that people intended to collect. Well, every one has their own individual choice of collection. As I’ve heard there are people who collect chocolate wrappers, antique elements, accessories, even hand cuffs – however to my utter surprise that I got to know recently was about a person who likes to collect daubers. The person is Gilbert Ellis residing in Michigan City who likes to collect daubers. Till now, he has a collection of 2100 daubers.

As all of us are aware that in the ancient days, bingo play took place in a much simpler form. People liked playing these games with stuff like corn, beans and other likely stuff to mark out the numbers on their cards. In today’s date, bingo tickets are printed on thin paper that is disposable too. And, when people got more acquainted using the disposable bingo tickets, the bingo daubers were no longer in use. For these days, numbers on bingo tickets are selected in accordance with random number generators. Bingo daubers were used to mark off numbers on cards. The daubers used initially were the basic ones filled in with ink. However, on today the scenario has changed absolutely – the daubers used today are quite fancy in nature plugged in with numerous themes.

This avid bingo player Ellis has quite a big collection of daubers. Even his wife Jeannie is known for playing bingo games. In a recent interview, Ellis has even told that for various occasions like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and many more, he ensures to use a bingo dauber that matches with the occasion. Sounds really nice that people tend to have such collections even now. That shows the demand for daubers is still there. Along side knowing such fun facts, ensure to check out some really good gaming stuff at newlookbingo. It’s a perfect site to indulge in for some really good bingo sprees.

Wedding Anniversary Presents for Me

My husband did not give me anything on our tenth wedding anniversary instead, he took us out to the farm where our girls had fun and dinner to the Hibachi restaurant last Sunday. It doesn’t really matter to me if there is no gift as long as he remembered to celebrate our big with us.

I asked him if we could go to DSW shoe store before dinner since I had a $20 store coupon so I could use it. He agreed with me and I took home two pairs of shoes, one that is flat open sandals and a pair of running shoes. He ended up not getting anything for he did not find any shoes he likes so I was the only one bought presents for me, haha. I like that very much.

I didn’t plan of buying another pair of running shoes but it’s hard to resist such a deal like it. Besides, the coupon says $20 off $49 purchase and if I buy just the TH flats, the coupon could not be used since my husband did not buy any. This is good though so I will be encouraged to go out there and walk some more since I have really good, comfortable and light shoes to wear.

 photo shoes_zps57880eda.jpg

… you see, I saved more than half of what I paid for these two pairs. Running shoes priced for $64.94 minus 30% store clearance price ($19.48) and additional discount $13.69 from the coupon. Nike shoes final price is $31.77. The flats were $29.94 minus 30% off store clearance price ($8.98) and coupon $6.31, final price is $14.65.

Total for two pairs including tax is $50.25, sweet deal, isn’t it? I saved $72. 58 which is more than half of what I spent in their store. This is why, I love going to DSW because of the savings I get when I shop there.

If you are a wise shopper, you don’t need to pay full price on things when you know you can get them for less no matter what brand they are.

 photo resibo_zpsc4fc76a8.jpg


Round Scad Paksiw

Here’s one of my favorite Filipino dish, round scad paksiw or we call it “inun-unan” in Cebu. I know a lot of Filipinos love this dish, it is delicious and truly make them salivate. It is best paired with warm rice or grits. I am just lucky to have this fish in stock in our refrigerator for whenever I crave for inun-unan, I can just thaw it and cook it. Craving satisfied in no time.

For Filipinos who can’t buy this kind of fish in their market, it’s unfortunate of them. I know someone who spent so much money buying inun unan online or fried fish just so she can eat it. Of course, dishes are sold from fellow Filipinas who charge so much money for it.

You know, when you are far from home and you really crave for something which you know you can buy from afar, you won’t mind spending money on it, so long that it will get to you on time before it gets rotten.

 photo inununan_zps71173c4f.jpg

Tap into the Potential of Your Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, it’s more than an adornment. It’s an investment. This especially holds true when you’ve got broken jewelry or an assortment of pieces that you want to refine in order to get more money in your pocket. That’s when you need to contact us. When you turn to a company like the Jewelers Refining Group, Inc., you can turn jewelry into precious metal and vice versa. It’s completely up to you. Whether you are dealing with a large business that specializes in offering consumers fine items, or you are an entrepreneur, you need to tap into the potential that rests in jewelry. When items need to be refined to precious metals or stones are removed, it takes the knowledge to do it properly. You’ll also get more for your scrap when you choose a company that knows all about refining.
Don’t Let Anything Go to Waste
Whether you are getting rid of broken, damaged pieces, or you are taking care of all of the shavings in your shop, send it to a company that can turn your leftovers into cash. You can also acquire fine metals when you craft your own jewelry. When you work with a company that has a standard for excellence, from chemists to customer service, you will be able to ensure that you have a satisfying experience every time. The choice is yours. Jewelry refining can help you to make a profit and have quality, precious metals when you want to be a master craftsman.

Grilled Red snapper Fish and My Childhood Memory

“The Fish”

I got the biggest (almost 12 inches long) grilled red snapper tonight for dinner. I told my husband that I don’t have rice to eat it with and he said to just eat the fish. Upon hearing that, I couldn’t help but reminisce my life in the past and told him my story. He then jokingly said, “well, dried fish must be good for you because you turned out to be a nice woman.” Haha for that…

Growing up poor, I never had the chance of eating a whole big fish for myself alone because there were so many mouths needed to be fed too. I remember, my grandmother used to divide a 5-inch dried fish into small parts so that others will be able to taste it too, with rice or grits of course!

With all that being said, I couldn’t be more thankful of the kind of life I have or where I am now. I am in a much better place on earth, I shall say. I am blessed and grateful more than ever. Although we are not rich but at least I can eat whatever I wanna eat. I have a comfortable life, a wonderful family and a great marriage. Thank You, Lord! You are awesome… you greatly changed my life more than I imagined.

 photo snapper_zps0fe9af19.jpg

Homeopathy for Medical Diseases and Injuries

Homeopathy refers to remedies that you can use at home and with a medical professional to treat some common disorders and injuries. Originally discovered during the 19th century, there are millions of proponents of the topic living in countries all around the world. Studies found that homeopathic remedies can provide relief from a number of common problems.

Ear, Nose and Throat Problems

Problems with your ear, nose and/or throat can send you to the emergency room or your doctor on a regular basis. Frequent ear infections may lead to the doctor recommending that you put stints in your ear canals, and issues with your nose and throat can leave you with persistent sore throats. Homeopathic remedies can provide some relief can keep you away from the doctor. Applying a small amount of sweet oil or olive oil to your ear can reduce pain and inflammation and remove excess wax. Others find that eating a small amount of garlic and turmeric every day helps them battle nose and throat problems.

Simple Injuries

You can strain your back by simply turning the wrong way in bed or straining to reach something on a higher shelf. Homeopathic practitioners suggest that you spend more time in a reclining or laying position and that you take combinations of different herbs. You’ll also receive recommendations on what to do when you suffer a mildly sprained ankle or a pulled muscle in your leg. Click here to learn more about homeopathic remedies and how the foods you eat can impact your body.

Great Finds at Thriftstores

When I don’t feel lazy and are bored at home, I go to a thrift store and kill my time digging for something I may not expect I could find. Most of the time, I don’t go out the store empty-handed for I always find something worth bringing home.

Like for instance, these two beautiful things photographed below. I bought them in two different stores, the painting cost only $1.91 at McCart Thrift store. It is too beautiful to not pick it up. Even J and my husband told me that it is really beautiful. Mind you, it’s got some scratches and other minor flaws in it, but can you see it? It is actually an original oil painting on a canvass dated  1986 with an artist’s name on it.

The second item I found is this pair of Skechers shoes, they are not my size but they are in great condition. If you don’t look closely, you can’t tell this pair has been worn. Not even a dirt on the soles, I tell you. I found them at Goodwill. The pair would have been $7.99 but guess, it was my lucky day because it was the store manager at the register that checked me out and he only priced me for $2.99.

It pays to be nice and make a conversation to people at the register you know. The man was so rugged and you couldn’t even tell he was the manager judging from the clothes he wore or from his physical appearance but… you never know who you’re talking to unless they start talking to you. Thanks to him, I got a pretty good deal on the shoes.

 photo painting_zps3f6da68c.jpg
 photo skechers_zps58f5d25a.jpg

Tabletop Grill on 75% off Clearance at CVS

This is what I like about going to the store and not expecting anything nice. I went to CVS pharmacy yesterday to get our passport photos done for our dual citizenship application and while waiting for the employee to get done with the photos, I roamed around the store and found this beautiful thing in their clearance aisle, as you can see in the tag it is marked down to 75% off that cost me only $4.99 each tabletop grill. I bought two even though we don’t need one for now but it doesn’t get rotten so it will stay in our back room adding to our already piled up stuff haha.

The other one will go to my family in the Philippines since they don’t have a decent grilling machine over there. It pains me to see them grilling meat or dried fish directly on the ash. This one could make them a beautiful gift and I hope they will appreciative of it. Makes their grilling easy, convenient and clean.

 photo grill_zps7063f819.jpg

Delicious Banana-Avocado Bread

Here’s my new idea on how to make a banana bread even better. It is my first to try this and it turned out really delicious. My girls love it. In fact, my firstborn kept saying when she ate it the first time “hmmmm hmmmm really yummy… hmmmm I like it!”

I call it Rocky Banana-Avocado bread because of the slivered almonds I mixed it with. Incorporating avocado to your traditional banana bread recipe makes it healthier, more filling in the stomach and most of all, tastier and softer in texture that you just want to eat the whole thing once done.

I would recommend, you will try the avocado and you will not regret it. That’s a promise! Talking about it… makes me wanna eat it right away, the fact that I still got some left over of the bread in the fridge and you know, leftovers taste even better!

 photo banaavo_zps017bcc11.jpg

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