VIP Shopping – The Benefits of Shopping Online

Just like telecommuting, online shopping is also gaining popularity among people from different parts of the world. Some people who do not know much about this shopping method are usually apprehensive. They do not feel comfortable especially when it comes to giving their financial details. However, a lot of online shoppers have great experiences that they continue to shop online.

Savings Unlimited

Contrary to the popular belief, people can actually save a lot of money when they shop online. There are actually a lot of online stores that offer huge savings especially with coupons. Shopping in coupon sites enables people to use codes and coupons for more savings. Such sites usually offer discounts and even freebies in exchange of coupon site points. When compared, people get more savings when they shop on these stores rather than actual establishments. In these days you can easily find coupon codes from online sites by using any popular search engine. Most online stores owners and administrators offer lower prices so they can attract more shoppers. Also, most online stores do not apply taxes to purchases.

Style and Speed

There are a lot of different products available in online stores. There are a lot of stores, brands, and items to choose from. This gives shoppers more than enough options. Likewise, shoppers can browse significantly bigger amounts of products for sale in online stores compared to how much they can view when shopping in an actual store when given the same length of time. This allows shoppers to purchase the best product for them quickly. This is also perfect for shoppers who have to buy different things that do not usually coexist in a store. Instead of going to from one store to another, shoppers can just get everything that they need easily through an online store.

Convenience at its Finest

One of the major benefits of online shopping is the shopper’s convenience. Shoppers do not have to travel to and from the stores. They do not have to endure traffic jams. They do not have to wait in line to pay for their purchase. They can get what they want at the comfort of their own houses. They can even shop while lying on their beds. They do not have to dress up to go out and shop. They can shop even in their PJ’s. They can easily pay for their purchases over secured payment systems in online stores.

Shop Anytime

Online stores do not have specific operating hours. Therefore, people can shop any time they want! They do not have to wait for the stores or boutiques to open. They can shop any time of the day, any day of the week, and even on holidays! As a result, people do not have to clear their schedule just to shop. They can shop anytime they have time.

Private Parts

Online stores value shoppers’ privacy. In terms of payment method security, shoppers’ payment details are secured. In case of purchases involving sensitive products, shoppers prefer to buy online instead of actually going to the store and getting the items themselves.

CVS Freebies This Week 4/13-19

Dang! It’s been four days since I skip couponing for the reason my car is in the auto shop. I don’t have a choice but to wait until the problem with it gets fixed. Hopefully, we can receive that anticipated call from the shop before this day ends.

Here are just a few freebies that I so want to snag at CVS this week. Coupons are clipped, I have listed down the items I want to buy for an easy shopping but heck, I have no car!

#1 Colgate toothpaste, I know I have shopped a lot of toothpastes already but who can say no to freebie? With store sale and manufacturer coupon combined, it’s just so hard to pass up this deal.

#2 Almay cosmetics, as you can see in the second photo, I have two store coupons that are high value and 2 manufacturer coupons which makes the deal MONEY MAKER for me. I am sure not all CVS shoppers receive the same store coupons as me, they have to get the item/s free but they don’t make money from buying it. I DO!

#3 Ban total fresh cooling body cloths, this is a trial promo from the company, they collaborated with the store just to get their new products out there. FREE is always good, you know?
 photo cvs_zpsd46c00b6.jpg

 photo cvs1_zps75a48f20.jpg

 photo cvs2_zpsd491035a.jpg

3 Benefits of Promoting Your Business With A Light Box

If you’ve ever walked past a movie theater, you’re familiar with the sight of a light box. Unlike posters or print-outs, light boxes use LED graphics for crisp, bright advertising that can be modified at will with the click of a button.
Intrigued? Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you switch to light boxes for business marketing.

1: Ease of Use

Since their visuals are made with computer graphics, you never have to worry about your ad, say, peeling off a billboard or fading with time. It will stay flawless and high-resolution on your light box for as long as you care to keep it up. If you ever change your mind about the design or want to replace it with something new, just upload a fresh image. It’s as simple as that.

2: Intense Illumination

Light boxes are powered by LED or fluorescent lights that can last up to 50,000 hours. This means they’ll be seen day and night, bright and unaided, attracting customers from every angle. You can’t ask for better exposure, especially if you order from a company like Dynamic Signs and Displays, who offer backlighting as well as optional front-load lights.

3: Cost Effectiveness

While light boxes can be pricey upfront, they pay for themselves quickly. Where else can you find an advertising tool that doesn’t wear down, doesn’t need re-painting and can be completely changed at the drop of a hat? If you’re serious about stepping up your marketing game, consider a light box for maximum money-saving.

Salted Goodies from the Philippines

Look what I received in the mail last week? These are dried salted fish straight from the wet market in my home town, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines. Thanks to a friend who thought of sending them to me. It is very much appreciated. I was only wanting the “amahong” but she sent other kind of dried fish along.

I could smell the scent of the market when I opened the package. For my husband who don’t like these stuff, it smells stinky to him but not for the three girls in this house. I am so loving eating dried fish! Guess, I can make these last for months if I have to and would only eat little pieces every time I cook some to make it last long.

 photo buwad_zps4a00e081.jpg

Allied Shirt’s made in the USA Shirt

I thank Allied Shirts for the opportunity of me reviewing one of their products. I recently received this cool custom shirt in the mail from them. It is a mauve color with my blog name printed on it above the graphic that I personally chose from their website. I love the outcome of the printing for it is of high quality. The shirt itself is made in the USA which is very unusual for most of the clothing that can be bought in the US nowadays are made in China but Allied Shirt patronizes American made shirts.

I ordered a small size but guess, it is a little loose on me. I wished that they had an XS size for a proper fitting. Anyway, I am proud to have this shirt now to wear running errands outside at the same time advertising my blog to the public.

If you want to find a great deal on custom shirt printing, I would recommend Allied Shirts. You can choose as low as $2.95/shirt for basic tees. You can also browse their templates to be printed on your shirt. Templates under school, events and parties, college, military, religious, business and many others categories. Low price guarantee! Also, get 30% off promo and free shipping from them.

Photo below is the actual design I made online.

 photo 384cc219-ad6f-4227-82e2-7ac7e022f51c_zps64602d6f.png
And here’s the photo of me wearing the shirt. It’s a little too big for me but I am happy with it.
 photo ashirt_zps73196f1e.jpg

Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation from the company, instead they sent me free customized shirt and free shipping in exchange of my honest review/opinion about the product.

Deals I Scored at Kroger This Week

I am quite pleased of Kroger lately. They have been having sales for stuff that would be great to stock up. Since I do have coupons to pair with their sales, might as well use them all. Good thing though, these stuff aren’t as “in demands” for other couponers so they pretty much well stocked up on their shelves.

Since their 10/10 sale started last week, I stocked up on Colgate 4.6 oz. I used all ten of my manufacturer coupons (4 for 75 cents off and 6 for 50 cents off). Kroger limits 3 same like coupons in same shopping trip so I had to do multiple shopping trips there. Cost me .50 and .25 each tube. They expire in 11/15 and I know, you’re thinking how are we gonna use them all? Not a problem, my family and relatives in the Philippines will be happy to receive them.

 photo cg_zpsbfe6dd5b.jpg

Arm and Hammer spin brushes cost me $2.50 plus tax each after store sale, $8.99 at Kroger buy one get one free. I used four $2 manufacturer coupons for all of them. I have not seen such a price for battery-operated brushes like these. I am happy. I looked at the price of the same brush at Walgreens yesterday it is same at Kroger only not BOGO free.

 photo k1_zps08b10458.jpg

My haul this morning are these 3.5 pounds bags dry dog food. Gladly, I did not throw away dog food coupons (buy one 3.5 lb beneful dog food get one free) for our dog Chicha was out of natural dog food. I’ve had these coupons for two weeks now but didn’t bother using them as I had no instruction from the husband to buy unnatural dog foods. Since we are out of dog food, he asked me last night if I could buy some and he even added, it would be nice if we could have some stocks of dog food so it won’t happen again.

Oh by the way, I bought six bags at Kroger at $6.29 each 2 paid bags and the other four at Walmart. Kroger is 81 cents more paid per bag but I earned fuel points for buying at their store while I don’t receive anything from Walmart in return.
 photo k_zpsdaedef95.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Pink Deal Ideas

A lot of avid Victoria’s Secret shoppers out there probably possess several secret reward cards and are wondering how are they gonna redeem them all before they expire. Are you one of them? Here is a deal idea for you that won’t let you spend big amount “out of pocket” since VS don’t allow using two or more secret reward cards in one transaction.

For first transaction, I’d suggest you go to their physical store and buy a PINK mist for $8 and a pair of PINK flip flops for only $5 (originally $14.50) with any PINK purchase for a limited time. Use $10 secret reward card, pay out of pocket $4+ tax. Each cost you $2, final price.

For second transaction, if you have that $10 off a bra and free cotton panty coupons, now is the best time to redeem them. Buy a pair of flip flops, PINK bra $29.99 or 2/$42 and pair it with a $10 secret reward card. Pay $15 or $27 plus tax.

However, if you don’t have a bra coupon, you should be fine doing with just transaction #1. Hurry though for the pink flip flops have only limited quantities, once they are gone… they’re gone in-store. You will be lucky if you shop online and you get your size but the only con though is that you have to pay for shipping fee.

 photo vshaul_zpscbf6a9df.jpg

Cents Each

It feels good to be able to find products you really need at low prices and can be paired with manufacturer’s coupons. That is just so sweet of a deal. Few of the items I grabbed at different stores today are photographed below also their corresponding breakdown. I literally paid just cents each item after coupons. Read below.

4-roll Angel soft toilet paper on sale at Kroger .88 and I used (6) .45 manufacturer coupons that cost .43 each pack after mq, zest free at dollar tree, I used (2) $1 printable mq, 4 oz.toddler toothpaste .97 each after coupons, used (3) $1 P&G crest coupons and suave kids body wash .88 at Walmart, sells for $1.88. I also bought 4 cups of Greek blended yogurt for my girls for 50 cents each, coupons used printed from Walmart coupon site 2/$1.

 photo cents_zps14bb986a.jpg

Deal on Deodorants and Shampoos This Week

So this is it! I’m unstoppable with this habit I have. I am back to being hooked to couponing. What can I say, I love saving money and getting free stuff! Here is my first haul for this week.

First photo below, I paid $13.71 received $10 extrabucks for items worth $62. Items are: 2 single roll paper towels store brand, 3 bottles of tresemme shampoo and conditioner, 3 bottles of Clear shampoo, 6 bottles Dove deodorant.  I made 4 transactions for all these so I could roll my ecbs and pay as little out of pocket if possible. I used two cards for these, by the way!

Second photo is of men’s deodorants bought at Kroger. My husband don’t use these products but my brothers in the Philippines will be glad to have them. I paid $3.65 for 5 deos but saved $17.70 after store sale and manufacturer coupons. Kroger’s Mega Sale will be until April 1. Buy 5 participating items and instantly save some, pair that with mqs.

I still wanna go back to the different stores tomorrow and probably for the rest of the week for I am not done with the deals just yet.

 photo dove_zps24710ce2.jpg
 photo deos_zps7316e2d6.jpg

Bath and Body Works Free Fragrance Offer

Look what I got for almost free? It’s a fragrance mist by Bath and Body Works, a $14 value. The offer lasted today and I did not expect that I could avail it as I didn’t have a plan redeeming the offer. This offer was good for any purchase. When you say “any”, meaning no minimum purchase or anything so I bought a pocket antibacterial hand sanitizer for $1 and paid a total $1.75 total including tax. Oh, I took a survey online about my experience at their store today and that should give me a sure $10 off $30 purchase next time. 

Going to the mall today was a pain, the traffic was bad. Well, South Hulen is always traffic even during normal hours. I went there today after 4 and you know it’s rush hour plus the traffic lights were out, imagine how chaotic that was. So if you ask me, is the fragrance worth the drive? I think so, it smells good and it’s almost free hehehe…

 photo citurs_zps71ffc59a.jpg

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