Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale and Free Undies

When I entered Victoria’s Secret last week, I wasn’t sure what to buy. I only had a free panty coupon on hand and didn’t think of buying anything other than claiming my freebie. But then, they had this 75% off Lost in Fantasy mists for $3.50, originally $14. I grabbed 9 bottles and 2 pairs of very sexy cheeky panty worth $16.50 and a special Valentine red lace panty .

It could have been an easy $65 out of pocket for me if I didn’t see I had (2) $10 Pink award cards being a VIP member that they sent me last December. I used 2 during check out that left me $12 plus including tax total for 11 items.  What a deal I got and I am delighted of the deep discount I was able to avail at my favorite store.

Some people don’t bother finding ways on how to save for products they love because maybe they got abundant supply of money, but I am a practical person. I would use every coupon possible just so I can save some money to use for other things. Who doesn’t love to save, anyway? Unless you are Paris Hilton who is a spoiled brat and literally just throwing away her money.

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Valentia Organic Rosehip Oil is a Winter Must-Have

It’s been over two weeks since I started using this awesome product from Valentia. This is the second product they sent me free of cost for testing purposes. Same as the first one, I am pleased with the product.

This time they sent me this organic rosehip oil. Contains 100% natural anti-aging oil that revitalizes and hydrates the skin reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles. Yes, it is an oil and has a light smell, but it doesn’t bother me.

I should say it is a perfect winter must-have especially here in Texas where it gets really dry and bitter cold at times. My skin gets dry and itchy but with constant hydration with this miracle oil, I am happier than ever that I got to find this certain product that I could use for a long time. Just a few drops of it, it can cover my entire face and neck.

Yes, it is an oil but it absorbs quickly and you don’t even feel it’s there after 3 seconds of being applied. The one thing that makes me comfortable using this product is that, it is organic and I know what I’m using truly helps.


 photo roseheep_zps162850cb.jpg

 photo roseheepjpg2_zps00412b98.jpg
… three seconds after rosehip oil has been applied onto my face and neck. I look hydrated and smooth!
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Kroger Free Toothbrushes and Half Priced Coffee at CVS

I stopped couponing months ago but when I see deals that don’t require coupons due to its deep discount, I’d grab it and stock up on it. Kroger deal on Colgate toothbrush plus is on going and good until February 2, it’s currently $10/10 and get a $2 catalina coupon every 2 toothbrushes purchased after check out, it’s like getting them for free.

Another great deal at CVS, sale unfortunately had ended yesterday for $4.99 for 30.45 oz. Folgers coffee and 30.60 oz Maxwell House Wake Up. Full price for each is $10.99 for Folgers and $12.49 for Maxwell House. I don’t drink coffee, my husband does so I stocked up on coffee that is at least half a year’s supply for him. I did not use any coupons for those deals because, as you can see the savings huge it’s free and 55% off.

I love seeing deals like these. Saves us money plus we get to buy enough supply that lasts longer. How about you? Do you chase deals around your area or you just buy one item that you need?

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Filipinos Love to “Bringhouse Food” from the Party

“Bringhouse” is a common word we use in the Philippines for food that we bring from the party to our home. I guess it’s  a Filipino habit because I don’t see whites do that here unless a person is related or very close to the host. Filipinos anywhere in the world when gathered together, rest assured there will be plenty of food laid on the table to eat. Of course, a party wouldn’t be complete without food to munch in. Once done and there’ll be plenty of food left, the host will then ask the visitors to bring some when they leave.

We attended my firstborn’s friend’s 7th birthday last Sunday. His parents served plenty of dishes and desserts for their not so many visitors which resulted to still have so much leftover after that first round of eating. I actually brought some home, enough for days meals and not need to cook for a dish. I like it when we get to attend a Filipino party for I always bring some delicious foods at home.

As you can see in the picture below, so many sweets for desserts I was able to take with me. I love them, they are all just so freaking yummy. For some reason, I only got to bring a few dishes. Maybe I craved for desserts so much that I didn’t bother taking more food other than kare-kare, fresh lumpia, leftover lechon kawali and egg rolls , a piece of fried chicken and sweet shrimp.

first column are custard cakes, cheesecake, braso de mercedes, cheesecake, pitsi pitsi underneath cheesecake, fried chicken and shrimp
second column: kare kare, fresh lumpia, lechon kawali and egg rolls and lastly, chocolate birthday cake!
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Music Enthusiasts’ Site

We all have different talents and hobbies in this world. We also have different hangouts and likes. For people who love music? They obviously love to visit websites pertaining to musical instruments or a site where they can get information on the latest release or music events like what is featured on NAMM. If you know anyone who appreciates hearing different music events, you may want to pass this site along so they can take a look at it and enjoy following twitter users that join those events.

Weird Food Combo

Many things that my husband find weird on me when it comes to habit and food especially. What tastes delicious to me may be gross or stinky to him. Duh whatever, we were brought up in different culture and environment so there is no way we are the same or agree on so many things.

However, I do find some things I eat are weird. Like for example, eating pizza paired with raw tuna fish salad or “kinilaw” in my native tongue. Yup, I must admit it is a weird food combo but it tastes yummy to me. For most Filipinos, kinilaw is best to be eaten with rice, grits or boiled bananas. It was my first time to try pizza and kinilaw and it was great. I didn’t look for rice or anything, pizza alone was enough to fill my hungry stomach.

How about you people, what sort of food combo that you find weird?

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Price Drop

Good news to all expert and newbie guitarists for there is a big price drop online right now. I do believe now is the best time to buy your new capo in order for you to play in a different key and have fun even more with your guitar with this thing. Please click on the provided link in order to search and or browse for different options you can see on their store. You can either search for brands, top rated, sale, new arrivals, condition (used or new) or price drop. Visit them now!

Two Pairs of Steve Madden Bedtime Boots for $12.88

This is what I am talking about! Deep discount on Steve Madden bedtime boots occurred last night. Shoppers went crazy at 11 pm because of these boots on Steve Madden website. They were on clearance for $14.99 and an additional 50% off by using a code SAVE and FREE SHIPPING. Who doesn’t want that? I know I already have several pairs of boots, some haven’t been worn once since I bought them but deals like this are hard to resist. This deal did not last long, a girl I told about it soon after I checked out wasn’t so lucky for it was out of stock when she logged in to her account.

These are perfect to wear in the house to keep your feet warm all the time. Seeing a mad deal like this, you should be fast enough to get your credit card in order to avail the promo or before the stocks run out, otherwise, you’ll regret it, haha.

Aside from getting these two pairs for under $13, I get 3% cashback by going through Ebates. It is a website by the way that pays you certain percentage from your favorite online store. I would recommend you will use it simply by creating a profile there, click the link and next time you go online shopping, go through ebates and voila!

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Buried in Deep Snow

It’s that time of the year again when many states especially in the northern part are experiencing polar plunge or arctic blast, bitter cold and buried in deep snow. I hope those who are affected are well prepared and have stocked up on firewood for their fireplaces.

When it comes to keeping your family comfortable, well-heated in the house while big snowflakes outside keep falling, it is just great to have your fireplace burning and stocking up on firewood as well as 100 percent natural fatwood starters. All these along with a replacement grate of your old and rusty grate can be found at Northline Express website. You can also check out for Northline Express fireplace grate. Not only that, you can also find great outdoor and indoor products, space heaters, outdoor patio, fireplace and hearth, wood stoves, chimney products and a whole lot more on their site.

Anything outdoors and great specials, just visit the link above and you will not leave the site without finding what you’re looking for.

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Victoria’s Secret 9 Items for Less than $12

Here’s my latest haul from Victoria’s Secret. Seven bottles of VS mists and two clearance bras, all for $11.14 including shipping and tax of course. How did I come with the amount? Read on.

I was lucky to receive (1) $50 secret reward card last December so I bought a $40 gift card in order to avail the semi-annual clearance sale since the secret reward card had expired December 19, the semi-annual sale did not start until Jan. 1. Also, I had (2) $10 Pink reward card for any Pink purchase which I used towards the two bras. Total amount for 9 items is $66 that is not including tax and shipping. The two Pink cards by the way were sent from them for me because they have upgraded my status from regular member to being a VIP.

You see, there are many ways to save on things here, all you got to do is find them on the internet. As for me, I join FB group that is composed of mostly Filipinas that love to share links of deals either online or in-store. I check the group from time to time because we never know deals could pop out any moment.

It pays to be on the internet most of the day because of the deals on clothing, fragrances, housewares and many more. I can’t count how many I have taken advantage of in the past, thanks to this awesome group I belong for it tells me when deals are happening.

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