3 Tips for Buying a Tuxedo Shirt

Despite their name, tuxedo shirts don’t have to be worn with a tuxedo. They can also be paired with all kinds of formal and semi-formal outfits, making them a great investment for both the workplace and the country club.

But what if you’ve never purchased tuxedo shirts before? What if you need a buyer’s guide to the style? Here are just three tips for getting your money’s worth in tuxedo shirts.

1. Shop By Gender

A womens tuxedo shirt is different than a man’s tuxedo shirt. They have variations in the arms, chest and neck area. Whether you’re shopping for male or female formal wear, make sure you’re shopping in the right department.

2. Note the Collars

Spread collars fold over the sides of a tie. Wing collars allow the tie to be seen around the entire neck. If you’re buying a tuxedo shirt for work, they may have specific rules about which kind of collar is allowed.

3. Think About Color

While most tuxedo shirts are white, they can also come in every color of the rainbow. If you want to make a splash at your next big event, consider investing in a pink, yellow or light blue tuxedo shirt.

These are just three things to keep in mind while purchasing tuxedo shirts. Whether you’re buying them for work, recreation or a combination of the two, it’s important that you buy something made of the highest quality and construction. A poorly-made tuxedo shirt is practically an oxymoron!

Victoria’s Secret $3 Money Maker

Victoria’s Secret is giving away a secret reward again, with $10 purchase in-store or online, you’ll get at least one worth $10, $50, $100 or $500. My second order arrived today and got two secret reward cards. I paid $16.99 for two PINK travel-size hand cream including shipping.

With two secret reward cards came with it, there is at least sure $20 worth in there if I don’t get lucky getting those higher rewards. I am good with it for it will make it $3  money maker once redeemed. I know, I must spend some money first before I make money but that’s alright, who knows I will get a $50 reward again. It will be sweet!

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Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Lightweight Contoured Sleep Mask Kit

I received this free kit from Dream Essentials sweet dreams lightweight contoured sleep mask in exchange of my honest opinion about the product. The kit contains the contoured sleep mask, earplugs and travel pouch.

I am truly glad that I now have this kit for the sole purpose for my travel in 5 months time. I am looking for something lightweight that I could bring with me to the airplane and use during the 22 hours flight so I can get that much needed sleep while in the air. This mask is perfect! It is so light and so comfortable that it won’t give me any pain the longer I use it as it is contoured with adjustable straps in the back.

One of the features I like very much is that it allows for uninterupted rapid eye movement (rem) mask contours away from eye and lashes. The earplugs is a bonus as well as the pouch, I can keep it in good shape and clean once I am done using it in a pouch!

Are you looking for an excellent sleep mask? Head on to Dream Essentials site and purchase this product for yourself. It is worth the price, if I should say!

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Balik-Bayan Box Contents

Those who receive goodies in the Philippines don’t have any idea how it is to send a box to them. Aside from the pricey cost we have to spend to fill up one jumbo box, putting all the stuff in there, seal it and trying to figure out how I can fit all in a box in order to save the shipping is HARD WORK!

I plan of sending two jumbo balik-bayan boxes before this month ends to the Philippines as I have collected enough for two boxes. One box has already been sealed containing the mess pictured below. These are VS mists for sale, chocolates, a few canned good, shoes, clothing for my brothers, sister, my mother, a few Victoria’s gift set for people I choose to give presents to.

I hope that they realize I still think about them albeit they are stubborn and cause me headache sometimes. The second box will be full of housewares, shampoos/conditioners, bar soaps, deodorants, laundry/cleaning stuff and many others. Thanks to couponing, it helped me gather necessary things that my family could use and will provide them a few months supply without buying anything.

It will be a freaking $240 cost to ship two boxes for sure! With that said, that’s already a lot of money for me to be paying for.

 photo bboxcontents_zpsu639d9bb.jpg

Choosing the Right Bra for Your Outfit

Your bra choice is more than intimate wear. It supports you, conforms your shape and can harmony to the clothes you are wearing. With so many different types of bras available, however, from tee-shirt bras to multi-way bras, it can be difficult to choose just the right one to flatter your outfit.

The Cut of Your Clothing

The versatility of today’s bras make them a unique fashion statement. A black lace bra can compliment a sheer blouse, adding just a touch of frills to the v-neck edges. An open bodice, multi-way bra adds elegance and volume to a plunging neck line. Back straps also add to the fashionable wardrobe, with t-straps, low back cross straps and multi-strap designs. If you are wearing a low-back dress, choose a strap design that adds value to your clothing style and sets off the grace of your low-back ensemble.

Your sports bra looks great for recreational activities, with a large number of styles to choose from, from simple stretch bras you can accent with clothing layers, to halter-tops that can be worn alone or under a loose tee-shirt. Sports bras do well with lounge and casual wear, but do not always flatter your professional, formal or party outfits. If your outfit is sleeveless and consists of something more formal than a baggy shirt, wear a thin-strapped, fully supportive bra that will allow you to reveal your cleavage without revealing unsightly straps. Wear a strapless bra for strapless gowns. Choose colors that harmonize with your clothing.

Getting the Right Bra Size

No matter how sexy the ensemble looks, the wrong bra size can ruin your appearance. Your bra should fit comfortably, without sagging under the arms or in the cups. If you spill out over the top, your bra is too small. A poorly fitting bra can cause the skin to roll under the arms, ruining the cut of your outfit. Another indication of a poorly fitting bra is one that has straps that dig into the shoulders or slide down while in movement.

Measure your bra size before shopping. Your size may change from year to year as you lose or gain weight, bear children or simply grow older. Wear a tee-shirt when you shop so you can see how it will look under the thinnest clothing. Stoop and lift your entire breast into the cup, then straighten to check the fit. You should be able to fasten the bra comfortably on the second or third hook. A correctly fitting bra will do more than make you look good. It will increase your comfort and add to your confidence in your healthy appearance.

The Quality of Your Life Style

The bra you wear should match your life-style, which can be as variable as the types of bras offered. Your morning may begin with a jog around the block and end with evening cocktails at the local club. Wear the type of bra that looks stylish with your activities. Match their color and design to the outfit you are wearing. Wear low-cut bras with low-cut clothing and save your sexy, back-strapped bras for those special outfits that are just craving a little designer flair.

As an undergarment, your bra is part of your most personal attire and is the most important asset you have in wearing outfits that are stylish, fit well and add grace and form to your figure.


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Buy 1 Get 2 Free Aeropostale Socks

I just know when I see pretty good deals, if I miss to buy that item in my first visit, I just couldn’t sleep until I buy one for me. One example are these Aeropostale ankle socks I bought last week. I didn’t buy them when I first saw them as I had other items in mind why I visited their store at the mall. When I went home that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about the socks.

Socks are a must-have for me in winter. Besides, I have a 7-year old girl that constantly needs socks for school. So I went back to the mall and made sure I got me 9 pairs of socks with nice prints in them. Aeropostale sale for socks was buy one get two free! Each pack contains three pairs for $10.50. I paid a little over $11 for 9 pairs of socks, yeah!

Each pair is just $1.30 after tax, a few cents more than what is individually sold at Walmart. Aero for me is the winner quality-wise. Walmart’s socks are stringy inside which could trap your little toes when you put them on in a hurry! Hurry to your nearest Aeropostale store and see if you can still score this awesome sock deal!

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For the Love of the T-shirt

Since their inception, t-shirts have been uniting people and making statements. People love them, and it’s easy to see why. There are a few key reasons that help to explain why people love their t-shirts so much.

Form of Expression

T-shirts have been used to tell jokes, make political and social statements, communicate emotions and much more. As such, when a t-shirt’s expression really speaks to an individual it can cause a special bond.


Whether it is the t-shirt they wore or received at their first concert, or the t-shirt they were wearing when they met their significant others, some t-shirts help to tell special stories for different individuals. Seeing that shirt brings back not only memories, but possibly feelings and experiences that are worth reliving.

Highlight Common Interests

T-shirts, particularly iconic ones, are embossed with symbols that can be recognized worldwide. When an individual recognizes and shares a love for a particular symbol on another person’s shirt that can form an instant connection between the two parties. Such encounters can sometimes develop into great relationships, or at least enjoyable conversations in the moment.

There are various reasons why people love certain t-shirts. Some of the most common reasons are the way they allow individuals to express themselves, a sense of nostalgia that the t-shirt brings, or a common bond that iconic t-shirts can insight. Check out some of the most iconic t-shirt designs of all time on the infographic.

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“Mutya” The Filipina Barbie Collection

I feel proud being a Filipina and to see this Collectible “Mutya” Doll created by half-Filipino designer. This doll is so gorgeous that it makes me want to buy one for myself. It represents how a traditional and pure Filipina beauty with her beautiful tropic tan. You know brown or tan skin complexion screams for “Filipina and I won’t deny it, I have a brown skin which I see in this doll too.

If only I had a job, I would surely get this doll for me, only a $100, haha. Too much for a full-time mom and housewife to be buying. But I do believe, it can make a great collection and souvenir for I know, this won’t last forever.

photo credit from Barbie Collection site. It’s not mine, I don’t own it.
 photo mutya_zpsfjcy3xmr.png
She wears a long gown under a sheer overdress printed with a tribal motif and a sun icon from the Philippine flag. Further embellished with an embroidered floral design of the Philippines’ national flower, the sampaguita, the overdress is a lovely tribute. Accessories include golden-tone earrings, necklace, bracelet and a golden lace fabric fan.

Body Type: ModelMuse™
Skin Tone: Tropic Tan
Facial Sculpt: Kira
Fashion Sewn On?: No
Eyelashes: Painted

Included with doll:
Shoes, Earrings, Necklace with Pendant and medallion, bracelet, Fan, doll stand

What to Know Before Buying Your First Electric Bass

The bass is an essential element in virtually every genre of popular music. Arguably, no other instrument is so universally employed. Whether you’re interested in playing rock, pop, R & B, country, jazz, or numerous other styles, they all call for a bass.

If you’re interested in eventually becoming a working musician, this makes choosing the bass as your primary instrument a very smart idea. While every town in the country is full of aspiring guitarists and singers, for instance, bassists are somewhat less common. Every band needs one, though, so a competent bass player will always be in high demand.

Types of Wood

The body and the neck of virtually every bass is made from wood. Often, different varieties are used for these two primary components. Wood choices are based both on aesthetics and functional characteristics. Different types of wood provide subtle, but detectable variations in sound quality. Some popular varieties of wood include maple, ash, rosewood, alder, and — appropriately enough — basswood.

Number of Strings

The vast majority of bass guitars feature four strings. You can’t go wrong with this classic arrangement — four strings is enough to play any song or type of music. Five and six string basses are also commonly available, though. They have the advantage of offering a wider range of tones (higher and lower notes.) While there’s nothing wrong with a person of any skill level playing one of these instruments, most experts recommend starting with a four string bass. This is simply because it will be a little easier to manage as you are starting out.

A quality used bass is a great choice for beginners. Stores such as Bass Central offer many used basses in various styles and at a wide range of different price points.

Heavenly Food in Our Kitchen

Whenever I see food flooding on my Facebook page posted by friends, I can’t help but drool. When I do have my delicious homecooked food, rest assured I share it to them too. Here are of the recent Filipino goodness I prepared. They are tasty, some of the mare healthy, a few are greasy but sinfully good!

First and second photos below is an oven roasted pork belly with lots of onions and garlic inside with lemongrass. Brushed with soy sauce and olive oil, roasted in 350 degrees for 1.5 hours. Ideal time would be 2 hours, next time I’d do that. It is so tasty and really good once done, it made the whole house smelled divine too!

Third photo is a grilled Indian mackerel which I did a week ago and it’s all gone now. It is guilt-free recipe for there is no grease in it except its own oil and some salt to taste. Fourth, is a famous Filipino vegetable stir-fry called “pinakbet”. Vegetables that are in it; okra, bitter gourd, Chinese eggplant, squash and long yard beans with shrimp fry and lefover roasted pork belly.

I take pride of my cooking for it fills our hungry stomach, keep us full for hours, they are delicious and healthy! Well, except for the rice… but I am trying to substitute rice now with oatmeal.
 photo muzyfood_zps936184d5.jpg

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