Free Covergirl Lippies

Shopping tip: when you go out shopping and you have coupons at home, don’t forget to bring them for you will never know what you can find in stores you’re going to. For instance, I went to Albertson’s one day and found these Covergirl lipsticks on clearance for $1.99 each and a CG outlast nail polish for 99 cents. Gladly enough, I had my $4 off any CG product manufacturer coupon so I used it to buy two lippies and the nail polish. So, the $4 mq covers the lippies cost, I only had to pay 97 cents for the polish!

When you shop with an open mind, most likely you’ll bump into deals you don’t expect. That’s wise shopping for me. Can I afford to pay full price of Covergirl lippies and nail polishes? Sure, but I refuse to do it since I know heaps of ways to save on those items. Why pay more for items when you know you can get them for less, right?

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FOXBRIM for Clearer Smoother Face

It has been weeks since I started using FOXBRIM best vitamin C serum for face Hyaluronic Acid and I can say, I have never felt so smooth in my face before. It is a powerful anti-aging serum with advance formula that helps to diminish wrinkles, fine lines, age posts and skin discoloration with ease.

It is a clear liquid serum that you can apply under make up that is made of premium quality natural and organic ingredients. With that said, you can trust that what you get is free of harmful chemicals since it is made from natural and organic components that we all need. I am very much satisfied of the product for it truly works.

I apply it once or twice a day after shower and whenever I touch my face’s skin, it feels like touching a baby’s skin. Yeah, I am really that smooth now! If you want to try this awesome product, you may purchase it now,
available in Amazon for $15.99 PRIME.

Foxbrim provides you the most Advanced and Complete Vitamin C serum on the market. Are you ready to Glide your Hands over Smooth Supple Skin?

What it does to your skin;

• Achieve That Youthful Glow!
• Reduce and Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
• Soothes and Hydrates Under-nourished skin.
Highly recommended for women who want to feel good and look good on their face! Trust me I am one of their happy and satisfied users.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Seafood Combo with Curry

If you have not tried this dish, well, you should soon. I tell you, it is awesomely good to the tastebuds. I love seafood but didn’t think about adding some curry into it ever. Curry, not only is healthy for our body but also it adds that spicy taste and aromatic smell of the dish we cook. Most people use it for chicken but it also is good for other dishes.

Seafood combo dish I followed from a friend a month ago! It is easy to cook and gives you a stomach satisfaction in just one serving.

In this recipe, I added the following;

4 pieces small size squid
1 large piece squid
half pound large shrimps
1 can coconut mulk
1 can young jackfruit meat
2 tbsp. curry powder
1 tsp. salt and pepper to taste
1 large green or red bell pepper
3 cloves minced garlic
1 medium onion
1 tbsp. olive oil

Here’s how:
Saute garlic and onions in a heated olive oil. Add seafood, stir until tender.
Add jackfruit, cook for 5 mins., add coconut milk, cover and let it boil a little bit.
Mix curry in half cup water, stir and pour into the pan, mix with ingredients. Cook for another 5 minutes.
Add seasonings and bell pepper! Serve and enjoy!

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Kids Academy Apps that Really Help Your Preschooler

I have been given a chance to review a few apps on itunes by Kids Academy, they are free but the opinion I share here is based on my own observance as I watch my kids play and use the apps. So here we go.

I have two girls, one is six years old and one just turned three. The little one already knows her alphabet, shapes and colors and is now starting to learn how to write the alphabet. This app not only teaches her the Alphabet phonics but will also hopefully familiarize some word spellings, sounds and do simple crossword.

I really believe these two other apps preschool and kindergarten learning kids for girls and boys, interactive BINGO song are a great help for her, not only they are colorful but also interactive, engaging and fun. As soon as I am done downloading the BINGO song app, she stopped what she was doing and paid attention to the song, sung along with it and most of all listen to the sound of animals as she tap them.

I am please that I have them on my ipod touch for they serve as great supplement towards my kid’s learning. Hopefully, she will learn alot from them before she goes to pre-kindergarten in two year. Thanks Kids Academy!

Light Long Sleeves for Under $5

When one is in a tight budget, he or she would do anything to make ends meet. With that said, you don’t need to sacrifice buying some clothing for yourself for there are plenty of ways to save at the same time buying the things you need.

Another great find I found at a thrift store are these light long sleeves for under $5. These aren’t just mall clothing, these are GAP, Aeropostale and Mossimo. Two of which only priced $3.33 and the GAP is $4.94. Mind you, these were new with original tags still on when I found them. Luckily, two of which are my size, they are perfect for Fall.

Another awesome find is this GUESS lunch box. Who would have thought that I could only buy it for only $1.99? I may not need it right now but I know someday, I will. This can be used to ball game events where transparent bags are needed or for putting lunch boxes in it to work.

So this is my recent haul I made. What’s yours? Do you shop at Goodwill or thrift store too? I do! I should not be embarrassed admitting it for these stores aren’t the “wet market” type. Their clothes are neatly hanged in a clean environment. People I’ve seen who shop at these stores are office workers, elderly, myself and many others that you wouldn’t think you’ll find them digging in thrift stores.

It is just a sense of practicality why a lot of people would rather go there instead of spending so much money on things that they know they can buy for a lot less than in the mall or elsewhere.

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Great Delivery Bags for Hot Food

There are several different delivery bags for hot food on the market today. Whether you are delivering a pizza or some Asian cuisine, you will need a proper carrying bad. This hot food delivery bag will need to be specially designed, allowing you to control the temperature of the food for up to an hour.

When selecting pizza bags for delivery, it is important to check and make sure the bag is in great condition before leaving the restaurant. Holes and rips can not only cause food to escape, the temperature can also change. As hot air escapes the specially padded pack, the food gets cool.

You will also need to make sure that your delivery bag is appropriate for your company. Never use a hot delivery bag with another company’s logo. You want to establish your brand and this is one small detail that could make a huge impact on your customers.

If you ever need to replace your pizza bags, do not hesitate to do so. Working with a manufacturer on a regular basis will allow you to get replacements quickly and easily. Choose a quality designer with excellent customer service skills. They will be able to design and build bags that work well for your delivery service.

Great Deal on Girls Adidas Yoga Pants

It pays to be petite and skinny for if you find a deal on small children’s clothing, you’d be able to snag a pair or two yoga pants for only $4.97 each pair. I found this deal at Costco two weeks ago. I did not expect to score these deals, really plus the fact that it’s Adidas which normally sold for over $30, nothing is sweeter than that.

I bought three pairs, one for me size medium which fits me perfectly. One for my little sister, a large size and a black color, small size for my firstborn. I don’t see yoga pants sold at this price so often and wished I bought the purple color so I can have two pairs.

I always love it when I find low prices on clothing or everyday household items. Because it enable us to save some money. Why would spend full price on something when you know you could pay less for it, right? Practicality is what I am up to for I was born from a poor penis!

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Personalized Cellphone Case from a Friend

Look at this beauty! I so love love it. It is a late birthday present to me by a friend from North Carolina. She just sent me the awesomest birthday present ever! I live in Texas and she chose this design with my name on it. I have seen the website on my Facebook wall where she ordered this from but I did not bother ordering some personalized cellphone case for I had other things in my mind that day.

I did not really expect that someone would care to send me something so special on my natal day. It felt great you know, knowing that someone thought about you so much on one of the big days of your life. Thank you so much day ‘chelle for this lovely case. You know I like it very much and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I love the quality of the case itself, I see it’s sturdy and durable compared to the ones I bought at Victoria’s Secret Pink. I have a feeling that this could last forever or as long as I keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 which I don’t plan of replacing or changing anytime soon. As long as it does what I intended it to do, I am fine with it. Besides, I don’t chase technology. What for?

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Joyal Beauty Natural Skin Care

If as much as possible minimizing your use of harmful chemicals in your body, is important and way better than not bothering at all as to what kind of products you have been putting on your skin. These chemicals with over time use can eventually cause harm than repair or what you intended to hope on your skin/body. These kind of chemicals are present in most products we use daily.

We can change that a bit by starting on your make up or serum by using only a natural skin brightening serum with potent 20% vitamin c serum. I am specifically talking about this great serum for a while now called Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C Serum. This potent anti oxidant serum contains high concentration of 20% of vitamin C.

What it does is that, helps brighten your skin providing antioxidant protection , fading sun spots and discoloration. It also refines skin texture and reduces wrinkles formation. Personally, I love this product for it truly wonders onto my skin. I notice my face’s color evenness after just three weeks of usage. I have never felt smoother before until I use serum.

I definitely would want to have it forever. Serum, is a must-have beauty regimen for women over 25 years old for the purpose of maintaining that youthful look as well as get the amount of vitamin C as needed. Right now, you can purchase this product on AMAZON for $28.95 PRIME. You may also read the customers’ reviews before buying the product.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Naturalizer Sandals for Under $3

Look what I found at Goodwill today? A pair of unused and new pair of sandals. I even look at the soles, there isn’t a scratch, smudge or any sign they have been worn. You know Naturalizer brand is known for their durability and comfort, I shall say. This pair is obviously new and to think it’s only $2.99. Great deal, yeah? These sandals are size 6.5, I like them but I am not keeping them. My mother would appreciate these because they really are very soft to the feet.

There was another pair of closed wedge shoes that fit me very good, I was gonna buy them but I didn’t have enough cash with me, the store had some trouble with their register and could only accept cash. I won’t be going back there until the end of the month so I don’t think the shoes are going to be there when I come back. Anyways, I always love it when I find good quality stuff for affordable price.

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