Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Haul

What did I just say in the title, “haul”? That if you can call those four items a haul, hehe. Haul for me is bags and bags of merchandise bought. Anyway, I am proud of myself again today for scoring a great deal of these things in the picture below at Victoria’s Secret store.

They are currently having their semi-annual sale where bras, clothing, cosmetics, beauty/fragrance products are marked down to 75% off. Since I still have new bras with tag on, I did not need to buy any even though I got two $10 off a regular priced bra coupons. Instead, went ahead and used my 2 free panties coupons with purchase.

For 4 items that would have cost me $35 plus tax without the coupons, I stuck to my plan, just get the things that I intended to get before I went there. Believe it or not, I only paid $7.04 including tax for these VS items below. The body lotion is on clearance for $3.50, the panties original price each is $10.50 but with coupons, I paid them real low. What a steal, wasn’t it?

Honestly, my undies  are mostly freebies for being their loyal customers. I am loving it, they have my loyalty and they shower me with good rewards. Well they should, for VS is the only brand I wear whether it be a sport bra, panties and bras or even fragrance mists. It’s just a matter of give and take, ika nga!

 photo 7.04_zps2xpmngoh.jpg

What is an Anarkali Suit?

The anarkali suit was first introduced during the period of the Great Mughal Empire from 1526 to 1857. As a fashion style, it got its name from a famous courtesan named Anarkali who was part of the Great Emperor Akbar’s court. Known for her beauty and pomegranate-like complexion, the term “anarkali” meaning pomegranate blossom, was given to these beautiful suits.

Recently, anarkali suits have become popular again on the Indian fashion scene. Although styles have evolved since earlier periods, anarkalis are a highly desired fashion trend for the 21st century. A popular fashion style worn primarily by women in Pakistan, Northern India, and Middle-Eastern regions, anarkali suits are made up of the anarkali, a long, frock-style top, and the salwar, slim fitting pants that resemble leggings. The suit is fitted around the bust with a long skirt, usually mid-knee to floor length, with flowing pleats around the legs.

Throughout history, anarkali suits have symbolized a sense of royalty with luxurious fabrics and intricate details. Their form fitting bodice and flowing skirt enhance a woman’s figure and create feminine appeal. The long, flowing skirts and leggings hide any flaws around the waist and hips. During the Mughal period, many younger, unmarried women worn them to charm interested men. Today, they are a traditional fashion item that can be worn on any occasion.

Anarkali suits are made from luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, cotton or net and embellished with heavy embroidery and intricate details. There are beautiful stones, glittering threads, gota patti, and heavy brocades that create a feminine and elegant look. With heavily embellished suits, you don’t really need accessories. They make a stunning fashion statement on their own. If you want to accessorize, consider a pair of long ethnic earrings like jhumkas which can be found at Craftsvilla.

To choose the best anarkali suit for your body type, follow there simple tips:

Tall Women – Choose a floor length skirt that will emphasize your height and graceful figure. Mid-knee skirts won’t be as flattering to you. You have the height to pull off a heavily embellished suit, very flared skirt, and any neckline style you want.

Short Women – Choose a floor length skirt with less flare, as it will make you look taller. You can wear mid-knee skirts, but you should add a pair of beautiful high heels to make you look taller. A V-neck anarkali suit will visually lengthen your neck.

6-Topping Homemade Pizza

Pizza is bad, it contributes to your continuing growth of your belly but heck, it’s delicious. I love pizza but having a homemade pizza will make it less deadly, I believe. Although the dough is not from scratch, still I consider it healthy, haha.

Here’s what we had for dinner last night. I am proud to say that, with less baking experience I am still able to feed my family pizza with toppings we prefer. Dough and pizza sauce were store bought, but the toppings? I sliced/shred them myself.

Toppings include shredded sharp cheddar cheese, sliced canned pineapple, red bell pepper, pepperoni, sweet onions, olives, pre-cooked Italian sausage, minced garlic, a dash of sea salt and ground black pepper to taste.

The outcome? Yummy! It was all gone in one night. You see, we were getting healthy ingredients by making it at home instead of just ordering it at a pizza house or buying the frozen pizza with less toppings on it. Plus, it is easy to prepare and fast.


 photo 6topping_zpslotnfdyi.jpg

What You Need to Know About Becoming a Celebrity Chef

Most serious chefs hope to one day open a restaurant or chain of their own; those who are really ambitious may even dream of authoring an award-winning cookbook or hosting a series to show home cooks and professionals how to make their signature dishes. Reality television series like Top Chef provide new opportunities for lucky chefs from around the globe to show off their talents to a wider audience and offer a glimpse into what it takes to elevate your food and your image beyond your local area to make an impact on the wider culinary culture.

Whether you take the old-fashioned route of building your name and reputation over time or you get lucky and land a spot on one of the growing list of competitive series, becoming a celebrity in your field is not all glamour and glory. Do you have what it takes to become a celebrity chef? Here are some things to consider.

1. Education. Earning your chops in a working kitchen is endemic to the development of a signature cooking style and gaining the discipline necessary to reach the heights of culinary stardom. Though it isn’t essential, having a degree from an accredited, reputable culinary arts program will add credibility and prestige when combined with paying your dues in a working kitchen.

2. Variety is the spice of life. A well-rounded working background that includes employment in both corporate and independent kitchens of all sizes will help you develop necessary skills like flexibility, adaptability, diplomacy and planning.

3. Networking. The stereotype of the ego-centered chef who is an island unto him or her self may have a basis in fact, but a chef who is able to meet and interact with industry insiders at all levels, maintain a good base of contacts and gain the respect of his or her peers will have a more solid and long-lasting base of support than a difficult diva.

4. Business savvy. Any successful artist is also equally knowledgeable about every phase of business creation and growth. This includes knowing how to craft a solid business plan, creating realistic long- and short-term goals, managing finance and having a grasp of marketing strategies, both traditional and trending.

5. Know your market. Food trends come and go, and while it can be lucrative to create or grab on to a trend, it’s no way to create a lasting foundation for food fame. As with any business, a good chef knows their market intimately, and will use this knowledge to create a stable base for growth and longevity.

Tim Love is an example of a chef who’s made a national name by taking the best of regional cuisine and makes it accessible to all. While it’s important to have a standout personality to get noticed initially, being a celebrity chef takes more than just having a gimmick and a flair for preparing great food; you also have to be people-oriented and a solid head for business and marketing.

I Received My Reward from AdvoWire

After months of being active on Advowire by religiously sharing their ads thru social media, I finally reap what I sow. There are several options to withdraw your points, either you prefer a visa card, a gift card of your preferred retailer, travel voucher, merchandise and a whole lot more.

I wanted a Macy’s gift card for the hope to buy a signature watch or purse on Black Friday. I must save it and continue sharing some more in order to gain more points. As long as I have access to the internet, I will not stop sharing or as long as the website still lives.

Being on AdvoWire is just one of the few ways I earn while being on my computer. It just takes patience and determination in order to at least save up points which will then turn into a few dollars.

 photo macysrewards_zpsqhleefsx.jpg

No More of the Gross Stuff

I have been taking a detoxifying drink for months now, I make my own drink upon arising every morning. My drink is composed of organic apple cider vinegar, honey and turmeric powder. Adding turmeric powder into it makes it very gross because of its smell plus the smell of apple cider. Imagine the combined smell altogether how gross that can become yet, I suck it all up for it is beneficial for my gut and my overall health.

Now that I have tried this TURMEREX by VITAVANA that I received for free in exchange of my honest opinion, I seem to feeling fine and looking forward to my everyday drink, no more gagging for me and most of all, I could no longer taste and smell that turmeric powder since I now have the capsules!

If you are interested trying the product out, just click on the link provided above. For $39.95 PRIME, you’ll get yourself a (60) 750mg-capsule and zero added artificial flavorings and ingredients. What you’re getting is 95% curcumin extract.

Product Description info lifted from Amazon page:

is a professional-grade turmeric supplement standardized to 95% curcuminoids. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in India as a spice and for its medicinal properties. Each Turmerex capsule contains 712.5mg of curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, that has been studied for its ability to support the body’s ability to fight many health related issues. Here are just a few of the benefits of Turmerex:

» Supports cognitive function

» Promotes joint health

» Supports the immune system

» Helps neutralize free radicals

 photo turmeric_zpsxnlrwfnt.jpg

Healthy Eating is the Best

I have been doing my home workout since February but I see very little changes especially in my abdomen area. I must admit, maintaining my healthy diet is not easy for me. There were days that I just let myself go and eat whatever I can see on the kitchen counter or in the fridge, most of which are baked products with lots of sugar and other additives in it.

I workout 3-4 times a week and walk twice a week yet my abdomen still has some thick belly fat. Unless I alter my diet, I shall not expect something is going to happen with my belly fat. This week, I promise that I would only eat less greasy, less starchy and less calories foods in order to at least shrink my fat. I know this would be a challenge but I am up for it.

Here are sample cooking I do at home during these times when I really need to weigh half a pound or less.
I found live crabs at a Mexican mart last time I went there and bought four pieces of it. I just steamed them with onions and a bit of garlic, sprinkled with ground pepper and dipped in melted butter. The result is yummylicious! I prefer the crabs to be cooked this way, it’s healthier, simple, less hassle and quick.

 photo crabby_zpstxzmbyal.jpg
Another one is our brunch today, a small bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon powder, pinch of salt and honey. Paired with fried Italian sausage, cantaloupe and cucumber. My girls love what I prepared for them. Again, it’s not greasy and has amazing benefits to our body.

 photo sausage_zpspuha4gju.jpg

Pink Products for Less Than $2

Sweet, almost free PINK products below I grabbed last week. I only paid  $1.08 total for all five items, it would have been over $50 if I wasn’t wise doing my round of shopping at the Victoria’s Secret store. How did I do this? Well, here’s a breakdown.

Boy shorts $9.50 orig price, I used that $1 coupon they gave me for trying on a bra at their store, then the PINK mini mists on sale for $5 each, I had $20 worth gift certificate that they sent me two weeks ago as a birthday gift certificate. I did two different visits since VS would only accept certificate one at a time.

I love it when I get to avail almost free of my favorite products. Since I am visiting my motherland in a month, these items can make great gifts to chosen people. I hope they will like the scent and that they will be happy to receive these.

 photo pink_zpsbrl4ofqj.jpg

Q-Switch ND Yag Lasers

ND Yag lasers are one of the most venerable lasers in service, having their original operational definitions established in the 1960s. Since their original invention, they have become a crucial element of many industries, particularly Q-Switch ND Yag Lasers, which produce a carefully-pulsed laser beam that delivers precisely the right amount of energy where it is needed.

The first thing most people associate with ND Yag lasers is medical care, and for good reason: they are one of the most potent tools for the removal of skin cancer. The precision with which their power output can be managed and regulated by trained operators allows oncologists to remove cancerous growths with minimal damage to the surrounding healthy tissue, a great boon in a field where treatment can often be painful, or even dangerous.

A lesser-known, more recent use is tattoo removal. Many people come to regret tattoos acquired on a whim, and they can frequently become an inhibition to future employment if they are not easy to conceal. Laser tattoo removal employs ND Yag lasers to strip skin of tattoo ink as gently as possible. This is a sharp contrast to previous tattoo removal methods which often required abrading the tattoo away with friction, often producing terrible and painful scars.

Most recently, Q-Switched lasers are being researched, investigated and tested for use in high-performance engines. Their precision allows them the potential to be both longer-lasting and more reliable than traditional spark plugs for fuel ignition. In the upper echelons of engine design, every split-second counts, and ND Yag lasers increase the upper limit of how precise fuel ignition timing can become, making their research potentially more valuable than trying to transcend past the plateaus of traditional electrical systems.

ND Yag lasers have been around for some time, but innovation is far from over for them. This is merely three of their uses. The future is bright for these staples of industry, and it’s no wonder that a call for operators trained in their use and familiar with their frequencies are increasing day by day, a trend that will surely continue as more applications are discovered for these versatile tools.

Best Buy Automotive Equipment

One of the pros driving an older car is that you don’t have to pay car payments monthly anymore since been paid off a long time ago but one of the many cons is that, you lost a bit of confidence whether your car will suddenly break down while driving on a busy interstate, car parts are harder to find or worse makers stopped producing certain parts that need to be replaced, and you are likely to send your car to the shop more often than newer models.

With that said, we can only pray that our cars would drive good everyday so we don’t go without a car for just a day, also maintaining a car is a must and have it fixed whenever we see a sign of malfunctioning of any sort in order to prevent further damage. I am glad I found this awesome website called Best Buy Automotive equipment. They have all kinds of equipment, services and anything you can think of you might need for your car. Best Buy Auto has some 2 post auto lifts here. Such an awesome website to discover!

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