3 Things to Ask About Your Cosmetic Laser

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a cosmetic laser, it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying and what kind of use you can get out of it. Here are just three questions to ask about your purchase.

1. What services can I perform with it?

Don’t be satisfied with a label that says “skin restoration laser” or “Q switch laser.” Dig deeper into the product information and figure out the specifics of what it can do. Does it remove tattoos? Can it reduce the appearance of acne? Is it certified for melasma treatments?

2. Can I trust the manufacturer?

Everything sounds good on paper, but real life is another story. Make sure the manufacturers have a trustworthy reputation in the industry. You’d be surprised by how many brand names are actually notorious for bad shipping practices or stingy warranties.

3. Is it within my price range?

Keep in mind that the listed price of your cosmetic laser won’t necessarily be its final price. You might also have to pay for shipping, assembly or installation costs. You’ll need to get it regularly maintained, too, so factor that into your budget as well.

These are just three things you should ask yourself about cosmetic lasers before swiping your credit card. They’re costly investments, so it’s worth the trouble of double- and triple-checking to make sure it’s exactly what you need.

Maxasorb D3 and B12, My New Beauty Regimen

I received these two products from Tomoson for free in exchange of my honest opinions. All opinions are mine!

So I have been using these two awesome skin products called Maxasorb B12 and D3 on my arms and legs. I notice significant improvement of my ever dry skin for just two weeks of using them everyday. My skin are now smoother than ever.

I like these products because they are made with natural ingredients, no greasy feeling, unscented, formulated without parabens which gives me confidence what I am using is free of harmful chemicals which is very bad for my health. Since these products don’t specifically say for face, hand or body, I just apply them on my arms and legs pumped out together and apply both at once.

Maxasorb D3 promotes a healthy heart, strong bones, and an improved immune system while the B12 serum provides maximum absorption and is hypo-allergenic. And most of all, it is made in the USA.

 photo maxazorb_zpsakxrreiy.jpg

Old Navy Skater Dress for Under $1

Money is tight these days yet I managed to shop some clothing for me and my girls. They are growing everyday so I am constantly on the lookout for nice yet good deal dresses, undies and other things for them. I am back to shopping at Old Navy store now after such a long time of dodging them because I believed the quality of their clothing materials had declined but with all the deals, sales and clearance prices going on at their store, I find myself going there again.

Last time I went there, I was able to find this super cute skater dress for $1.97 clearance price, large size in children’s department and it turned out to be just 97 cents when I checked out. It fits me good plus the sweet price tag. I did not hesitate to grab it along with a couple items in my hand that time. I bought two dresses actually, same skater dress style but different color and stripes.

I don’t normally find such a price like this but when I do, rest assured… I won’t be going home empty-handed. Believe it or not, I went home that day with 5 items in my hand for just a little over $27 total plus I earned supercash for next shopping of $25 or more. Yes, that’s how thrifty I am when it comes to scouring for clothing deals.

Love it!

 photo onfind_zpsc5kkmyyh.jpg

Zoom R8 Tutorial

When it comes to buying things online, we mainly rely on previous buyers or customers’ reviews to give us an insight on how the specific item or product is going to work, whether it is worth our money, good or bad quality or something. That is what I do most of the time when I go online shopping and you should too especially when you plan of buying this audio recording gear to get the value of your money and get maximum result in your music. The zoom r8 tutorial and review can be found on the link, I recommend you should read the entire article and take your time understanding it so you will know what you are getting when the product arrives if you choose to buy it.

Complete Filipino Breakfast

This is my breakfast this morning. I should say, nothing beats Filipino foods. I wouldn’t exchange it for a burger, steak or tacos. To me, it is perfect already. Exactly the food I want to indulge everyday of my life. It was Mother’s Day yesterday but we weren’t able to go out and celebrate outside due to severe thunderstorm.

So what I did is, I spend my entire afternoon in the kitchen making “glutinous suman or budbud” and poto flan. Budbud is near perfect, just need a little bit more coconut milk but it’s good. Gladly, I got all available sides to pair with it like pure cocoa drink, fried milkfish, ripe mango and voila! It’s delicious, tasty and oh so filling!

I made a lot of people drool as soon as I posted this on Facebook, cruel me haha. When it comes to Filipino food, I feel lucky to be able to cook and eat it here despite of the fact that I am not in my home country to enjoy delectable goodies I used to eat when I was growing up! Almost all food that I crave to eat is available at the Asian market except for fresh fish, seaweeds and other seafood that I can only find in the Philippines.

 photo bfast_zpssatzm2od.jpg

Australian Gold Suncreen Lotion from Influenster

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving tons of freebies from Influenster. One of the many stuff that was in a Spring #VoxBox is an Australian Gold Sunscreen lotion with broad spectrum SPG F30. Thanks @AusGoldSPF and @Influenster. Freebies are sent to me for review purposes.

Now I can have something to use during my hiking exercises under the sun!

#LivetheGoldLife #contest

 photo 7a45975a-b50a-47fd-9b22-e59637a66de4_zpskatuzxpb.jpg

Bold Fashion Brands Emerge in the 3D Printing Era

To celebrate Milan Design Week, United Nude founder Rem D Koolhaas (nephew of the famous architect) wanted to make a 3D-printed statement. He asked five industrial designers and architects — such as Zaha Hadid, Fernado Romero, and Michael Young — to use their fabrication skills for high-fashion platform shoes, and each of them came up with something completely original. Like the kind of conceptual collections you see during Fashion Week, Koolhaas wanted to strike a balance between wearable shoes and abstract art. Although these gutsy designs can’t be printed at home, United Nude have also shared Koolhaas’ “Float” shoe as a free download. Meanwhile, the Nooka brand has been taking risks in the wristwatch category, with some futuristic printed bands in patterns like honeycomb and wave. To realize these designs, 3D Systems lent the help of their selective laser sintering machines, which are more efficient than typical extrusion methods. Below, you’ll find more examples of fashion brands adding 3D printers to their arsenal.

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It Pays to be a Victoria’s Secret Cardholder

 photo vsqs_zps1s16eqjq.jpg

Stores want you to spend your money on them. Victoria’s Secret is one of them. They want you to keep coming back to their store year-round whether there’s a Holiday or normal days. To do this, they send perks to their loyal customers and or members.

Two of those perks I received are coupons for bra and a freebie, they send this to our mailing address a few times a year through a catalog and the other one that just arrived is this $15 of a bra, a freebie for panties and other coupons. While the rest of the coupons look enticing, I would not be using them as they have minimum purchase requirement which I am not willing to spend money in that amount.

I am a wise-shopper so I always go for a freebie or buy something I need rather than what I want.

Seafood 101: Tips for Buying the Best

Almost everybody loves seafood, right? Whether you pair yours with a great steak and call it surf and turf, or you like your seafood as the star of the meal, you can’t really beat premium seafood for lunch or dinner.

However, if you’re like a lot of people you aren’t quite sure how to pick out the best seafood. It doesn’t have to be a struggle though, and you don’t have to just guess and hope you get lucky.

Use this guide to help you pick out the best seafood no matter what you like.

Buy Local

Whether you live near the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean, chances are there’s a body of water near you. The seafood that comes out of that water is often going to be your best bet when it comes to getting fresh, high-quality food that you’re really going to enjoy.

If you’re not sure what’s local to your area you may want to talk with your local fishmonger or somebody in the area who knows. That way you can pick the best, freshest fish and seafood all of the time.

Choose Reputable Suppliers

Buying local seafood isn’t always possible, especially if you want a certain variety. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to seafood that isn’t good though.

It does mean that you need to choose reputable suppliers for your seafood purchases. Only buy from a company that chooses high-quality seafood to sell to their customers.

Filipino Foods During Our Picnic

April 25 myself, my family and a group of Filipinas in our area agreed to gather together and had a picnic near the back of Benbrook Lake. It was such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect for picnic with a group of crazy and fun people that consist of mostly Bisayan-speaking like me. Two of whom speak Tagalog.

Anyway, you know when Filipinos gather, you can expect plentiful of food to be served at the table. Yes, I must admit, we love to eat and eat and eat while chit chatting nonstop. That’s just how we are. Imagine, we live close by yet we don’t get to hangout a lot often. So when we have the time, rest assured, chaos and loud mouths are to be expected.

According to my husband, we brought more food than we contributed. I told him, that’s just pretty normal. We bring food and we take home a lot. Everybody is a winner. We will not go home empty-handed because no one would want to bring back her food. Might as well, share it to others and enjoy the left over at home.

Photo below were the foosd that each of us brought to the picnic. As you can see, there were squid, tuna kinilaw – my contribution, rice, fried fish, chicken bbq, pinakbit- not on the picture, fried shrimp, noodles, eggplant salad, pork adobo, boiled sweet potatoes, pork with carrots. Some desserts like leche flan, maja blanca and sweet glutinous rice.

Looking at the food in the photo, makes you want to think that there was a big birthday celebration or a fiesta going on but no, it was just truly a simple picnic on a beautiful day.

 photo boodle_zps64xar0p5.jpg

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